Earlier this year, we told you that adult entertainer Pebblez Da Model aka Natasha Stewart had been convicted for her involvement in the death of 37-year-old Karima Gordon. As you may recall, Stewart referred the victim to Tracey Lynn Garner, who administered illegal butt injections to her. Gordon later died of complications stemming from the procedure after some of the injected silicon traveled to her lungs.
Investigators say that Stewart had an arrangement with Garner through which she would lure potential clients to Jackson, convincing them that Garner was a nurse. In exchange, Garner would provide Stewart with a $200 finder’s fee. As previously reported, Stewart was sentenced to seven years in prison for her involvement. Although Garner’s defense attorney, John Colette, tried to argue that Gordon “wanted this underground, bargain basement butt enhancement,” his argument wasn’t enough to get his client off.
According to the Associated Press, 54-year-old Garner appeared in Hinds County Circuit Court Friday, where she was convicted of depraved heart murder and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. On Tuesday, she was sentenced to five years for the wire fraud charge and life for the murder charge. Garner faces similar charges stemming from the 2010 death of Marilyn Hale; however, a trial date for that particular case has not been set as of yet.
Hopefully, Gordon’s tragic story will cause women who may be considering black market butt injections to reconsider.


  1. They will still do it, they can’t see past the yearning for an x-tra large ass and the attention that it will give them

  2. I’m sorry I don’t agree with sentence because even if she said she was a nurse which nurse you know licensed to do surgery ? Getting injection is illegal so the person who died also know that cause board certified physicians don’t give injection I can understand a 10 year but life for a willing party playing with her own life

    1. I’m in agreement. 20 years (50% blame on both decease)= 15, 5 fi a play nurse…opps 25 total by factoring the wire fraud;not in agreement with the life sentence.

  3. Oh Lawd have mercy..a wandah wah going to happn to fi har wen she cannot get fi fixeruppers innah jail..but wat a woman wicked sah.

  4. Laaks, Pebbles when popular bad one time enuh. Mi memba a period deh weh evey post pon MTO she was on it. Big eena di music videos and tings, all dated a few hip hop artists. I hope she teck di time fi refect ova har life and find her true purpose. Di love a money really is di root a all evil.

  5. Life is harsh, but don’t forget the color of her skin got her that time on top of what had happen. She didn’t hand held that girl to that women house she merely referred her to the women and it is up to that person’s discretion if she wants to proceed, she wasn’t forced to do it, she should of known that there were some type of danger. My condolences goes out to her family and may her soul rest in peace. The time that she got was too much, what did the women who injected the girl get did she get the same time as well?????

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