GM met mi si dis bowy pon yuh page di last time & mi a tell yuh seh dis bowy is really sum ting di bowy live wid him wife & sleep out ever night a di mate yard him ave 2 Pickney mi no know him wife personally but she deh pon mi FB page. She name sashsospecial pon FB and mi got a message fi r. My gal wake up yuh no see seh di man live wid di next gal bowy mi a tell yuh duty nasty man dis but mi hope 1 day she open up r eye because him bun r bad. Mi ago sen yuh r pic off her FB wall.


  1. As long has him a drive BMW truck him ago get unnu red eye gal cause him don’t own shit in him name an him don’t mine him yute dem
    Suh unnu fi wise up! Mi tiyad fi see him in me inbox an pink wall now kmt

  2. unu leave him wife out of it she mive on ,who tell unu she no move on,go suck unu mada n leave out the girl.yes him.bun her yes him.nah mine her.but yes she independent n own her own thing n mine her kids,she nah go reply cas she no av time fi waste but it up.patrick gal weh a write this u av him aready ,go suck shit n leave him wife alone

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