Marvin talk bout himself and di careless dancing, Beres reach after Grooving in the Park, and dem seh Jamaican men homosocial………….Ah doe know what dat mean suh mi neva stop fi find out

7 thoughts on “ONSTAGE

  1. Met it mean that Jamaican men love too much man company one bag a men behind dem all the time, but not in a sexual way. If u think about it, it is true they love the yes man thing and the bag of men love follow the dj dem because some want to get a buss while some don’t have any talent so they do it for fame and a little change in the pocket because they don’t want to work.

  2. Marvin need to go to school. He is not intelligent at all… him couldn’t say offen. N was assaulted… oh my.

  3. I agree Anonymous, entertainers would prefer to have an entourage because it makes them look strong and makes it clear to others that its not gonna be easy to get to me right here or probably ever, i guess. Some of them are men who will pop off at anytime to defend the artiste some are just there for what reason I dont know, but if they dont have a day job they be cruffing it all day.

  4. What I want to know why he didn’t ask Marvin why are you guys tearing off the girl clothes, didn’t you see the girl was running away, why didn’t you all stop… That’s the questions he should be asking Marvin… No one want to be undressed in that way in a party, Marvin needs to stop and find a work if New York is where him live now… That is not entertainment at all cut the sh*t out.. I do not care for Marvin or anyone his stogies… Gay ass… He needs to go back to school, someone actual married him and now he can stay in the states… He just a waste of air/space…

  5. So he heard the bartender broke her leg and now what? Has he paid her medical bills? Him hear so much and dont care a hoot bout his victims. He lives in Mobay and?????? Chuppz. straight up careless asshole this.

    Dutty Mobay Marvin we the people have a problem wid it….yuh nuh sorry bout nutten…be sorry say yuh hate women because we remind you of your real sexual preference.

    Stupid interview. Dislike you even more now. Nuh badda come Canada tan weyyuh dey.

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