Well the NFL was wrong to terminate his contract after the video hit the media. That itself was an insult because they knew what he did and did NOTHING..But on her part I really cannot say I am shocked, she should be embarrassed that the world saw what the love of her life did to her but that is not the source of any emotion for her..She is hurt that he lost his contract
This is why……………….


  1. I really can’t believe this woman she need counseling her family need to get her help .she talk like what he did is ok smh for the love of money this is what she aaccepted

      1. She’s not ashamed for herself! I said it yesterday, she has signed on to be his Wife and personal punching bag…..pays well! There are millions of Women like this, resolve themselves to anything for money.
        NFL please to give Mr. Rice back his contract because Mrs. Rice will realkly be getting her a$$ kicked, behind all closed doors not just elevator doors.
        She blamed herself and he blamed her…..now he’s really gonna blame her

        1. I never see nothing like that from mi born…He didnt know if she was dead and he didnt care , he kicked her same way…Quena mi nuh sorry fi she I really cant be ..

        2. If she did stay quiet mi cudda say well…but she really have di nerve I cant believe this…she say she a go show we what real love is to bloodcleet ..u nuh si seh she serious?

          1. IIIFFFFFF…..Metty more dan ceerus!!
            She made it clear to the world why she went on to marry him!
            Not only did he not show concern as to if she was hurt or dying,prior to the punch that lift her off her feet, the ninja spat and slapped her!
            Fi har love mi nuh waa see!!
            She go’n get her ass whooped for free now and thats what bothers her….how dear the NFL!

  2. Damn right she’s hurt that a simple knock out cause a stop to the cash flow. The man damn near killed her ass and dragged her like a rag doll and she married him a month later. Why? Love? Respect? No, it’s the mulah baby. Women will do anything for money.

  3. Boxers go in the boxing ring and make millions. She go in the ring get knocked out and the NFL stop her payday. Like Macka Diamond, she a say Money-O

    1. ____________________________________________________________________________ same way suh
      dem love money more dan dem life

    1. yes hypocracy that is all…I dont think he should have his job…the reason being is that men like him will use their money to abuse ..the NFL should not have cancelled his contract because they knew all this before us so dem jus a tek people fi fool . He had no remorse no care when he beat that woman down to the ground…never check if she alive ..If that is love I wouldnt want any parts of it

      1. I agree he must be penalized, but man wid money abuse mn without money abuse same way. But on a real I just find what the nfl did real hypocritical cauz is not like thus video was new evidence. When the release of him pulling her out the elevator come out months ago, dem did know say is him knock her out, so this wasn’t news. They didn’t fire him then. The defended the light penalty dem give send him to counselling and never give a damn. The thing now is that the tape come out and is the embarrassment of it that going cost them onsers. Dem don’t give a damn bout domestic violence, it’s about the money old hypocrite dem.
        She now, I do believe marrying him was a mistake, him damned nearly killed her. But fi have the public shame back in March and then again, we can’t expect her to feel nothing to relive it months later….there were no new facts with this video it just show whe did know happen. But to have the public dig it up every chance dem get…is like getting the tump again. Whether she stayed with him or not, the shame of reliving it has to be real……what he did was indefensible so him haffi take what him get, but I still think release of the video after what happened before is malicious. For tmz, the nfl, is only the $$ that matters to them……to hell wid feelings and fi that alone…mi nuh cool wid it

  4. she di one taking di licks, if she thinks its worth it for her to keep be abused in the name of money, its her pain and suffering. End of the day, lot of relationships have mishaps and do not care moments, they are just not made public…what we should learn from this is that jay Z is the man. now we see what can really happen when there is money on the elevator.

    1. This in no way can be called “MISHAP”. While no relationship is perfect when abuse is brought in your doing neither person Man or Woman a favor by staying and not seeking help, seperate and get counseling…..BOTH OF YOU or it can end up fatal!
      Jay-Z has been used as an example in these type of conversations lately, what I appreciate is the people that ask if what Beyonce used as an excuse in her lyrics can be applied as well……”Is it ok to abuse if Billions and Millions or any amount for that matter”? This bring to light just how stupid and irresponsible Beyonce is in matters of domestic violence!Speaks volumes as to where her head is at when money is factored in!

