8 thoughts on “PAY UPPPPPPPP

  1. Apple nuh stop walk n tek man n none a dem na claim har! Bare bruck pocket man shi deh wid! Every month shi change man n cuss bout it pan Facebook. Pay di gyal har money done out germs! A cya stan di gyal.

  2. Bare hype dah gal yah hype pon social media and bruk nuh f**k gal deven live nuh wey inna farin she’s from ppl house to house!!! She very sad the lil money she a mek all she do a mine boy wey nuh stop f**k pon her every man a the same I never see this gal have a man fi a year yet every 5 months or so is a different man!!! Pay the girl her money yuh too hype fi wah owe ppl much less so long

  3. All uno can tell me bout a how much man me change…but if me bruk and HYPE a weh me tek a mine man????? Jump from friend house to the next??? Get uno facts correct! If anuh Baltimore a NY inna me APARTMENT!!! If Lady Kay want her Money tell her FI come tek it outta me pussy weh it LOST inna!!! This gal did business with me and her mail got lost in the mail and me fi GI her back money???? Go bloodclat sue UPS or USPS fi that ME LOOK LIKE BBC LOST AND FOUND??? WEH UNO NUH KNOW SHUT THE F**K UP!!! ALL UNO GOOD FAH A DONE PEOPLE UNDER FALSE NAME SHOW UNO SELF! ME NAW STOP F**K! PUSSY COME FI F**K AN DME NAW RETIRE UNTIL GOD SEH SUH! MY ALWAYS CLEAR MY PUSSY FILE SO NOBODY CYAA TELL ME BOUT IT! TALK SUMN NEW NOW NUH UNO BORING!! PUSSY COME FI F**K AND BEAT UP ATLEAST EVERY MAN ME TEK OWN ME ALL IF A EVERY 3 MONTHS ME CHANGE MAN a me lef all a dem tho none nuh lef me bout Kemar lef if uno wah talk bout Kemar,big bwoy and chedda and me never have a man over a year I guess uno naw pay attention cause all a dem man deh a year and plus some 2 and more LOL…uno keep talking tho. LADY KAY BLINGAZ WANT THE 100 THATS WHY U A BADDA ME BOUT IT BITCH UPS HAVE IT NOT ME!!!!GET YALL STORY UP!

  4. Blingaz don’t want kay cus every money come a me help spend it so talk about you n low the gal me n apple anuh fren but nowadays gal a f**k n go thru even u kay go tek a DNA cus Blingaz sey anuh him alone did a f**k yu that is y him nuh look pon u n yu pickney n mi nuh feel like Apple style yu pickney cus yu a liar sympathy yu a look mi nuh like Apple either but mi affi come talk truth smh yu better hurry n mek Apple give yu the money because easter a come n me n Blingaz a wait pon the money ohhhh cus we both know if yu nah pay up yu nah get nuh f**k dirty kay

  5. Apple u too lie man lost in a ups wooooiie wat a gal wicked just say u never send it off cause America this think ppl a fool u too rass hype fi cah pay back 100 dutty apple dancehall f**k box with her cemetery pussy Mi 8,9,10,10000 ur dutty bloodclatt the amount a time u fly and u cah pay back 100 dat fi show say u no have shit go look a job man and go tak care a ur hungry belly rat dem a Ja

  6. Kmt Maxine don’t come in this cause your name never call. Bout blingas First Lady u look like shit. Kay money u a depend on Maxine. U well know blingas no give woman man. Kay u can mek apple dis u for your own hundred dollar girl shame on you. Apple say she was like your dairy. U tell her every thing. Apple u don’t have anything about u. U know that is what u do take me money but IRS soon find you girl. Blingas u need to come straight with these girls. Maxine is Mara name them call not yours so why u come comment.

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