Met mi a beg u find out wey @B.o.o.d.z did dey caz a nuh she me see a FL ova d weeknd wid Shootie….Also mi a beg u find out if him a help har pay the car loan a month time since him a a s*x gal in dey..Pls and tnx…Gm


  1. Dwl, a tru she shame that’s why she stop trouble people. But she is a known trouble maker, she’s just undercover with it. Boodie file was already dashed out under her whoring baby daddy pictures. to talk about her again is a waste of time.

  2. I never know she was a trouble maker. Always thought she kool like that from those time wen she was selling the vintage clothes.
    Who is her baby father thou?

  3. Dnt blv evryting u see on these things that they put up about ppl. It only takes one sad person to send in someones picture and and write a milion comments. Get a life sender.

  4. Dnt blv evryting u see on these things that they put up about ppl. It only takes one sad person to send in someones picture and and write a milion comments. Get a life sender.

  5. But look at this damn fool who changed their names twice to send in the same thing…. then talking about how one person commenting. are’nt you the same person commenting. boodie is the rass sad one, who love hype on people and her man a f**k down the place.a karma a reach boodie, because she taught shootie was a prize, tell your friend if she wants to be happy stop f**k man in the same circle and focus on her child.

  6. Sender you boring. You coulda send in a million post on the girl and you still nah get the man.Guh wash yuh dirty draws and leave ppl alone.

  7. Sender Boodie has no shame and you doing this not gonna let her leave carlton aka shootie. She knows over the years that he has many women sharlene for example that he has been seeing loooooooong before boodie and still up to this day.And Sharlene have har man to. Boodie go out and see them and him drive off leave her wid sharlene in his car. And she’s still there. He is always gonna be the dog he was from UWI days. She knows and clearly accept it. Caus me naa see my man out wid nuhh ooman and him drive off wid har left me a wudda war.And to all you females who think you winning by bashing another female when these men sleep wid unnu and tell unnu wehh unnu want fii hear.Unnu jus a disgusting as these little boys.Sad thing is unnu have children who looking up to unnu.

  8. Wow,Her self-esteem low then,any thing to say them have a man now a days.them need to come together and gang shootie. but i remember how boodie use to post him on instagram and drop words on the other girls like shootie was special, it amaze me how things playing out over groupie met,but when you hype these things reach them.

  9. She is just not humble. The image she tries to portray like she unbothered and her ‘relationship’ in good standing to all her friends is all for attention. Drink some humble tea Boodie maybe you will loose weight faster this way than all them diet supplements you’re taking.

  10. Boodie is sad & miserable…She neef fi go pay d ppl dem fi dem car. I feel sooooooo sorry for her…lmao….Thought she wud be in FL watching Carlton and him woman at SANDZ. Poor Boodie, she needs a life…She fava a rass man wid har tuff face…Focus pon u child…Shootie will always be shootie

  11. Har baby fada is whoring Shootie fr @Yungkingzent wey fuk anything him can get…Him all fuk gal in a d gurl Burgundy Nissan wey she a strugggle fi pay fah caz Rue start go nursery now and Carlton party money afi share up…Him outa order fi a fuk gal ina d woman car tho. Shame a kill Tameka…After Brits dun fuk har out Shootie tek har up…Careless gal dat a gwaan like she a summady

  12. @jon…Shut the fuk up….Ppl a talk facts…Who av time fi mek up lies pon whoring Tameka Boodie….She just a gwaan like she a class…D whole a shootie fren dem get a fuk off a har, she trick him and get Rue….Hush Boodie, happens to the best of us

  13. Boodie only putting on a show….All she a bully Carlton, him naah stop fuk pon har…She fi go sidung & luk after har pickney!!! Fr UWI days Carlton Davy been a whore…..Once a whore, always a whore…Boodie a try fit in wid har tuff ole face…Gal sey she a 3yrs and luk like 40yrs. She need fo go pay d ppl dem fi dem car b4 d bank come tek it back!!

  14. It sweet mi how you guys giving it to her, LOL. When she’s at parties in the old clothes and a hot girl walks by, she alwys skinning up her big nose at the girls and cut her eyes like she a somebody.i said it before, once you shape better, neater and have a little swag boodie dont like you.

  15. But mi nuh see Boodie dress better than anyone…#rolleyes…Boodie model d ppl dem clothes fi get discount & sey she hotttt. A d bank she need fi go pay fi d car wey Carlton a fuk gal in a.

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