Met the person who send in pelpa and his babymother that’s all bullshit the picture they send in was dainty sister people need to stop they bullshit and get a life, my girl who send in that u want pelpa


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0 thoughts on “PELPA PART 3( STARTING OVER)

  1. Quena a beg yuh dont bloodclaat start it up back inna de starting oba…frm de admin pull dung nd but up is a warning wid out a rite up..yah annoy har,try har nd tek har fe a pus-c just mek de chead flow you’ve been warned.

    nung dainty yuh really ting wi a buy de phuckery bout hack fb nd all dese bull yuh man a move haad him need fe ad-va-tise fe swifter him a clean out pus-c gud :nerd

    1. lolol…de way de girl put it a de dry pad dem him fi advertise cause she wet jet pon him and him wipe har up like woo. Dem freaky man de oman will neva admit to anything or left dem…birds of a feather flock together.

      Big up de young miss whey nu fraid a nu towel mouth bwoy!

  2. lmaooo this nigga lying he just mad he got caught so know he trying to lie and say the whole thing is fake who has time to send fake messages the texts have dates wtf is he saying

  3. An yuh know mi duss write a long article fi Quena….cho.DWLLLLL……But we starting fresh soooooo mk will say…..anyting possible cause even di text dem can fake cause it show him name…not him numba so it could be any numba weh saved unda him name . Goodly changd har fren name ina har contacts to Pelpa name an tek it from dere….Mi waiting patiently fi di chuute.

  4. Dainty is in denial and Pelpa is another 4 foot dog. Maybe the gal added some spice to the story I also believe the girl is bitter because he lied to her.

  5. Sean I hope you see what you putting yuh Baby mother through, weather she is old or young, that should not matter about her age, age is just a # what is important is that this woman carry your daughter you claim to love, so respect her for even that, and she looks good for her age, I don’t think she looks like his mother. Sean my advice to you young man, stop taking your tongue for an ATM swipe card or a swifter sweeper duster, stop belittling your baby mother by disowning her to john public when you looking a front to vacuum. Behave u self and grow the phuck up.

    1. So they been together so long, you think he told young Miss or nah??
      And so she said that his Baby Mother and him was not on good terms, why she still layed with him, she should of waited until ‘ish was finished between them, take what you got and leave Pelpa why throw him on the wall if you not bitter?

  6. Young gyal run come done the dutty bway again please! Dainty your swipe tongue baby father Wuklis

    1. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ I kaint…Pelpa is how old? …Where Pelpa mother is? To God be much glory because if Pelpa was mi bredda a doe know how him and Dainty wudda mek it out ooo…

  7. People pick sense from nonsense. The picture the girl send in saying that was her hugged up with him was copied from his Facebook page. The picture was posted Oct 28, 2011 ….. So tell me now how is it that she meet him recently 2 weeks ago when the pic was posted over 2 years ago??? Hmmm . I don’t know these people personally nor do I believe the man nuh f**k pon him woman of seven yrs… I think the sender is just bitter because she get a one f**k and diss.

      1. But Pelpa u f– di may be someonelse pic but the conversations in october se u did a chat to har a u same profile pic…Alsoooooooooooo likkle dry eye girl u give pelpa u number october 28 one 210 number

        1. Yuh get busted it was a fake profile the second set a message…………………. u spell theif wrong when u write as pelpa and u spell theif when u write as urself.. people check ooooooooooooooo

          1. Smfh di gal sick nuh rass. Only one thing mi believe when she said di f*uck did good. Cause only that can explain why di gal gone to the extreme to create one big excitement. Sender the cocky sweet yuh till it mad yuh??? dye dye whoieeeeeee…

          2. ___________________________________________________________________ it nuh funny ooooooooooooo pelpa tek dis nap a sleep and mark death….if she went to this length then u may pay with your life the next time

      2. Where the hell mi get oct 28th… Dwl . F AND DISS meaning she probably slept with him and him nah pay har nuh mind and she mussi feel a way. Who knows it could be someone who nuh like him ooman . Either way it just show that the sender nuh have no life to go as far as create fake page. Sender what’s the real deal? Why are u so mad???? The text can be fake as well I can store a number in my phone as Barack Obama if I wanted…. So har so called proof is bullshit.

  8. Wow the lengths some of us will go to. Ok him grind yuh and nuh want yuh, move on.

    But him deh wid di ooman from him a 16?!?! WTF does a 30yr old woman see in a 16yr. That is a damn pedophile I am sorry.

    1. yes thats what she is..I could not have a family member at 17 dating a woman that much older sorry…mi cousin dem did beat a big woman fi dem bredda one time :tkp

  9. the “theif” dem spell the same yes suh dat questionable fe chue Met…but as tuh de phuckings pelpa lace up de gal so gud she caan over come it……. :cd

      1. nyaam out de gal panty crotches nd all dese tings bwoy a jus doah knw y him av de gurl a luuuuuuuu afta him give har de phuck out flu..tap e’ man 😀

  10. And dats why him ago bunn out har raas. Poor child didn’t even get to figure out what it is he wants in a woman good God man. She nuh muss expect dat and until him realize what him really want coz obviously he doesn’t, he keeps looking for it, she ago forever get bun. She should be ashamed of herself.

    1. Me know one couple like dat, the guy was 19 and the lady 33 and from dem time deh till now, a bare bun an disrespect she get. Damn pedophile…disgusting.

