Satanic scammers – Pastor says MoBay gangsters drinking blood, among other protection rituals

Caught up in a deadly fight over the spoils from the lottery scam, some scammers in western Jamaica have turned to the world of the occult, obeah and black magic for protection.

Reports out of western Jamaica reveal that the scammers are taking part in blood rituals, getting midday ‘baths’ from spiritual healers (as this has to be done when there is no shadow), and wearing special clothing or rings, which are believed to keep them safe.

Pastor Knollis King of the Rose Heights Full Gospel Church of God is positing that some of the young people engaged in the crime haunting Montego Bay, St James, have embraced devil worshipping and witchcraft practices.

According to King, some of these young people have given over themselves to the world of the occult as a safeguard against the police and their enemies in the criminal underworld. Even more incredulous, the pastor charged that the practice of drinking blood is now the norm in the scamming circles, as the scammers seek to protect themselves.


“Young people today are not serving God. They tell you that is ‘Satan me serve, is Baphomet me serve’. They are telling you straight, and that is the root of the matter right now,” said King, who is also the councillor for the Montego Bay South East division in the St James Parish Council.

“They are working witchcraft; they are drinking blood. Our young people are now drinking blood, literally!” he exclaimed to The Sunday Gleaner.

He said goats, chickens and other birds are slaughtered for their blood by the scammers, as part of their rituals to “guard themselves”.

He said this black magic practice is significantly featured in the cycle being played out in communities across St James, as the young men have become emboldened because they believe they are protected by a dark force.

This is believed to be the reason the gangsters have embarked on some brazen attacks, including the killing of a man inside a busy gas station in an early-afternoon attack, and the murder of a man on Barnett Street last Thursday in the heart of Montego Bay, while rush-hour evening traffic was at its peak.


According to King, children as young as five years old in some communities in and around Montego Bay are showing signs of disorderly conduct.

He said the crass and crude language being spoken by children in the presence of adults tells the story, and by the age of 10, these youngsters have actually become adept at alcohol consumption.

“They smoke, they desire a smartphone and then they scam to make some money,” the pastor pointed out.

“When a man makes money, what’s next? He wants a gun. So he gets money through evil means, now he wants a gun to sustain and maintain his evil works,” added King, who led an initiative – The Covenant of Peace – in Rose Heights.

The Covenant of Peace was a vehicle to stem criminality and violence in that tough inner-city community and has witnessed the transformation of Rose Heights from a place of rampant violence to relative calm in one year. But King told a Gleaner Editors’ Forum last week that these gains have been eroded because of the lack of tangible support.

He noted that the lottery scam has since gripped the Rose Heights community, much like other areas such as Glendevon, Granville and Norwood in the western parish, and it has become a hotbed of criminal activity.

The pastor is calling for the empowerment of the Churches as a mechanism to help stem crime in St James. He argued that while the Church has been asked to do everything, it is being disrespected at the same time.

“Imagine if there were no church? What would be the outcome in these inner-city communities? We should help strengthen the Church, and in so doing, we would have a better political system, better politicians, parents, young people and better business leaders,” said King.

Citing Isaiah 59, King proclaimed, “The Lord’s hand is not shortened that He cannot help, nor is His ears heavy. There is too much blood on our hands. Our youths are dying because they deny the Lord. They are into evil and witchcraft, and this is just the beginning.”

He charged that the young people of Montego Bay have given themselves over to seeds that were planted years ago.

“Montego Bay, the city, is reaping what it had sewn years before now. All levels across the society are in trouble, and while some struggle for power, our young men are perishing,” lamented King.


  1. very good info but him mind dem kill him for it…if this is what jamaica gone to especially kids as young as 10 consuming alcohol it def give me more reason to think god’s return is much closer than we think.

  2. What a place Mobay has become. Now you cant even tell ppl you a Montegonian cause dem nuh must think you mixed up wid dis kind of filth. Degeneracy at an all time high.

  3. I have yet to comment but I felt compelled to do so today. I am shaking my head as I write. WHAT KIND OF WORLD ARE WE LIVING IN? What happened to our morals and principles. I remember grandmother’s use to say, U must satisfy wid what u have and give thanks. People having things don’t make u a success. Working hard and acquiring things make u successful. They sell their souls for likkle and nothing, things that will fade away. Thank God for my relationship with the lord. I’m not perfect but I try to remember the principals of life.

  4. I remember Michi saying she Know “A Man” who can help fix her mom I think.These things are real becuz the Bible even speaks of these forces!

  5. I believe what he says. A lot of the yutes in Mobay bleach out and look like demon. They are following African witchcraft practices. Sad state indeed.

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