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Met stars get shoot up this morning about 4.30 met it was a movie Sydney ray ray. Vs. nico fashion that was a sight to behold but me think say sexy dawn woulda defend it but this time she just stand up an look need more info don’t know if anyone got shot


  1. first off you late cuz this was last weeks news, second you got the names all wrong it was Tony Ray Ray and Earl Fashion, so stop call people name that dont have nothing to do with this shit, thirdly the shooting took place outside, and fourthly wtf Dawn fi do when man an man a broke fight? Why she fi defend man argument? uno fi stop di bullshit now kmt

  2. Dawn a no bad gal she get wat she a look for one f**king flap party she want did people fe frighten fe ar a pure mouth tha woman they have she could a never open ar mouth a queen them we kill ar earl don’t play but anyway them need fe stop she in a ar tracks .sexy dawn an ar son put down a big fight the other day she take ar son money fe buy him sneaker fi him birthday give to ray ray and the son did ago kill ar but him give some like but a how she grow him she us him fe scare people she put him outa the house

  3. Dawn dawn stay bad dawn 45year old with the 25 year old body petal up date dawn please ar belly big shape bad look bag man fool wat a f**king day when u get hold again a thief cloth fe ray ray the wife say the basement too full now dawn stuckie want some to

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