1. Ok Scammini yuh pic reach now as you were hoping for. The dress is nice but not for that occasion. Unuh love JMG only when it inna unuh favor. Some people looks very nice while others :malu2

  2. OMG these people really need to find somewhere go so they can show off these dresses. Its only dancehall they had to go.Damn what would they really do if they had real money. Wipe them ass with money.

  3. No to rassssss scamini mi know yuh hot inna dah curtain clothe deh! Come yah man @it is are here, a dis yuh say look good? Or a never yuh?
    Dats clothe coulda stay and mi Nuh know wha dat fah pan fi har head.

  4. A dat shi did well waah reach the wall… A Riri dem si inna it but mi Nuh like it pon har at alllll met. A where the hell she going in dat di oscars? I think NOT!

  5. LOVE her white chiffon dress.the head piece is a lil too much though…how was she able to drink or talk with that head gear on though?? :ngakak

  6. I’ve always wonder if that girl in the curtain Krinalin(sp)material don’t be HOT. She always make her clothes with too much CLOTH. Otherwise the people dont look three bad.

  7. These dancehall rats don’t know the difference between clothes n costume when unnu see BeyoncĂ© n Rihanna in dese tings on stage it’s to create an illusion unnu fool no rawseclaaaaat tho smh

  8. good evelinnnnnnnnnnnn shani :peluk :peluk and the metters scammina closez fit fi har halloween maskarade ball

  9. Mi say Chuety thank you dawling all like lady gaga Nikki and such…. As metty say shi a go SRACSO mi badddiiiiiiiiiii. Mi Nuh like di frock and head piece nuntall everybody opinion different yuh wouldn’t ketch me dead in that shit. On the other hand mi Anno celeb so a di right set a ppl a wear it. Look hot as heck.

    1. den mi wudden wear it needa but it fit her..she carry off dem tings deh well but she need an event to wear them to

  10. Scamini if yuh tired a di dutty pink wall Mek sure yuh Mek dat damn sinting pan yuh head apart of your daily dressing, Nuh leave go Nuh whey, all fi guh empty garbage cuz member di paparazzi dem deh all bout a lerks yuh hear.

  11. Den scammi fren nuh far from a mask neither unu nuh see di bang come dung in are face how she see i think scammi an are fren wanted to make the pink wall

  12. Her dress not too bad tho but the head piece cuda stay who is the girl wit the different color cloth a hang off har dress tho?

  13. Scamini nuh look 3 bad mi actually did a tink shi did look worse….mi use to har dressing crazy suh i tink it fit her…..but next time mind weh yuh seh bout jmg caa yuh wi get a lick pon yuh mout loll

  14. Scammini d frocck turribleee. Faava someting d ghost of diWhite Witch of Rosehall wearing in books when she a float above di ground and we caan see har foot

  15. A suh Dougie look transgendered in him picha.
    Although mi nuh see any memorable look a di evening, dem all look like dem had a fun time.

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