1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Damn if you don’t damn if you don’t,the bloodclaat gal change for the best nd dat still is a phuck’n problem to others weh goodly aint doing shit for themselves many fathers to them unfed kids…johncrow fly off the girl nd she a tek it one step at a time mek de phuck’n gal liveeeeeeee shit.

  2. But don’t she have nursing degree too.. Now how is nurse in N.Y. not being paid..I’m glad she stop stealing..

  3. I doubt she stopped stealing, she most likely stopped stealing with the people she used to and found new “road dogs”.

  4. I love nurses,plzzzz why the constant dissing abt clean shyt?ever since I was likkle,my dream girl has ALWAYS been a nurse!

  5. Well nurse dont clean shit, if u clean shit your an aid or medical assistance. The pay rate is totally differnt. Nurse startoff with about 25 an hour. Nurse aid or assistance aka shit cleaning like 12. Huge difference.

  6. Well congrats on coming out of the thieving game :ngakak I am very happy for you and hopefully you will not go down that road again and go look a 9-5 and live a decent classy life.

  7. She looking for a next baller to help her get back her name brand boy from lefrak gone.you gone down too Shawna. You washed up

  8. Lol it’s obvious that many of you know absolutely nothing about the nurse field. Please, if you know nothing don’t comment. RNS and LPNs administer medication and do treatments. NURSE AIDS do direct patient care like bathing, dressing, and yes to help when patients go to the bathroom. Not “cleaning shit” as you ignorant fools would call it’. Have some respect. Go look up nurse roles. And stop hating on the girls career. At least she had one unlike you ignorant, broke ass bitches!! Maybe some of you need a career! Cause y’all chat too much.

  9. Me say that statement about ” nurses clean shit” bun me beyond measure. I’ve been a nurse for 14 yrs going strong. Make over 100 grand a yr bitch and no shit cleaning included. Now put dat ina u bloodclaate chaliss pipe and smoke it all di way to nursing school ur dum STRUMPET. Yes Highly say so!!

  10. Medical assistants don’t clean shit hun. They work in clinics. Draw blood, check vitals, ekg etc. do research befor u comment

  11. I was in the hospital last week, Labor and delivery and a RN clean my shit the 3 days I was there, cause me couldnt move…

  12. I’m a RN and I clean shit. If my CNA are busy are we’re working short something that happens frequently in hospital, I’m not going to sit on my ass and leave a pt in shit because I think it’s not in my job description. Any nurse who claims they don’t clean shit aren’t a good nurse are not a nurse at all.

  13. Sandy I hope ur greatful for a nurse cleaning ur shit and not judging … I am an aide and I have cleaned lots of shit !!! It feels great to know I am getting paid and helping someone at the same damn time … Hell awaits a lot of you judgemental and scornful bitches… Unu mentality and heartlessness blows my mind and I’m sure a nuff a unu swear unu God fearing … Read unu bible God heal the sick and I’m sure he would clean someone’s shit if he needed to because he is a merciful and loving God nuff a unu need fi go seek Him … God bless you anon 8:02 … God a go bless u more and more and in unexpected ways !!! You are a true nurse !!! Big up urself straight … Everyone who a look down Pon cleaning shit unu need fi go nyam some !!! Shauna star girl you a real star with or without a man … Straight

  14. Woieeee mi like it a nuh lil bit a shit mi clean myself I have noooo problem going above and beyond fi mi patient dem big up mi co-workers dem dung a Beth Israel

  15. 99.9% of the time its a PSW (Personal Support Worker) who cleans dodo. I have the upmost respect for PSWs because they often will become a Registered Practical Nurse (2 years in college) or a Practical Nurse (4 years in university). Big up to all PSWs, RPNs, and RNs world wide. After giving birth twice and witnessing 3 people die from cancer made me realize the impotance of all three.

  16. My Sis was a nurse and worked her way up to Nursing manager, Clinic Manager then Director. Married to a Dr, always clean and striving in her big house and good credit. So stop talk down on nursing

  17. Some a unnu a talk bout Shauna wash up….unnu leave the bloodclaat girl alone and guh try wash up unnu dutty self and dutty house and the dutty cocky weh unnu a tek

  18. Yes nurses do clean shit because I’m a nurse and I do. But it’s ok because I make any where between $26 to $34 a hour.

  19. Anybody with direct patient clean shit. CNA and HHA do most of that. RN’s mostly do paper work and try to avoid cleaning shit as much as possible. In the NURSING HOMES you’ll clean more shit due to the old people.


    RN MAKES about $75,000 a year with their BSN. Nursing Directors /Managers make about $90,000 to $100,000. Nurse NP make 100,000.

    LPN make about $45,000 a year they can make more doing overtime. That’s about $23-$28 depending who you work for.

    CNA’s make between $12 to $18 depending where they work!!

    PCA’s make between $15 to $18in hospitals.

    Medical Assistants make the same as PCA like I said before it all depends on where you work.

    HHA make about $10 an hour.


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