Steph why u a war wid mappie woman and then u want call police .. U shame him seh u was never a mate and just one f**k?




37 thoughts on “OVA MAPPY AGEN?

  1. Smh. Bwoy oh bwoy. Suh Tesha glad dat Mappie come clear up the fact that him just “fukk” Step and Steph wasn’t her mate. It sweet har say him come defend her but I wonder if she really read what him write?? Him own up she AND donna and admit to grinding Steph…..yet she really come unda di post come say “I rest my case”. Like she really winning. Really. Some woman I tell yuh. FYI Tesha, dat wasn’t a big up….it was a straight diss cause mi nay go tek dat……much less comment unda it. Him would have to dress up him talk an come again. Him own yuh up an diss yuh …. all ina one comment. Dwlll Kmt. I swear some of you ladies nah no sense.

    1. But why acting like it’s new, everyone in dancehall know Mappie only own him 2 baby mother them. Teisha and donna. Donna accept it and Teisha. A long time met a post this story with the two baby mother them.

      1. Anonymous 8:18….No man. Mi know it nuh new. Dem grace di wall regular but until I saw Mappie at a party with Donna it swore Mappie and Tesha gone back and now it’s just her. So when I saw him with Donna I was surprised. Then this. But I’m more surprised at her (Tesha) acting like she winning.

    2. Sister ‘Mamacita’. You could not have said it better.

      That post above is the precise reason why these men do not respect women. These women are what we call enablers.

      I tell you people might be thinking having a man cheat on you and not leave you is the best thing since sliced bread.

      But i tell you. The risk of taking him back together with an std should be ones greater worry.

      But self esteem and lack of self worth is what causes these concubines to put up with it.

      If my man ever says he owns me and another woman at the same time. I would have to ask myself how did it get to that point in the first place.

      Word of advice. The moment a man starts disrespecting you that is your cue to leave. Because if you stay in a relationship, like that desperate woman in that post. You have already told the man your value and that value in his eyes will never increase. But it will certainly continue to decrease! And the end results will be his statement above.

  2. But Mappy tho?????????????? Really tho not even mi underwear drawer Mappy couldn’t glimpse ewwwwwww this is unsettling

  3. Ay! Dancehall man dem ah live THEE LIFE! You women take anything from them!! Shit man how embarrassing is that?!?! So as long as he claim you AND Donna… Yuh rest yuh case?! Sad

  4. I’m tired of the trio (Mappie Teisha & donna)
    BUT I HONESTLY THINK STEPH IS TOO NUFF, IF MAPPIE F**K ME IT WILL NEVER BE OWNED so anything yuh get you deserve it. Look how much gyal Mappie a f**k and no one come out bragging so why you think it was OK for you to come register your f**k. A so steph f**k mi sister man and was so hype about it until she get flap, so you use to getting dis from man.
    Some a unu to rasssssss bright. No matter what, thats his baby mother so you have no right telling her “YES WE WERE MATE”
    Yuh too bold. Then look what you end up getting, aren’t you tired of getting dis from man steph. Now a man have video with you and your friend giving 3 sum are you gonna tell his wife that you’re her mate as well? Glad Mappie put you in your place

  5. Then look pon the mappy too wey them argue over a weasel looking waste man . Dancehall man is every woman biggest mistake for anyone woman wey date them . They all have wondering eyes and just plain broke dogs and fake flosser .

  6. Tiesha is such a buttu. I never see 1 person can tek clowning so. In everyone’s eyes di 2 a dem a 2 papi show. Donna & Tiesha, but at least Donna have her career and kids that keeps her busy. Tiesha just a try run down hype. She swear she hot you see. Let me tell u something, I was dealing with that little man a while back, and when I tell u he was head over heels for me. Met dem time deh a bare diss him a diss up him baby mother dem. I didn’t take him serious at all I was just having my fun and passing time. And he has a barely there pencil, if you know what I mean. But him have a tongue deh. Oh boy (brings back memories)I remember when he told tiesha about me she started bawling. She used to call my phone and beg me to leave her baby daddy because she wasn’t gonna be able to pay her rent dwl. But at the same time she used to be on IG talking about how she’s ms Independent and can stand on her own 2 feet. Lmao. Like 1 big clown.

  7. But look pan mappy to!!!! Lmao!!! Y’all females have no taste at alllllllll!!!!! Kmft!! And for a nigga to own me and a next bitch that will only happen in my next life not this one!! No self esteem unnu female have!!

    1. Same so, and as a female I feel soooo sorry for their lack of self esteem, This man proves all the time that he is a user and these females let him use them. MI SHAME.

