Subject: Teefing Toya British Bring Back Sonya House

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Met toya woman Sonya lef har and dem guh a court an bare tings because toya tell lie pon di gal how shi beat har up and all tek out restraining order pon the gal. Judge run out toya out a court house an gi har till dec 4 fi lef or else Marshall ago dash har out. Now dem have all criminal court todeh and tinking mouth toya nuh show up. Only fi find out the dog shit teef out everything outa di apt and in a hiding. A this di dutty whore deh a NY a do she an di crow bait name Marsha aka Barbie unique weh change har name to cash Barbie. Met this yah one yah a nuh hear seh a know fi a fact seh.

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  1. Observer a which rock yuh a live under? Dah whore deh a suck pussy from har yeye deh a har knee. A scum bag dat man it walk and clean every state wid it tongue. Met nuh worry mi soon come tell yuh har life story from ja days tr8 back to do hiding wah shi in a now

    1. chileeeeeeeee…mi tink dem a man whore mi neva noe bout di puxxy sucklins..mi case a kum bak anonymous mi caseeeeeeeee

  2. Every thing bout Toya just stink looking, I sorry for the poor children because this is what they have for a mother, such a pity. And look how much good ppl out there that can get pregnant

      1. Girl, you catch in quick cuz soon can be even longer than a day, as a child when I here soon come, I know not to even bother wait. Lol…Jamaicans we are the best I tell you, Lol

  3. But is who nuh know toya British story?? Me just wah know a where her Pitney dem inna all of this?

  4. met suh wha bout ar pikney dem weh she dont tek care of inna jamaica? tell di senda giv some info pon dem….oh and ah choo toya business is not new…she ah long time bafoon

  5. Listen here people I have a life enuh cho but I are backkkkkkk. So now this may be old news to some a unuh but mi a start from scratch. Suh toys mumma a pimp har from shi about six yr old, shi a suck pussy from shi a eight. Bitch don’t know what a school gate look like in a Jamaica. Har mumma sell har to a man a England and shi guh deh an start traffic drugs and money. Shi come a US in a people name an tek man woman dog rat bat etc and all shi have if show a the twin dem weh shi dress up everyday in a uniform an post pon IG bout going to school and not even register dem never register.

  6. Met shi did a work if fox spenda and a run di 3 some dem pon him and when di man go jail shi start f**k uncle. Him gi har one town house wid some furniture if live in a an when fox come out him tek back everything an put har out. Shi breed an did a live pon a ends out a town weh fox put har but because shi love the hype life shi come back a fl when di twin dem born an a Bax bout. The man start disown di pickney dem all lick affa she an dem wid pool stick shi haffi blak it and har hand did injury bad bad.

  7. Shi meet Sonya pon line and start hype pon Marsha an Marsha dash out di pickney dem pon di lawn den neisha tight sister get apt in a har name fi har an dem did evict the bitch after the first month Suh shi tell the Sonya gal lie how shi a go ny fi visit then shi tek resident a di people dem yard. Dem dash out she and the Sonya gal and dem get place a Brooklyn till when Sonya find out she nuh wan wuk no weh and tell har is either shi ago luk wuk, register di twin dem or shi haffi bounce that’s when shi guh a station an meek report how di gal beat har an one bag a sinting.

  8. The first time dem ugh a court shi a tell judge bare lie and the judge tell har shi need if come out by dec 4 or else Marshall ago kick har out Suh shi move out everybody(in a mi Rosie voice)the gal bedroom set, clothes, panty, kitchen, all the paint shi crape off a di wall and carry. The only ting shi left a di hot air from the heat and shi couldn’t carry that cause shi nuh have access to the boiler.

  9. Toya first yuh need if start own yuh five pickney dem all a dem. then when yuh suck di pussy dem an lick out di batty dem yuh get pay and start tek care a dem. and a bet yuh from deh Suh tinGs start change fi yuh.

  10. Yes met shi tink nobody nuh know the tinGs dem cause shi deh a NY but a lie shi a tell. It stink all over in a the 50 state dem not to mention internationally

  11. Shi a f**k the gal weh name Marsha aka unique Barbie aka cash Barbie after shi did plan if beat di gal over social network before shi come a ny but when shi reach an si she di gal have a ride fi carry har round shi fren the gal and dem start di suckings. Suh everyday shi use to dress up di twin dem in a uniform an guh sidung a di shop weh Marsha a use fi cover up har prostitution and drug dealing act.

    1. Big pussy sanya wa a write this message stop tell lie bout marsha and toya together bcuz u know damn well said a lie yu a tell yu jus bloodclat mad say marsha na chat to you bcuz the gal find yu out said yu is a mixup yu mad bcuz yu ca get the girl shit them fi borrow and no more free hairstyles my girl yu bad ee thats why yu ass ina shit hole yu walk and tell lie bout yu a manager when a the w toilet yu clean yu upset bad bout marsha a run prostitution ring so then mean say yu used to sell 2 and do drug 2. yu bloodclat bad bcuz the gal have her car and her little shop and yu ca get the free things dem again. Yu really mixup 2014 a come round see yu ina mixup. Yu try a ting yesterday pon marsha friend and marsha now today yu a try a ting with toya and marsha little girl give it yu really a look a hype.

