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  1. Met, it’s a serious thing that have been going on for a while now. What most people don’t know is that more black people go missing than any other race in the US. The media makes no mention of all the bodies found without organs. Remember that guy found in the Vegas desert? Our organs are being harvested. It’s a multimillion dollar industry but I also suspect it goes beyond that to the melanin. Trust, there’s a whole dark side to this thing beyond the money.

  2. Oh and I wanted to say, many of us are organ donors, that creates an incentive for police to shoot you down and all other kinds of things. Take that shit off your license.

    1. Tell dem Foxy; black people betta start tune into the REAL world that we live in..mi not donating an organ nor a piano. I tell my kids and relatives to decline that info. on their licenses because just like you’s been going on for decades now..

  3. Not really because when your brought in the trauma unit, and we find out your not an organ donor, (which means your selfish and you didnt want to save other people lives) they wont do much to help you either trust me its an unspoken code…..They will work harder to save you if you are an organ donor but if your not trust me when I say this they wont do shit but be sympathetic and ask you to pray to God…like I said its an unspoken code trust me when I say that.

  4. @Kemmy, that makes no proper sense. Why would they save a poor organ donor when some rich man awaits the organ, and then allow someone who’s not an organ donor to die since they are no use? Your statement implies that the organ is needed and if the organ is needed, logic dictates that you will work to get that organ.
    Not being an organ donor doesn’t mean you’re selfish. It has everything to do with preference, choices and religious beliefs. It’s amazing that someone who claims to be in the medical field can be so closed minded.

    1. @Foxy am not being close minded am telling you what really happens. Am telling you what I hear at the hospitals. They will search up and down the 50 states till they find a match to save your life if you are an organ donor who can be treated, but if your not listed as an organ donor not that much effort is put. I mean they will not let you die if they can save you. Remember everybody working at hospitals are human to. If you are not an organ donor why should you get somebody else organ to save your life.

      1. Oh I get it @ Foxy…..If you are an identified organ donor and is in need of an organ to save your own life they will look to save you more, however if you are not identified organ donor they will let you pass because why save you through an organ when they can just give it to someone else that was will ing to give there own or a person in dire need!
        Next, NEXT :cy

  5. Thats why alot of black burn patients die because of lack of organ donors from the black community. For example most of the white burn patients get successful skin grafts because lots of white people are organ donors, but if you are black your scarred for life. Hospitals lack enough black skin grafts that is why, there is a very low rate of successfully treated burn black patients compared to whites. This video is true, but from a a criminal element what I am talking about is in a hospital setting. LIST YOURSELF AS AN ORGAN DONOR ITS GOOD FOR YOU. ASK YOURSELF WHY SHOULD STAFF WORK HARD TO GET YOU AN OGRAN TRANSPLANT IF YOU CAN BE TREATED, BUT YOU DO NOT LIST YOURSELF AS AN ORGAN DONOR.. HOW SPECIAL ARE YOU TO GET OTHER PEOPLES ORGANS WHILE YOU YOURSELF ARE NOT READY TO SAVE OTHERS….

    1. but six a one half dozen is more dan di other according to mi granny..u list yourself and you become a target of blackmarket thieves but hospitals will help u live in the same breath ..I would encourage people to donate their organs and list because it could be you wanting an organ fi true

      1. Ok dear am just letting everybody know what really happens because I was shocked myself when I found out how the system works I quickly changed my Id to Organ donor. Trust me they will try ALL their best to save you if you are an organ donor.

    2. But i’ve seen cases where they jumped real quick to end pronouce people dead because they are donors until family members interject. Several years ago a lady was on tv with her son who they pronouced dead and she would not have it. It did survive and after that all of their friends and family removed themselves from the donor list.

      1. As with life there will always be isolated cases am sure like I said hospital staff are human to, so some may be motivated by money and some are just compassionate…For that situation probably the doctor declared him dead according to the ordinary standards of medical practice. Not because they were in need of his organs. We all know God is the ultimate healer so it was not his time and he came back.

  6. @Kemmy, clearly you’re not in the medical industry. If anyone thinks that the reception of an organ is as simple as “being an organ donor”, he/she lives in a bubble. My friend recently paid $1 million dollars for a liver damaged from years of alcohol and drug use but he’s a trust fund baby and money does save lives.

    1. Of course those cases exist where money pays for everything because we live in a Capitalist country. But I want you to answer my question its very simple we are the 99% so we gona talk about us….If you are not an organ donor what makes you think, if you fall ill that you should get someonelse organ to save your life?

  7. Why would Dick Cheney a 73 year old man be given a new heart when the average life span for men is 70 years old? Because he’s a heart donor? Because he can afford to pay for the heart of a young man with no illnesses or ailments, that’s why.
    The long waiting lists for African Americans has to do with whites getting preference for our donated organs. When blacks donate organs, don’t think they are too white to accept our organs to save their white lives. Most often, our organs are given to them and the black ones end up dying.

    1. I gave an example of skin graft donor in the black community especially in the burn unit…this is just to encourage our race to be donors and save ourselves. I didnt mention nothing about other organs other than skin. As for your comment Dick probably is an Organ Donor himself, probably he has beeen on a waiting list himself like everybody else and it was his turn.

      1. You are VERY illiterate!! Please stop this Ish! We are not stupid on Met Blog site, You honestly sound dumb. What you are saying makes no sense and stop from force your nonesense on us. You remind me of some people that try to force their illiteracy on people and think you right. It is blatant you dont work in the medical field so please STOP.

  8. This documentary is mind blowing. What I read about the organ donor network is that blacks are not high on the donor list, what I heard elsewhere is that less effort is taken to save your life IF you are a listed donor. What’s common knowledge is that $$$$ speaks in this country, so obviously the rich white person will most definitely get an organ over a black person even if the black person has been on the list longer and is in dire need of the organ. Very sad……..

  9. Well dammmmnnn, I heard this story a long time ago and decided to take off. Had long convos during this time and it helped me in my decision to remove it. I have family that work in the hospital industry, in more than one state, in high and low places. Kemmy sorry Doll, your truth is a speaks all the way no matter what they say. What is mentioned in the video above is the truth and that outweighs any of the BS u r trying to sell us. I can see where you are coming from though, but you should learn to pick sense out of nonsense, this is what they will tell you “the organ donor” so that you go and spread the BS so that we will do exactly this and then we are targeted..chile u have some black people that are just as hateful against their race as some white people are, not knowing that he/she is next in if you are not able to decipher the code yourself you have fallen for their crop and decide to spread it…see how quick you went to chg yours? that means you are on that list chile…this is what is happening to our race, most are brainwashed to believe what those with an agenda wants you/us to believe. Chile do your own research and believe nutn wah u hear sometimes, caz it just might save your life and those of whom u spreading the BS to..JS

  10. Well I dont know what to beleive cah yuh can give good argument either way. I just know my infant cousin who was not rich needed heart liver and kidneys, she got them and was able to live for another 2 years.

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