  8. When you look at some Men that these females arguing about, I have to truly wonder, not even him tongue could not come near me, I don’t find him attractive or intelligent to even give a second look. You all females who let this man trample on your self-esteem and let him think he is actually someone to be messing around and taking him back, you all are as worthless as he is. ME SHAME FOR ALL OF YOU AND I AM NOT IN YOU ALL CIRCLE. This ugly looking duckling and his waste cocky or waste itsy bitsy. UNUH FI DO BETTER.

  9. I think Teisha rest her case because she already now donna is her mate and donna know Teisha is her mate, they both in the same situation so no explanation needed right there, maybe she just wanna address steph on her comments about she a mate to lol.
    Everyone who a comment look like them new to this website because all the foundation JMG fans know that Teisha and donna a Mappie only two woman who him own (diff that the f***s outside dem don’t count) so nobody else should come forward. Mi a hide any f**k Mappie give me.
    But Yea its been a long time thing with these two. Mappie need to move to Africa so he cAn marry both

  10. What a love triangle, okay he owned up his baby mothers and dissed the one f**k gal he was dealing with, now what’s the argument, it’s done… I see this short man in the videos, wheeling boxes of champagne I guess to live up to him name, smdh… If this nigga broke he can sure but on a show for everyone, disguising like his not broke… The dancehall scene is nothing but fake, fake, fake people trying to fit in the dancehall world that was created by the ones who the only thing on their mines is to look good and to have nuff bottles and woman around dem… How long do you think you can keep up with the image, I wonder! It’s just a show every party time and do not make it be a year to year dance boy everyone a roll out in something expensive… Woman you guys are and should be better than that, do not allow a man to take away your self worth… SMDH

  11. You know what I notice on JMG every woman come and comment talking about woman is stupid this and that, and most all who a comment are going thru the same or worst thing in y’all relationship. Each and everyone on us know of somebody our man f**k, my man f**k up to and I’m still with him, am I the only one NOPE. But once unu want to comment unu ago act like outsiders are stupid and man clown knowing dam well unu man a give problem do the same. If they both wanna be with him that’s the two business. Yes disrespect I won’t stand for, but all a wi man a f**k gyal a road. Each and everyone wi know of a gyal our man f**n.
    Maybe one day they will both leave him ONE DAY lol

    1. I didnt comment on this but speak for your ownaself please and thanks. If man give problems, problems can be solved. Bout all ah wi like we French.

    2. U sound like a idiot me know. Giving bun and problem is one thing but outright deh wid the other woman anf you know and accept it because him coming home to you is bull crap. A bed you man know this thats y him ago always have other relation with you.

    3. ….and maybe you could get some self respect and add some self esteem behind it, You are a lost female to believe that EVERY man cheats or to even be with a man who disrespect you by sleeping with other females and you are ok with it because your mentality is of a duncebat. Did your Daddy cheat on your Mumma for you to come to the conclusion that every man is of a dancehall man that goes around and sleep with every females? Sister? My advise to you is to go and do some soul searching because if this is your thought process that it’s ok for a man to cheat and you still stay in the relationship then you lost some marbles. May God help you and the other females who cannot be by them self and accept self love over a man.

    4. Hey bloodclaat gal! tek Yuh cheatings an suck up dat rass. A wah yuh know bout Mi good pussy and good mouth gal? Mi nuh have cheating prablem inna my relationship cause mi skin out my pussy an mi nuh virgin up him hood Mi act like hawny jancrow pan it. Suh get there! A company yah Bloodclaat look.

  12. Lmao its so funny how steph own up her f**k saying she was mate as well and from The man shut her down that was the end of her, the story is also about her and up till now nobody talking about you its only Teisha and donna, now if you were one as well the topic would’ve including you to, smh how you feel going at his baby mom talking about “yes you was her mate” .
    Now by reading all the comments it look like its a relationship that’s been going g on for years and both baby moms know about each other so maybe they don’t want no more to join.so anybody else who get f**k DO NOT COME FORWARD just stay quiet..
    And by folloappie on his page he shows the world that he ONLY care about Teisha and donna cause he post and talk about them continuously so there’s no reason for any other to see that and still come to own their f**k, y’all too brave.

  13. Tiesha needs to shut the f**k up!!! Mappy is no one to brag about. I really need to know wat’s sooo special about this ugly turtle looking man, is it his itty bitty pee wee or his dutty tongue?? Lol no like seriously?! Is it bcuz he drives a nice car, has the same pairs of name brand shoes he’s been posting for years everytime he goes out the county sorry i mean state, n floss in the clubs to look a hype knowing damn well he broke with his little consignment money?? Stupid Bitch u need to get a life n self esteem. Yes i agree with Steph she was ur mate! If a man f**** me every other nite when you’re asleep, paying my rent, sucking my pussy, n taking me to different states with him to party, i would call myself ur mate too. At the end of the day Steph been stop f***k Mappy, have har man n moved on so unuh can stop call the girl name pon Mappy now. Met I really believe both him and his baby mother post this so he can get a hype for his upcoming party which i hope no one attends.