  12. Yes met but a two different court date dem did have the next one was the 12 fi the criminal charge. But the girl never know what a gwaan because shi did tek out restraining order Suh shi couldn’t guh a the apt before then.

  13. Met shi probably get place from the shelter people dem by now cause shi did tell the judge seh dem a look place fi har maybe that’s why shi teef di gal clothes dem and furniture.

  14. ok senda suh wha bout ar fren inna florida weh dem call sneeky? dem anno fren nuh more? dem did well close! she toya still ah party? mi nuh did hear seh she ah move to jamaica one time???

  15. It nice and juicy around yere, let me get more comfortable, wait deh little mek mi put on mi socks pan mi foot and slide unda di comforta, mi good yah now. Yes @Anony continue the saga of Toya no British

  16. Anonymous obviously yu nuh kno toya from Jamaica because yu wudnt a tell lie pon di gal madda bout she use to pimp har…toya madda is not anything like toya…mi kno toya from she a little pickney …yes she use to bad yes and love man but dat nuh have nutn fi do wid di madda…toya a gal weh love dance from mawning…she even use to come pon one show weh name Trax weh use to come on pon tv every Sunday and toya and two odda gal use to dance in a it….stop talk bout di girl madda…mi hear seh har madda cuss har out cause she naw put up wid toya slackness…..toya madda married and come a Florida and have har papers….toya jus love f**k and wutless dats all….stop talk bout har madda use to pimp har cause u kno seh there’s no truth to dat

  17. @kingstonja STFU who Eva you are. Bout married an have papers and madda nuh have nutten fi do wid it. Weh yuh did deh when crystal a gi toya di man dem weh shi can manage fi f**k an suck. Har mumma only cuss har bout di sucking a pussy but when shi find a cocky wid money behind it shi fren toga and sen har guh work. Suh because teefing crystal a gi yuh some ol bruk or some a di teefing pardna money dem nuh badda come ova yah come nuff cause di truth hurt. Maybe cause toya gone a NY an nah chat to har yuh mussi become har new employee. Yuh an crystal need fi guh jump offa blue mountain peak.

  18. By the way @kingstonja a yuh married har an bring har come a Florida?????????????? Send a pic a di marriage license guh gi met Mel shi post it den yuh can come ova yah come chat to mi.

  19. @anonymous yuh kno Toya business inside and out doe. Suh how yuh nuh noe seh Crystal come a farrin pon paper fi true. Crystal white man come a Jamaica cum marry har, file fi har and bring har up, suh bill my girl. Mi know Toya from Jamaica tuh. Toya have har flaws and yes, Crystal fi tek sum addi blame cause shi might neva did a pimp har but shi sure did enable har f**kery from shi a likkle likkle gyal. Mi nuh noe a wah Toya duh yuh maybe shi naw a gi yuh har pussy fi suck nuh more and dats why yuh deh pon yah try done har.

    Is how Toya life a hurt you suh? luw di girl star. Mi nah tek up fi har but yuh sound like your feelings get hurt.

  20. Anonymous move yu nasty bloodclaa…th and stop telll lie bout toya muma nuh have nuh papers…yu a toya use to walk and suck puxxy together that why yu know suh much bout toya business…stop tell lie pon di woman…yu too f**king lie…dutty fly by day and pitch by night johncrow…mi talk weh mi know….yu f***king hypocrite yu…everybody dung a sea view garden know when toya madda married and come a foreign bitch…toya f**k up har own self when she go England dats why har madda nuh help hear get har shit…mi need somebody fi come pon ya who kno toya mother cum talk up di tings dem,.. cause mi and toya a nuh fren like dat…if mi see har in a di mall or at a party mi wi hail har up if mi feel like but tru u use to suck toya pussy to dats why yu know so much nasty crow bait …gweh from ya suh…mi glad smh come talk di ting fi true cause mi not even did want bring up seh is a white man married to har and gi har papers…har madda is a woman who love do crochet and mi use to hang round har when she a crochet cause mi love crochet to…so big stinking miserable hole gal come off a di people dem blog wid yu f**kery…talk weh yu know bout toya but stop tell lie…a wah yu a look is award yu a work fa….@smh mi glad yu come back up mi story….yes har mother shuda a put har foot down some more yes but toya did jus bad…suh mi nuh kno weh dis bitch come from a tell pure lie….dutty gal yu mad cause toya gone a New York and yu naw get har pussy fi suck again….gweh…abaaaaayyyyyy

  21. @smh big up yuself from seaview cause wi naw come pon jmg come tell nuh lie fi get a award…some gal life boring and miserable dem just sit down and chat pure f***kery gossip…a bet yu any money toya use to f**k har

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