Y’all remember this guy? He was the 1 that got a arrested when his fiancé pull up and caught him getting oral s**x from a girl noooooooooo sah met story just ah get juicy………….Kemar Highcon aka Mr.OhGosh has the crowd saying oh gosh after posting his girlfriend on the beach today. The big question is what happen to Keema? She’s always posting him and promoting his song like she’s his management but ah that fi happen to she bcuz she know kemar anuh nobody good and what happen to Sasha? Sasha is to good for this idiot Dutty boi anyways And what happen to the big woman from the last story? She mussi realize seh ah just har money him did wah but ah dem tings ya fi reach dem gal ya bcuz dem fi stop fall fi hype man weh nuh have nothing just all about hype him Betta pray say one of dem hits really stay a hit so him can back up him hype. Dem nah guh learn still cah dem nah leave the likkle stay bad mawga boi.


  1. Damn disgusting with the unda sikes free promo eeh mon!!!Like it wouldn’t kill unno fi spend a smalls n advertise pon the site enuh.Look pon the extremes unno a go n I bet my life nobody pon ya never heard of this artiste.

    So tell me something. ..if the music never buss him,how unno figure that mixup will?unno factor in that at some point in time he will actually haffi sing….at that point who the fk gonna care who n how many him sorting out??!!

    1. Morning, Bro. The entire post never make any sense. You may have gotten the jist of it fi true.

      1. Hey Sista PP

        Them dry yeye bad enuh.Just wanted to update you that me n cordel talk for a little on the phone and he came on the wall cuz I told him that he can participate. He says he will make himself available for interview or met can link him anytime re anything to do with the commission. Suffice to say him email me this. ..portions of which I have copied n paste dear . it’s all good PP.

        I have gone on the blog and reviewed the comments. I dont believe it merits my intervention beyond the article, I want to avoid intervening when people are venting and only do so when its absolutely necessary. Sent from Yahoo Mail on AndroidOn Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 12:52 PM, cordel green

        1. I can, respectfully, understand his position. At least he stopped by… :maafaganwati

          Something tell me you and I and me hubby may sit down to a drink one day- without even knowing we get along so well online :kiss

  2. Who Eva post this need ah beaten as much as kemar need a beaten bcuz him nuh stp do di ppl dem gal pickney duttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy him get up and ah drive the big woman x5 wit different different gal 4 she run di Dutty boy she nuh stop run back ah him leave ah 3 pickney dem the time yuh deh deh ah run down kemar and ah spend yuh money pon him yuh go fix yuh bull frog aka jhonny brovo body act yuh age and stop run down young boy.

  3. @yardielovethug yuh to wicked him have a likkle buzz man it’s jus that ranch ent ah nah deal with the youth good

  4. Nashuan winning All that thought they could have him now that y’all see he post his girl how ya feeling

  5. That’s why his dumb ass should of stayed with Sasha but Sasha not dumb like theses bitches they got kemar spinning them around like clowns like retard your wack your music is wack every mofo thing about you is wack you need to go consume some porridge from you diss my friend your bound to get diss from me

  6. I know Kemia and jah know, if him really left har, this bowy dont deserve to have any form of success, I know girls can be stupid but look how much the girl push out fi yuh, and yuh never once post har.. I will never listen to anything you make ever again, and its not because of kemia, havent spoken to her in years, its just that I hate dutty men!

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