Met this turn mi stomach. Nuh wah day sheena and the trini dread gyal did deh but then the dread end up diss yuh fi har woman weh a tek care a har cause sheena likkle thiefingz neva did a cut nothing then likkle after mi see she and the one dung inna the pic (stops drink water) then likkle after a she and guyanese girl weh she did ah f**k first inna party wah day mi think dem did back together :/ now she back to this one. Wah mek yuh all over the place suh my girl. Mek wi see yuh wid one man fi a change pleasesss di next person weh yuh step out wid mek it be a man causenz sehz word on the street is you a f**k man tooooooo yessss (whistles) (walks away)….. (comes back) yuh nuh wah the world know seh yuh go both wayz? now this pic ughhh mi a go chu the party pics and buck up this two a unnu belly deh pon unnu p**y. What a good thing walls cant talk cause unnu must be a devious sight inna bed. A wah yuh caah hold nuh man oopsyy i forgot she sell har p**y back then suh a guess cocky dun pon yuh. Message to you miss sheena yuh a go too hard please to slow down wid yuh nasty life yuh sick dranko stomach tuh bloodclaat. Yuh used to go hard wid yuh pu**y back then a time fi yuh bill now it donttt look good. Memba yuh have a daughter. Stop poison har mind wid yuh nasty life cause children live what they learn . Yuh want yuh child grow up knowing har mother is one ole germs and is a f**king girl child yuh have at dat yuh f**king piece of sh**.


  1. Everybody knows Sheena f**k off all the gal them in dancehall , is she bruck out most of them . a nuff man woman she take away smh she bribe them with the tjmaxx goods.last I heard she was with ven the hair tec

  2. Morning met and metters,
    Lawddd gal used to sell pussy yuh know she troubled and fi har soul condemn. Mi did a read this thing weh dem seh yuh nuffi mek too much people enter yuh soul sexually cause it damages you spiritually and you take something negative from that person mmhm

  3. Her breath always smell like piss she the same one Love to walk around dance and beg To eat the gal them. Sheba did talk that Sheena lick out her batty

  4. A wah day mi a say mi nuh hear bout dem wedding weh did fi happen june look like it never took place cause you not even see dem together again a dance story buss shenna why why why

  5. Gal just worthless she think getting married can help her them done take away her green card for stealing so no marriage can help her .emagine she in this country all these years and before she go apply for her citizenship she run go marshalls go thief and loose the green card for damage goods smh remember is other day she run go do belly and waist her little 1500 on the cheap surgery lol within two weeks the belly come back bigger than before

  6. Yes them did do a documentary on her selling pussy from the age of 12 its on YouTube . sad part is that she didn’t even change her life she still a sell pussy over east NY. She always have yellow cottage cheese looking things between her teeth. Yuck

  7. All the big bullfrog inna the pic wid har mi hear seh she carry har guh thief tuh, young likkle gal name trellisa she aint even past 25 and look like 35. A because of them careless life mek dem look suh. Is a shame how sheena deh foreign suh long and all she know fi do a buy car and haffi mek it go inna people name. A yah di sad case mi love

  8. Sheena you need to bleach your teeth and was your mouth after every eating come on man . other night in lucky dance I was like wtf is that smell. Your ugly sister Simone all she do is lick out Kendell batty and him still a bun her. Did she accept the fact that he having a next baby with someone other than her?

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