  5. Let Him come out here like all of us who working 9-5 and struggling to pay our bills, Both a dem go chuck off in a them missery, she is just MAD she is not going to get NFL money to spend. Now you can go work! Both a them luddy. Money is the root of ALL EVIL and it will make you tek a Knock the F out and no cata. I feel sorry for women like this, I hope him beat har for a third and fourth time removing all har teeth mek she wear false teeth like MamaDee.

      1. Nastyness Dont address me. Tonxs Miss Spanish person. I am a Jamaican I dont go around saying me spanish. You more confuse than me.

          1. EEDIAT Unda you dutty Kratches that all the Jamaican drugs man done out Kratches Gal, Go wash you Dutty drawz Puertoriquena Princess who comes from Kingston Jamaica. You confuse more than me, I dont come on a website and front that I am spanish, I am a PROUD Jamaican even if the bloggers find out who I am. You come Pitch pon the wrong one, I dont have to change my Identity to come talk up pon Met site. Go address you dancehall mattress hole.

  6. they did it cause they dont want no bad publicity… simple. but i am thinking he told her if she dont speak good of him he gonna whoop that ass out cold again permanently

  7. Why should he or we give a fuk if she dont…. Carry on beast her ass knock her out f**king kill her she dont are as long as she can say MONEY )))).. so f**k her I feel bad fi him

  8. Anon @ 11:31 I died _________________________ I doah sorry fi dat gal woman can fool suh? a betta she did kip quiet what a shame and disgrace all for the love of money.

  9. We worrying but that idiot she gonna continue being a punching bag as long as the money keeps coming which is gonna come, because of his contact. He lost the job BUT not the money.

  10. Dis abused ooman is in more pain than she care to admit. In her shallow mind the beatings are normal, just the same way as paying NFL members millions. It’s sad when you lose your sense of self and don’t value yourself enough to command any respect….not even from your spouse….:nohope Until that is addressed, there will never be any love or growth in that union!

  11. Maybe har head part nuh right nuh more. Mi haffi gib har di benefit a di doubt and consida seh di beat dung gooda leff some imbalance in har membrane. A whole heap a ooman head mess up from beatings.

  12. Good afternoon……….di gyal bex pay check stop and shi haffi go carry back di benz and di escalada cause no more income…di gyal tek lik fi material tngs and shi been doing it……if him a bus ar arse so wen money a fly a wonder weh a go happen wen him bruk…..dats y mi nuh sorry fi none a dem cause dem loike it…..u betta move back in with your parents because you cant payrent

    1. Is people like she mek black people look a way because I dont think a white woman would ever show her face muchless fi talk this junk

  13. :kr This girl’s behavior is not that of one who gets beat on a regular basis. I’m I the only erson who noticed aht before they got on the elevator she was the agressive one (she was sitting him). When te made it to the elevator right befoe the knock out, she ran up on im ready to strike again. No I don’t think hat he did was right WE as women need to learn how to keep our hands off men.

    1. You have a valid point…I don’t join the domestic violence bandwagon because I’ve seen it from both sides Since this is her attitude then I can imagine why him knock out har bakside…tit fi tat.

  14. (sarcastically speaking) I pity her, poor thing mus all a seh, “Oh its my fault, I caused him to lose his temper” poor fool, ppl need fi educate themselves bout this battered woman syndrome cauz clearly this is what this woman is suffering from. This man treat this woman like dirt on his shoe, and she still think he loves her, # bitch no amount of money in the world is worth that shit!!!!!!!

    1. What environment, Tinan? Fi all we know is a one time thing and mommy is an man drappa and daddy couldn’t tek it no more. She was intoxicated and de lick just do wha de liquor did ago do any way…

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