Hiya Met,

I spotted this taxi inna Half way tree today,now u tell me now?How him maximise him earnings with this discriminatory practice? Ladies a front and wanna be kartels at the back!!

23 thoughts on “ONLY IN JAMAICA LOL

  1. Sorry this lame!

    A better you did send in some a picture dem a di taxis out there. Like how most of the taxis in half way tree, especially the ones that run molynes rout pretty up dem car with all sort of things!

    And them usually hav a/c a bun di whole drive!

  2. LADIES ONLY is written on the front.The pic of vybz kartel represents men should go to the back.The point of it all is that some persons are so homophobic that they will make it affect their earnings.

    The taxi man is saying he doesn’t want to transport any man beside him.How much of you are so dark and ignorant to make homophobia impact your money?

  3. Gwane chue yah cabby, and to some of “US” who apparently lost a sense of humour try find it and laugh a little. If it no funny to you move on to the next story ok. #Wallleach!

    1. Gm dearest how you like ur coffee!In my likkle years on pinkwall ive never seen a more on point n appropriate response such as the one given by Met.However you’ve managed to capture precisely how some of us feel about the wall leeches behaviour.

      Something is not ur cup of tea then try the plenty coffee stories.sometimes I read the wtf Africa stories if the tea put out is lukewarm,by the time mi hit refresh,there is a piping hot tea being served on other posts!express ur views yes but don’t try style the very place u hitch up.imagine u a eat the chef chicken batty everytime n complaining bout the taste wtf?chef has chicken wings n mixed parts too enuh!

  4. dis taxi driver mus have some batty man ting inside him when yuh get to di point where you cannot have a man sit in the front seat of a car something wrong wid yuh, I remember as a kid one a di man dem who use to bun out battyman everyday dats all him talk bout dem catch him in a house wid another man.

  5. Some su mi seh him is very insecure about his own sexuality…fcuking fool nu work u a work at the same time di woman dem not driving with him bcuz them don’t trust him

  6. Most Jamaican taxi & bus drivers nuh mek di man dem sidung inna di front seat cuz dem nuh want nuh man grounds up pon dem lol only females sit in the front. They do this regular a country a long time dem a do this still. If some of the drivers let the men sit in the front seat a woman has to be sitting beside the driver and the male passenger sits at the window in the buses. I’ve seen this happen more than one time in St Thomas

  7. U right Anonymous, normally the ones who are uncomfortable to even have a man beside them are normally gay as fck but hiding. Thats why I started believing Popcaan was gay years ago. The least little speech him seh soun gay, 100 men par with him alllll day, even in the voicing box 10 man haffi in deh. He claims he loves his bleach out baby madda but only a wife Machel Montana fck an lef true she mixed ( could be a cover up ), the only woman in the room him pay mind (unless him wah fck u) is him sista, and he declared that no woman CANNOT rule him, but Drake and Kartel did a rule it suh sorry that speech sounds very shaky. I just wouldnt be surprised if we finally got proof that he is actually gay or prob bisexual.

  8. Jamaican people are very creative, we always do things and say things for the laugh :ngakak We are one nation full of gimmickers. I honestly think it’s not no homophobic ish why he did it, He did it because it is just hilarious, But who want no man a rub up on you when you a draw gear? No must a nice sexy leg you want to touch? I would drive in his taxi just for the laughs.

  9. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Him taxi jiggy doe up lol…. Dah comment deh deal Yuh a way. Lol not even masquita bite so hat. Unnu naw learn!

  10. Its funny and creative, meant to make us have a laugh. A nuh everyting haffi be mix up or cuss out story smh. And y introduce gay argument bout the man ting? Him nuh waa nuh man beside him & a just so

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