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  1. Obviously his priorities are misplaced. He prefer to blow his money on champagne and expensive sneakers to hype rather than a nice bed to lay his head. Poor thing don’t know nuh better, when him learn it might be tool late. (Met I don’t see the submit button )

  2. Moscato Rose Sparkling Wine is not champagne senda. I can tell say yuh have him up fi more than the soso bed.

  3. At least him a push him own keys and have a bed nuff a them inna party don’t even own a sheet. Leave di man alone him f**k u a duck u move on.

  4. Oh the irony of these dancehall bums :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 balling out in the club then going home to a shack :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  5. i dont see the big deal about a headboard….i dont have one because i have a cali king platform bed….the bed actually is lower than my knee…..a headboard would f**k up the way the bed looks….

    1. Dick, the headboard necessary cause sometimes when ya fuhhkkk hard and the head ah hit the wall it can dent up yuh wall or hurt up the ooman head ( so I’ve heard :siul ), suh the headboard act as a helmet cause sometimes the ooman head hurt more than ar punani afta the man done ramma jamma it out from the heap ah bangment against the wall

    1. Well the landlord might care if him wall get stain up stain up. That can be deducted outta his deposit…jus saying

  6. At least him own a bed and nah kotch wid garbage bag full a clothes. Sender go see how much daggering Pon d nah nuh headboard bed. Smh. Lol!

  7. OK Repeat. Didn’t the other woman from yesterday w/the studio get di same treatment?
    The room clean, the sheet spread good. He obviously doesn’t care about the headboard or side tables b/c gyal will still f**k pin di likkle well spread bed. The room look clean so mi nah seh nuttin! Some of these young boys don’t care about bedroom set. So sender….worry about if he mines his children. Then Pinkwall can shame him!!!

  8. Looks like him rent a one room basement….. Bed fi have at least a head him can buy proper frame and side boards later. Another thing, side table is warranted. Hope him clothes nuh deh inna hefty bag

    1. sometime dem man deh might rent a one room a New York weh dem put in dem work and have dem big house elsewhere.

  9. Let’s be fair the sender go fck ina the one room & don’t get enough money so that’s why u put the youth pict pon blast . A gal just get fck & duck send this to be in that position fe tek pict u just as worthless as the youth in picture .

  10. but sum a deh moscato money deh cuddah did buy a white suit doah mi juss a ask caw di host seh purple n white n mr man wear black n gah bath di host wid moscato

  11. @ yep……the headboard is not necessary on a platform bed….and as far as ramming the head against the wall…..thats what the euro pillows are for….

  12. mi nah hate pon nuh body but i hate it when ppl pretend fi be what they not and den dem a beg ppl fi maintenance money..i know the saying fake it till you make it but how are you gonna achieve anything in life if you throw money around with no investments for the future and p.s yuh have sum careless gyal to eniuh weh get impress by fukery and breed fi fool and den di pickney suffer to bloodclaat…..some ppl fi get some pussyclaat BOX to enuh ..ignorant fools…may god go wid dem

  13. Dick R harde
    YES…… a you seh 27 piece bed ensemble in the CALIFORNIA KING BED!! Mek me hoist myself up & sit on it….. the BED that is :maho

  14. Hello met, metters and peepers such as myself for many years :2thumbup I rearly comment on a thread but I felt the need to say something on this post, not that I know any of the parties involved but only to state my opinion that I took away from reading the post itself,well I think and again this is my opinion that the sender is simply stating that his priority is off,what I took from the post is that he needs to make sure that him check how him living b4 he waste money in the club flossing all in the name of hype,it’s not like him a go a college and paying for it by himself then him living without an headboard is absolutely applaudable but he isn’t, instead he’s flossing his money to waste and again this is my opinion and we shouldn’t be so quick to jump down ppl throat and start talk bout who get f**k and duck, this is American, the land of opportunity and a grown man nuh fi deh yah a sleep pon so so bed alone and live inna basement like rat and a dash weh alcohol in a party,invest that money and bill a better life for you and your family here or in Jamaica,but anyway that’s all I heve to say suh that big bout chatty chatty mouth me too pretty can run come cuss bcuz mi nah!!!!!!!!!! Look pon it :travel I love you met keep up the good work bcuz when night come a yah suh mi deh str8888 with my bottle a sweet bitch :beer: :kiss

    1. Hey gal a yuh send dis een. Di man priorities straight. Yuh nuh see a moscato him a dash weh instead of champagne. Plus If him priorities nuh wah straight a fi him problem.

      1. judas a wah duh youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (inna mi melissa vice) A ME SEN IT ENN A WAH caw unnuh a huff n a puff bout bittah di pint is em a dash weh moscato pon nexx man wen em need fi dash weh money pon a gud bed n a propa nitestand….man priorities warpedddd yes mi seh suh an all dese tingsssss (inna paris vice) bumboclawt duh unnuh bout bittah n fuxx baxx puhlease


  16. Sort out yuh yaad before yuh sort out dancehall……sleep pon a comfortable bed if a even fi get it pon finance….

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