0 thoughts on “SHEENA………….NO YOUR CORNER IS DARK

  1. No sah a weh she coulda do fi har own flesh and blood a get on pon har like that. Sometimes stuff like this can be avoided man

  2. Yuh know sey unu fi stop it remember unu is sisters why yah come ova yah a cuss an class up yuh sister suh no loyalty it nuh look good.

  3. Me just.would love to know whats the root of the problem cause i been seeing this similar story on jmg a while now. And all she a do a done and class her

  4. If mi see sheena inna nuh party im gonna ask her to kindly go home and go get her child cause i dont want nuh flea bite the child

      1. Met come right back here lol and it nuh funny fi real but mi ago tell har fi come out a di party. Yuh caah deh a party a enjoy yuhself and flea a bite the child.

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
      I’m gonna laugh for all who can’t because this can’t be ceerus.
      SHAYFLAWZ and what else……
      I don’t know which sweet me more, Puss and Cheese or this :games

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