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  2. Good mawnin Metty, JMG fam :peluk :peluk …when di yute start di cow bawlin I hit the floor …Metty yuh know seh yuh really turble :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

  3. This very hard for a child to reach this age only to find out that the man that knew to be their father is not, then when you look u si this big tough back dread show say is him is u daddy, I would a holla and bawl dung di place

  4. I SAW THIS EPISODE AND IT TOUCHED ME SO MUCH, I STARTED CRING TOO. NOT ONLY IS HIS DAD NOT HIS DAD BUT HIS MOM ISNT HIS MOM EITHER. THE MOTHER WENT ON TO TELL HIM HIS BIOLoGICAL MOTHER, HER COUSIN died in childs birth, the cousin also had a relationship with her husband so when she died she took the child told the husband she was pregant cause he was in jail so when they did the test the mother truely believed the child would come out his but it end up relveling the boy is not for the husband, so not only is he fatherless he is also mother less and that is y him bawl out so. that is something that will make anyone go mental

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