Good Day….you know that girl in the floral body suit in the Miami pics…Is the same girls that left her son some years back in the car in Queens. She got locked up for years ago in Miami for welfare fraud. SMDH…you can look it up Met. .it was on the news to



  1. Trashy girls views dance; like a devout Christian views church. No shocker here, I’ve heard tons of stories of Wutless gal pickney abandoning their kids in order to go to a dance. I’m sure there’s atleast one in every district.

    1. She left the car running and run in a restaurant to pick up some food on merrick blvd and as she jump out the person jump in and didnt see the child in the back. She didnt leave the child for party.

  2. That outfit looks like its from….. A thousand and one demon collection…Summer2016 collection.

    1. Grl go find something to do you all up in people business while yours a spoil !! You know you all just jealous that a shame but you all so dumb u all find a nice pic to post of the go why not a bad one!!! Jealousy. Kill them gweh

  3. Sender you’re a hateful mother sucker! Your no stranger you knew her personally and wanted the world to remember her past actions. We all make mistakes in our lives you too sender but we as human tends to forget what dirt we have done and point fingers fast! Sender you went deep deep into her past you went years and years as you stated as if Met is going to really investigate the woman and waste her time, girl good damn bye and allow the woman to rebuild and live like how you want to live in peace. Maybe she’s with your man that’s why you made sure you put her on Pink Wall not once but to the looks of it twice…. Low down dirty scoundrel you are.

    1. I would like to thank the sender for informing us…if she capable of welfare fraud she can tief from me an u too. And actually if she tiefing from welfare it coming out a ur own damn pocket anyway.

  4. @ pinksDC u went hard and defensive. Wonder what her life is like now seem like u know. If so share the positivity so others may be inspired to change from wutlissism



    1. You ah di worst! LMFAOOOOOOOOO :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      Met yuh stop ban people? Lurker ah kill mi from weh day…dwl…lurker wah mek yuh so rude? :thanks2

  6. I cite the rake from longtime enuh.The sender sent in all the ppl dem n tek time snipe dem off like a real sniper!!

    Don’t believe me??go look pon the Miami post,No sah!

  7. her name is judith and she didnot leave her baby to party she went to pick up food at a restaurant sender laeve the girl alone everybody make miss takes

  8. Sender you need to do your home work … She leave somebody in the car with her baby and the girl went in to tell her she want something else and the man jump in and never know the baby was there….Sender she never get arrested … It was all over the news…She never do nothing wrong .., Again do yu home work before yu dash out people business…

  9. So y she couldn’t carry the baby if a really “store” she was going uno really tek ppl fi idiot doh

    1. Grl go find something to do you all up in people business while yours a spoil !! You know you all just jealous that a shame but you all so dumb u all find a nice pic to post of the go why not a bad one!!! Jealousy. Kill them gweh

  10. These triffling ass bitches have nothing better to do!!! Bitches don’t even know brand name clothes cause the bitches that find time out of them busy schedule to send pictures and write what the ***k you all don’t know. Bitch you and your entire family need to go do your homework and research before you all decide to post shit!!! The girl Neva left her baby careless in no car to go in the store secondly the girl Neva went to jail for food stamp fraud in Miami !! Bitch what else you all do f***g jealous cause you all hoes can’t walk in her oldest shoes in her closet. Bitch talking bout Jean Paul!!! You hoes need to go take care of your kids uno a real waste matters

  11. These people have nothing better to do like really !!! Wow u idiots need to go get a damn life leave the woman alone sorry you el g get what your looking for here!!

  12. Mi say lurker win why met bloggers th must bad sooo mi did haffi scroll go look back on the pic lurker need a time out

    1. Bitches sit and watch what others do really have nothing to do ! Am sure who did this have kids find time to go take care of uno Pinckney and worthless family members!! That’s a shame that you all would go so low and worry about what other people do. So what if the girl went to jail talk what you know don’t assume !! oh wow was this suppose to prove something by u posting it on pinkwall really pathetic low life people I didn’t know people like uno still exist won’t be for too long met will soon post it. Next time u all decide to post shit start with yourself first u ever hear this saying (when you digging grave dig one big enough for you and the amount a kids you have).you all don’t even know the girl like that. Real trifling sorry bitch you won’t win on pink wall come again.prople that’s sel known and ate good people no one will bash!!!!

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