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the girl way name chenell way model fi 2020 collections and Nineybaddess bm at it. young likkle gyal like dat cratches must dutty so sas chrise



23 thoughts on “PANTY PUT OUT

  1. Sher you have a nerve to do that …before yuh go fit the cellulites pon yuh body and yuh elephantiasis foot. lowe the likkle girl and gweh Digicel nah pay yuh enough fi occupy yuh time. I hate ppl like unnu weh fight fren war.


  3. Me never know sher petty dem way yah. She no trouble ppl so a must somebody trouble ar but a who tek dem pc deh thou a must d selector boy dem no hv no respect fi Oman that’s y sher left u rawse

  4. Sher and shuggy are frens and chenell and shanzi are frens as well. So its two pon two? Lmao.I don’t see an underwear anywhere in those pics. Dem no look like underwear to me. How we know them belong to chenell. That’s just distastefull and classless.This girl too much.

      1. Shuggy use to chat her home and family life to people while pretending to be her friend. She was being a secret hater

  5. Kmft this bitch Fi just know the man no want her and the girl no care bout her! Sheria vex u vex cause the gal thing a shot and the man a spend pan her and u haffi a work a digicel. Since u so happy and move on y u so press?

  6. the man comment and done her this bitch is delusional she obsessed with chennel big mouth bitch vex tru a younger hotter gyal tek yuh man ABAAAY. FOH and guh fix yuh big liver lip. isnt she like 30? bitch go and sit down

  7. Fus thing Sher don’t trouble people if they don’t **k with her. Is retraining order she haffi get fi nasty bwoy niney leave her alone. All now him still a mad over her nd she live with her man. Uno don’t know shit.

  8. Lol poor thing uno. Sher don’t trouble so somebody must f**k with her. She dint want dutty Niney a restraining order she haffi get for him to leave her alone nd that’s just a couple months now. Chenell is a whore nd can’t walk in Sher shoes no day. Uno need to tell Stinking Niney to leave Sher alone nd tan with him whore bcuz the girl have her good good man.

  9. Lol fus thing Chenelle is a whore nd she don’t have one good suit a clothes if a nuh straight outa chiney shop she can’t wear it. No man nah tek care of her cuz she can’t even nyam good food. If she can’t find gogo fi the two a them f**k a night time she don’t get f**k uno need facts fi chat shit.

  10. And yes a chenelle clothes the wasteman send dem to sher by mistake with their daughter and sher burn dem .a d whore clothes cause mi see har Inna dem a million times.

  11. NufF a uno a talk say sher have to work a digicel and chenelle man a mine ar where? Fake accounts plz shut up chenelle can’t walk no where close to sherika shoes



  12. Sherika need fi talk bout the sex rape that got leaked with her !!! Y she loose r work a digicel! Dis big heavy lip cellulite foot gal need fi leave the poor child alone ! I don’t see nothing wrong with the girls fukin discharge…the clothing is white !dumb fuks !sherika a walk and a talk bout the girl have disease…girl chill cause I’ve smelt ur pussy nuff fukin time esp wen we buck up inna Marsha nails salon! Yes cause apparantly d whole a dem frighten fi u! U smell like some big stink green bush gal wid d hair dem sweat up pan u pussy and it jus stink ! U fi member se u have a daughter ! Mouth lip big n heavy like governer washing tub! U will never look like destiny baby! Never !!!!!! A DAT a mad u!

  13. Correction here….. The sex tape that got leaked y u loose u fukin work wa u Buck ups get likkle cow liver lip bitch! Cause all the talk u a talk bout u intelligent like u even have a fukin degree. Senty slut….girl go have several seats u fava breadfruit!!!!!!

  14. Before I read the comments I was like…”where this girl baggy black n stay bad?this is what a healthy crotch produce, normal discharge ” and the crotch no stiff or ntn either she definitely jus a try bring down the b and it backlash pon harr

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