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Met u hear bout the cussing with Michelle an city. Michelle she go smoke in a city house an a tell the woman say she a new naygah but city dun ar baddddddddd. black beauty Mitchell tell city say she Michelle only take six man in a ar life but she never say how much woman fucxxxxxxxx Ar met. city sort ar out bad city tell ar she mind man a prison an him whole family an the man get deport an left ar. an how marga a Florida f**k ar out she say ar sista rich an she Michelle an ar moma who the people them an can’t pay. then city tell ar all the pu**y wey she suck but after all she gone back to ar baby father Raymond pelpa wey a walk an a eat out the gal dem . black beauty shame pon u little miss say she hate u an har mother an tired a u. Michelle u waste u days a America. magazine say if ever try come back she would fix u business. Stop gamble an send fe u Pickney them wey u left a Florida. junglist now they ya fe help u an you worthless daughter me hear say she they newyork and can’t even come out wey the money they cloths n shoe the house gone Mitchell ever day the people them a New York say u a call fe money. Mitchell the people want to now if u blind u beg too much u say u sista rich

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  1. Morning Met, God word never lie, The fool and his money shall soon depart, life funny sah, if anyone know Mitchell close would understand why she would tell City that she frighten, life is one big road with a lot of signs no body remembers the good about this, these 2 sisters likkle and Mitchell, one did too kind, and was a fool for her friend, the other was very conservative not too kind and letting go of her own easily, is nuff a uno get f**k by Mitchell if in fact she was really a sodomite as uno claim, speak for your self u must know about that, Mitchell and me used to be close and I used to be at her house a lot of time, and that girl over the years never one day let me feel as if that was true. Her mother is openly gay, her saw Mitchell cry tears about this a lot of times, don’t give the girl basket to carry water, remember the good, how much stroller she give a sum a uno baby shower, how much a uno pickney she is godmother tuh, remember the rent them that she used to pay fi uno, and stop the eviction when uno landlord posted the notice pan the door, how little 2-2 lbs a the thing nuff a uno used to get. Stop tear her down now that she is on her face, and yes City u too BC hype and frighten fi true f….king new coolie, remember Mitchell when uno did down and out and she help pull uno up, and please take carefull notice that I used the word uno, meaning more than one, because uno did plenty and nuff. Mitchell just pray God will lift you up, just ease off the gambling a little. Next before mi figet a nuff a uno used to go a Manhatten fi uno dinner money fi uno and uno man and pickney, uno have all right fi say she a sodomite. LOL

  2. @ Sender u confusing very much . Michelle is Black Beauty daughter and Black Beauty is her mom . Who the fcuk is Mitchell ?

  3. And btw Michelle jungleman babymother move to florida long time now . Are u saying she move gone back a New york .

  4. Yes Tracey is the daughter lord me sorry fe ar blood they pon ar shoulder them baby father leave all the crosses pon ar murdera junglist Errol shorter son he is in federal jail killerlllllllll

  5. after the first few words mi couldnt bother…resend it and look like a interesting topic but shit …Cant try figure that out

  6. Lawd de spelling dem a beat mi bad! Anyways, her name is MICHELLE not Mitchell and her daughter is Tracy. What a confusion.

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