A BANDI T, dressed as a woman complete with shaved eyebrows and lipstick, paid the ultimate price for trying to rob the owner of a Chinese restaurant in Woodbrook when he engaged an off-duty policeman and was shot dead on Monday night. Up to press time, the dead man remained unidentified.

Senior police sources yesterday warned businessmen to be extremely vigilant as bandits – aware of the advent of CCTV cameras at most business places – are resorting to dressing up as women complete with wig, make-up and even padding for their chest to avoid identification via video recordings.

Police said that the bandit, wearing a black skin-tight outfit with his midriff exposed and heavy mascara and lipstick on, to complete the act, was dead as he attempted to rob the cashier at the Stir Fry King Restaurant and Casino at Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook.

According to reports, the suspect entered the Restaurant and Casino hours earlier and was able to attract scores of men who purchased drinks and food for him believing the suspect to be a provocatively dressed woman.

However, at 11 pm, the ‘lady’ declared to a male patron that ‘she’ was going to the cashier to pay a bill. According to reports, the ‘lady’ instead pointed a gun at the cashier Pei Daxiu 37, and announced a hold-up. The cashier, fearing for his lie, handed over a bag containing $40,000. As the bandit was making ‘her’ exit, an policeman who is on vacation leave and who sources said is based at the Inter- Agency Task Force, observed was had taken place and shouted, “Police! Stop!” The ‘lady’ bandit turned around and fired shots at the officer who immediately drew his licensed firearm and discharged several shots at the bandit, who slumped to the ground in the restaurant and died almost instantly. As the shootout ensued, frightened patrons ran out of the restaurant and casino.

A report was made to police. When the district medical officer arrived and examined the body, he noted that the victim was a man dressed in women’s clothing.

The bag of cash was retrieved by the businessman.

A gun and several rounds of ammunition were seized.

The body was removed to the Forensic Science Centre in St James where investigators yesterday acquired the victim’s fingerprints which officers hope could lead to an identification via the Police Service fingerprint data base. Police sources yesterday called on Chinese businessmen to end their habit of keeping money at their business places instead of depositing same at commercial banks.

“Bandits are aware that Chinese businessmen keep large quantities of cash on site and thus Chinese businessmen have become a favourite target for criminals.

We are aware of the language barrier which is a deterrent to businessmen linking with the banks. But we are calling on the many Chinese Associations in this country to come to the aid of the Chinese business community.

This culture or habit of keeping money at the business place has to stop,” said a police source. Investigations are continuing.

One thought on “”OOMAN” ROBBER KILLED IN T&T

  1. Dead a teef.

    Mi seh, bring back the death penalty in the Caribbean. Bring it baxside back!!!

    It is truly a deterrent, I don’t care weh di nay sayers wa seh. Look at the president of the Philippines and his militant war on drugs. Crime on a whole dropped by 13% or more I believe during his first few months.

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