0 thoughts on “ONSTAGE-WITH BOUNTY

  1. Hope unu selecta bwoy after unu ere dis unu will stop the blasted chatting Pon the mike, the people dem can’t dance and hold Nuh more vibes fi real. On a while doa killer mi respect yuh to the max, foundation him talk bout n core value of dancehall .

  2. Killa a gwaan good this a man who has grown up n matured with experience. Nutten selfish bout him since him always guiding the young artistes career(s). Only thing tho killa me is not a doctor but from whadday me a listen to u me hear u pon a heavy breathing. Me woulda like u fe go check it out cos it sound like u gasping for air. Mek sure u lungs n breathing sort out me general!!! All the best for 2014 including good health and prosperity!!!

  3. not a bounty fan but whenever he speaks abt dancehall he hits all the right spots. no filter the raw truth unu nasty porn wannabe star it naah go werk fi unu career unu illiterate frowsyman not badman when unu lick selector unu naah get no better inna lige.unu dumb one hit wonder if you song naave nuh quality it naah play pom betbillboard etc shake unu self its a new year unu do betta.Bounty big up for always saying it like it is respect for that sting?? all the artiste dem fi come toger & ban unu mi gone

  4. Every time I listen to him I become more and more of fan. He’s the perfect ambassador for dancehall and what evry dancehall artiste should aspire to be like. Him talk truth, exhibits growth and is a legend not only because of his talent as a dj but because of his truth. Big up Killa anywhere in the world

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