0 thoughts on “PASHON WITH THE MORGANS IN 2011 & 2012

  1. mi neva did blev di odda post cuz mi memba one show mi si dem bring up all a dem pitni pon stage an mi cuda swear seh mi si di lady deh. couple yrs dat still :hoax2

  2. Aye sah… so whats the now? He’s been available to sign paperwork, she’s been available to tek smiley pics with her kids assorted relatives, but he’s a deadbeat absentee parent? Why did she even need to approach the media with this personal family issue in the first place though?

    1. What mi find with the star article is how is she able to have custody in the U.S and not Jamaica? If she have it here its automatic that she would have it everywhere else

        1. it look suh nix but dat a common sense seh whey she a seh nuh mek sense dem shudda ask har how she have custody one place and not the other

  3. A see say she love attention enuh this wicked woman meck har way to newspaper n other media toooo much if it was so just gwaan a court n me sure we would hear about but whey she gone a STAR wid the man name fa? Now mi no believe nothing whey she say kmt

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