43 thoughts on “SHAWTY A GUH WAIT DI 35 YEARS OO

  1. Maybe she can sacrifice her own self desires for the betterment of her family and not have a new waste man around her children. But I am sure the sender cannot think that deep.

  2. I would wait too. I’m always faithful and loyal ___________________________________ :angel :kimpoi: :kiss :kimpoi

  3. Shawty seh a every Friday she visit him n knowing fi him status in deh dem mus a fcuk cuz money talk n bullshit is fertilizer…lol..that is kartel new house he wanted to live there a long time a go listen him song them…

  4. So sender? You really think they are not having sex? Who knows? This man could be out a night time and come back when him ready. She Shawty knows why she said she is waiting, and there is nothing wrong with being loyal, I will give her the respect of holding it down with his children and not wanting Tom, Dick and Harry around them.

  5. Keep in mind he is appealing his case and until she is sure he is not coming out loyalty is the name of the game.

  6. you are sure right “Kartel would not wait no 35 years for d!ck if the table was turn” . he would be on one of them slim brown youth in a second……… she better go get some d!ck . Have the girl and give him a JACKET. Then IG the perfect family PICTURE…..

  7. Shorty is going to wait 35 years for Kartels… But I am sure she can’t wait a minute Fi Di man Weh shi have a road

  8. Kartel yu daughter live a Canada so I guess u a disown ar … You need Fi send some a Di money yu. A men Fi support … I guess Amanda under the jacket accusation cause yu nuh Wah mind Di girl …. I am going to say this in English Shawty is lucky he went to prison. Because maybe he would have killed her next.

  9. Of course she’s getting that hard and stiff Kartel hood . I can’t get that image out my head how Lisa hype pleasing the boss man Kartel .

  10. Lisa was trying her best to get it hard!He couldn’t wait for the Kodak moment!Even if was it hard it had look weak as hell.

    1. Candy she name nd up tuh dis day dem a talk bout him hand did a cover har battyhole,plz battyhole nuh deh way up deh suh him did a stab out har shit ole

      Good Day Mat,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..

  11. Shawty nd Kartel is phuck’n,to how Jamaica jail system set up anything goes de man have access to everything

  12. Mi nuh care how it sound. Kartel going to jail was a good thing for Shawty.look how she look refreshed and has steped up her game. All the stress a di bag a woman and rae rae weh used to a gwaan get cut. She just look relaxed regardless of wah gwaan

  13. Nuh 2 daughter him have, what a man love controversy. If Kartel come out next yr Shawty aguh guh back to shame cuz Kartel cya have she alone, mi nah hol it fi no man who nah hold it fi me. If she did walk away I would understand, cuz the man is no good. She alone him coulda trust suh a she him stick wid fi this. Jus like how dem seh Popcaan nuh love nobody but Ruth-Ann but mi cya see that cuz he doesnt even own her, one bitch a get own and mi sure Ruth Ann a good gyal fi she but true she nuh white or very light skin she get diss. I doe know howww dem do it cuz I could not !!

  14. Shorty said her body still up up after three kids loll…na look Pon you bride of Chucky Kmt short you have to give thanks to the judge that sentence Kartel cause if him never go prison you could look half good like do now …met how old is Shorty ? Cause she look old like Spanish town wall…Shorty you do your batty, breasts & belly it’s not nature you fi thank…it’s your surgeon …every party keep Shorty you out every night …you only getting this big front seat for now wait till Kartel come out & F**k & breed all him gal them lol Shorty please stop hype up your ugly self

  15. My cousin was 1 of the arresting officer n him seh kartel house dutty n naawsty him couldn’t believe seh a su did man live things just fling dung all over the place n kitchen look like it nu clean fi 2weeks.I guess sinces him gone a prison she have alot of time to be a better person cuz she really look good now a day’s

    1. I believe…his background in pictures always full of clutter and look grimy..the murder house just looked sickening.


  17. And if dem Mek dem have relations … Di mate dem included as well …. Mi big up short Fi Di short boss .. All mi know shi can tek lik and dis

  18. Who knows she probably pregnant now and giving everyone an early warning. I wouldn’t be too surprised if I see her with a belly soon.

  19. The man is talking about his daughter addiana that’s on his ig n how Unu know the ppl them house dirty? Mi know them both fi a fact n them have maid n shawty is a very clean girl. When kartel deh Road shawty always deh har yard a clean n take care of her kids. The house that burn down is not where they live so it’s expected to be dirty since nobody lives there. Some a Unu woman disgust me! If some a Unu did in shawty position Unu wuda fling Unu body all bout n dun the man money! Shawty doing a good job with the kids n she there for him which is commendable since he use to be so unfaithful to her! N nothing wrong with enhancing ur body! If I have the money n courage to do it I would too! Some Unu just need fi shut up!

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