1. Stay bad allesia about time u find tourself a man and buy some papers oh I forget u cannot get no papers cuz they caught u in sear stealing big dutty fat ugly bleach out face stay bad gal

  2. she very much right with dat statement most people even wen its not a relationship the only way dem will knw how tuh appreciate whatever it is u where doing is wen yuh cut dem right off.

    good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…

  3. She never stood a chance …..poor ting.. She needd a whole heap a help to keep up with the other gal dem inna Sollo camp…………..She nuh left a him nuh ave time fi shee unnu nuh know wha gwaan lol

      1. Obs she can get di likkle 10 finga discount but har money game no up right n a sollo say money UPPPPP
        N that ninja ain’t all that so mi no know a wha so smh

  4. @Zervah, same suh it guh..Mr.Caution say money UPPPPPP and Raoul wife(Wiggy now baby-fada ex-wife) money upp so Aleshia get “ducked”.. Suh me hear, dats di word pon di street..a hear say!!!rofl

    1. lord have mercy if it isnt Raoul ex wife number one stalker. Why u nuh tell the people dem how you was in SOllo camp to and a fren him wife…some people to rasss! LMAO

  5. We’ll Alecia need to find a apt cause mi hear she sleeping on her sister Tiffany floor in a the lickle one and piece a room weh daffy move out left are in the, need to upgrade dem self and stop Gowan like dem live better than ppl and she and her daughter don’t live no weh Tiffany all tell lala she tired of her she need to find a apt ASAP

    1. Only thing hating her is Alecia hairline hate har big farrid n stay running from it not to mention how a don’t know if a money b ambitious hate Alecia r a she hate dem FOH dis likkle gal no pass 26 n look ole like fowl bout hate KMT

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