    P.S – And Tiesha y u neva call Mappy a punk when he called police on Daffy just when he was about to get his ass BEAT?! Huh?? Lol. U and Mappy fi go suck unuh big hole madda n go look ah hype elsewhere!!

    1. First of all lady steph , mappie did NOT call police pan daffy because he is not like you . Memba say a you tell him after the fake dancehall gossip page weh build and put up your picture that you are gonna report him and him baby mother teisha to the police because she is threatening you . You come on Instagram under the pic and a hype up your self like your bad but teisha dip up undaneat yu now your ready to call police . Why would mappie buss up daffy head ina kerryels banquet hall then call police pan daffy , does that make any sense ? So let me guess , him call police pan daffy because daffy and bobby rabbazz buss out him X6 glass ??? Steph you sound stupid nu f**k so pls try to make sense out of the rubbish you post because the long paragraph sounds like something you in the situation would a write . Keep watching mappie consignment money as if you know how much money or investment mappie have or has instead of trying to come out of the roach infested one room you been living in for how long now that you and your son a sleep pan the same bed where you f**k anyone on . How come your focus on that instead of teisha and mappie ? How come you haven’t focus on getting your paper works done for green card yet ? Mi hear se mappie have nuff video of you sucking his penis and probably pictures has well , how come you haven’t put that in your long paragraph ? But your trying to say this man suck your pussy . Me would a love fi see your proof lmao . Mi cyaaaaaaaaaah manage
      Sounds to me that someone is worried about the wrong things bout tru him drive a nice car , you need to be worried about getting your life together and providing a proper roof over your head for you and your child cause mappie and teisha seems to have a nice roof over their heads from what i hear . Dwrcl

  14. Smaady come explain dis to mi….what is the qualifying factor that makes one a “mate”? Mi need fi know becah if him have multiple video of her ah suck him buddy & dem ah travel from state to state an ah pay rent (if all this is true)…was she not her mate? :bingung :cystg

  15. Tiesha boo we all know its you lol. N trust me i am not Steph. U shud be ashamed to post Mappy 5 inch peewee lmfao even ma pinky finger bigger than his dick haha!! Dats wat u really arguing over boo?? Come on stop it!! U posting dat pic doesn’t help u at all, it makes u look even dumber cuz everybody suck DICK!! This is 20f***g16 dumb bitch!! Spoiling this poor girl reputation. Grow the f**k up and take all the bun Mappy giving yuh n done cuz him nah stop. Maybe is sumtin wrong with ur big stinking hole mek him nuh stop jump frm u to donna to others. Instead of u worrying about Steph mouth, go to Dr. Miami next time for a vaginal rejuvenation slut. Obviously yuh pussy nuh good enough lol. Not even read ur longerrr paragraph up deh so cuz after the first couple sentences its seems u sound very hurt hence the reason u trying sooo hard to shame Steph smfh. If she wasn’t ur mate, y u so bothered?? Just make sure u dont step foot ah road cuz me personally will go to the extreme to give u a good beating!!! U mite think Steph is a punk but i can assure u I AM NOT!! Nuh waan make it any worst for mi fren Steph so this will be my last comment. Just make sure u watch ur back Tiesha ;)….Hold up ur head Steph, the devil strong don’t pay this bitch no mind.

  16. Teisha ur vvveerryyyy sad!!! So u draw for a picture and so wat???? EVERYBODY SUCK DICK!! U mada, u fada, u auntie, u sista suck it to so wat??? Hmm?? Wat?? Mappie prolly have a video of u a lick out him batty hole D way u licky licky!! GIIIRRLLLLL!!! Have several seats and I mean aaaallllll the way to the back of the class!! Mappie and Steph been stop f***g!! And this one bedroom u speak off is right there mappie use to come tek him f**k ok?? WACK sucking dick bitch stop being salty ma!! It doesn’t look good!! Unnu love to talk about hype and where ppl live and all this shit!! If ur house so comfy y he ain’t there??? And let it b known it ain’t about owning up no mate position, fact of the matter is mappie can talk aaallllll he want cause he the next salty bitch ass nigga!! Mappie how u so angry huh??? Cause when Steph a ride ur face u never seem to disown her then!! So wah?? The pussy supply stop and u vex?? Mappie u face is a permanent seat!! So teisha everytime u kiss him just know u taste pussy juice!!! SUCK YUH MADA MADA MAAADDDDDAAA BBBIIHHH

  17. Who said karma take forever . Never bite the hands that feed you and give you shelter,f**ka you ladysteph isn’t that the man you have your son food stamps to .. drinking my tea got karma is a notch and she got you good

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