uno come here passion yuh ah gawn ah way. Di dolly house broke up. Suh since passion Have him fans mi no seh dem happy abayyyy. Passion seh him single Ole weekend mi see passion with a different oman all on di boat ride and jeresy was no where to be seen passion did ah gwan away suh ah true jeresy and passion dolly house bruck up. Mi no feel bad fi Har still she should off do har research before she guh buck up with some baddy like passion. Jersey weh yuh feel seh passion was going to wife yuh up no sah


. Dawn nuh worry yuh self yuh get back yuh husband BDLLLLL passion full ah him bruck pocket self stay hyping em self up and em nuh have a pot to piss in. Uno oman need to ease aff ah dese dancehall man dem just b****h hype and nuh have nutten ah gwan. Ole weekend passion inna every oman face including mines yuh don’t even give yuh self time to get ova jersey guess she was just a f**k passion you and jersey nuh just deh and uno dolly house crumble no sah..but mi still wah find out who ah di fans dem yuh seh yuh have. Passion yuh nuh have fans yuh ah walk and tell di people dem yuh single and jersey was this and that suh weh fans ah guh Idiat

19 thoughts on “PASSION IS NOW SINGLE

  1. Nobody is sending in your story MR. All a unu love to send in your own story when unu dance date is near by, just so unu name can call up. Unu full of shit. Everyday yuh sit and wait to see what’s gonna write on jmg then you go back on your page and start talking like a girl. Your the only man retaliate on IG when you reach the wall. Stop sending your own story to met, nobody care!!!!

  2. For real nuff of these dance hall man ant got shit because them fake like the clothes and jewelry that they wear lmfao….

  3. No just did a go ask what happen to dawn the wife. Dawn how you a tek bun from passion for over ten years a full time you leggo passion. Passion a hot stuff in queens from onikeh and and Marlene who turn sexy lips used to war over him.

  4. I never forget my first papsmear in America when them want to push a cotton swab in my ass ‘ me asked why doc they said we check for everything me sa no no i don’t fck in the butt him say you all said that . Me insist and sa no way you swabbing my ass & finish my Pap test then after me live ya then me realize sa but fck a big ting in America all my days of being a street gal me never take nothing in my ass & never will till m dead ‘ my ass is for shit that’s low and germs to anyone participate in those sex practice .

    1. Where was this pap smear taken? I’ve never had a doctor push a cotton swab in my rectum. Just asking…

  5. ah did best gal mi see passion with and mi tell him dat…passion ah dag and him love dance hall gal suh Jersey and passion couldn’t ah neva deh fuh long. passion love three some and dem dutty business deh and him deh on di boat ah gwan like a real battyman Jersey nuh worry yuh self yuh nuh lose a bloodclath thing passion yuh too old and washout to be jump from Oman to Oman

  6. Me a say the same Dam thing, nothing else but him send in his own Shit my huge get a f$%cking life who much ppm break up…. Go play in traffic maybe more ppl will come a you funeral….

  7. ah di best gal mi see passion with inna long time passion did ah gawn ah way on di boat ride mi nah lie suh of course ppl would have put two and two together passion full ah him self Jersey nuh worry yuh self Mumma passion ah dag from Marlene days suh mi nuh no why yuh think you and passion would have last ah Lang time my gurl…passion was all in my dm from wah day suh meh nuh no why Jersey think passion was faith full to har poor thing

  8. I want to know myself what doctor with a licesnse stick a swab in your a**, he must of being testing for something else he saw, I’m just saying… I’ve had pap smears done and they never stick no cotton swab in my ass, just the vagina sweetie to send to the lab make sure you all good in there but the a** must be something new wherever you live…
    But back to this man, why did they break up??? I can’t stand a man that will talk about a woman after they break up, that’s just low… If this so call man is so bad he needs to come with a warning sign, deal with me at your risk, paten that shit and wear it around a shirt or on a necklace because his out of order, if his pocket no have money, he sure looks like a 100 bucks… smh

  9. As them put him pon the wall him post it pon ig like him proud like a gal maybe a HIM a send in him STORIE fi true one big waste man this swear these dancehall man party every night and no have shit no look pon them whole a them look me and I don’t fall for it cause I know they don’t have shit hype and broke!!

  10. Ocean Breeze 30 years ago when come ya it happen i sleep with a bwoy & feel a little suspect itch itch & go in the project to free clinic at that time me never have papers or understand and them say they have to check for everything . Yes i do my annual papsmear & my doctor never offer that service we all learn we mistake thank god me never have anything to worry about . Forth green downtown free clinic back then .

  11. Jersey ah idiat mi and passion ah f**k since March suh mi wan no how now him and jersey now bruck up mi nuh give ah f**k about relationships once passion eat my pussy and f**k mi em can guh back with jersey. Passion tell mi nuff time jersey is just ah f**k em never expect har fuh ole out suh long passion call and text me every day suh weh jeresy ah guh???? Passion love 3 some suh if yuh is a goodie goodie gal like jeresy passion is not di one fi har

  12. Yes Renay raaaay do up the breast and ready for passion with the super lips greatest swiper Ina dancehall dawn husband. Wey you name passion keep eating & f**k that mad gal R poor dawn .

  13. Hi @Anonymous 7:42 p.m. I get it thank you for the clarification and I can understand what your saying the procedure was something that you didn’t know about but the clinic offered it… I can understand that completely… I know when I first got here to the states I didn’t know much myself I had to depend on my mother for guidance and my mother had to look to my father for guidance because he was here before us, and it was a constant move from state to state since my father joined the US Military but believe me I understand coming to a new place and not knowing anything.

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