  11. Well there goes our investigative work! bwaie sum tings dis fi hapn to sum a oonuh, look like yuh want Pelpa and d one wuk affa d big Koki sweet yuh u did want more some a oonuh real delusional enuh wid noting to do and yes Pelpa ooman would be a pedophile/cougar if she talking to him from dat age, a wah man short a farin

  12. I can’t even imagine…..yes she look good for her age but you can see weh we Jamaican woulda say ah likkle bwoy. Sick him koki mussi mad har too, all ah fi har sense gone.

  13. Hello met and meters I am the sender who sent the true story in about me and Sean on Monday and since he’s claiming that its a sham and fake page let me explain myself . . .The picture I sent in of myself is from 2 years ago and yes I met him before but we didn’t take like that we started talking on FB in September again and also October and nothing that I sent in was a lie who the fu k has time to make a fake page and reply back to myself that just makes me look dumb and for the text messages it’s him and even if I shown his number met would have blocked it out because when I sent the email I showed my number and she blocked it out an yes I am bitter because I Was lied to and embarrassed he is just upset because he got caught in a lie and I said he sucked my pussy so know he’s saying the page is fake and I make up text messages like really ? As I said before in my previous post I don’t care what you people believe I know hat happened and he knows the truth I put this on Jmg to shame him and he’s mad believe what the f**u want to believe all of a sudden it’s fake and nothing don’t go such yeah alright Sean

    1. but dem se di picture is of dainty sister..and when i saw the picture i was wondering how dainty and the person look alike so and di person dont look like 21

    2. all de way yah type yah nung is like yah reminisce pon de last time afta de first time wooiiieee a mek unno bad suh

  14. Dainty is not 38 so you’ll need to stop run you’ll mouth and if she’s even 50 pelpa still want her most man f**k out a road u no hear pelpa say him babymother never see him with a woman so if he do cheat some hide and seek ting, pelpa always big up him babymother so too bad for some bitchsss might fall for sweets talk, dainty I never talk to u before but big up urself and me friend pelpa u dick have some gal head till she go make EMAIL FACEBOOK FAKE TEXT

      1. _________________________________________________________________________________
        Chanel seh is fi har pic ___________________________________________________________________ 2 years ago..dat wud mek har 19..dat person doe look 19 at alllllllllll chanel wheel up and send di right pic come

          1. ________________________________________________________________________________
            dies oooooooooooooooooooo den chanel u cudden find a nex picho use fi chow off di case likkle furdah? :ngakak

          2. chanel yuh velly brave yuh mean to tell mi cudden find smaddy else pic wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy outa range fi come dash yah? u nuh si how dainty n di person feva bad? Mi nah lie mi wudda climistan..cause a nuh overstand or understand dis..MI WUDDA CLIMISTAND HEFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF………….Pelpa was one a dem moggle man deh………… and we have seen tings and tings pan dis site but dah buddy yah mad u suh teeeeeeeeeeeeeee… it doe even funny :nerd
            chanel whey u seh a your picture two years ago? :ngakak

          3. _____________________________________________________________________ mi haffi run my nose ooooooooooooooo
            simply mi baddayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      2. Simplcity Yu and Met a kill me…wus de defenda dem. A could a pon lan or pon sea de phuck tek place pon Dainty good spread. Pelpa is a hound but who can blame him when he has been conditioned by a grown woman since him a mina.

        Chanel keep yu head up a nu go a Pelpa and Dainty yaad go kill dem pet…that negro did you wrong regardless a whey de righteous ones wan fi sey. Him fi stay home wid him “family” if its so good…yu stay out a people yaad going forward.

        1. no she fi go heenaa di yard kaw it look like dainty neva mek she come heen so mek she gwaan……… n pelpa finish what he stawded *yankee vice*…pelpa gi one stroke and dainty call se she coming so she neva get di 2nd 3rd………etceddehrah etceddehrah :ngakak

          1. :hammer

            No need fi Dainty do laundry when she come ova cause Pelpa face get all de wettings…lolol

          2. ________________________________________________________________________________________ plap plap :ngakak

    1. :”dainty I never talk to u before but big up urself and me friend pelpa”

      Weh mek dem wah copme tek we fi fool Metty?!?!? Yuh nuh see a Dainty fren dem?


      1. if wud go so?……..a one trang rass wud…all gun carry carbine…lol. Rock dat dictionary me fren! lolol

  15. You people say I made fake page and write theif and theif are so dumb if your really investigating this story you need to seriously read between the lines because you guys are so dumb first you believe me and know because he put up long speech wid him and old foot dainty is a lie lmaooo this shit is funny all of sudden Sean you and dainty happy and living good because of this scandal why didn’t you out this up before we f**k? You want sympathy for your lying ass from your so called friends on Facebook and is nasty dainty send in this email bout fake page bit ch your just trying to save face ain’t no shame in my game haha

    1. halllllllllllllt is not because a no long speech..he deserves to be heard first and foremost and the only time a conversation from facebook says conversation started is when yuh jus jus send someone a message fi di very first time..and how u and him fi spell thief di same way

    2. Chanel u is a Chinatown Chanel yesssssssssss gawdddddddd that’s y when mi ask u if is a uppercut r a right jab u give bloodclaaaatttttt pedo Dainty u caaaa ansa mi if u did kip u mouth shut maybe pelpa woulda give u a rally back fuxxxxx but noooooo u mash up di link starrrrrrrr

      1. if chanel tell a lie pan mi I will not move because mi know if a even under di earth mi go dat lie boun and compound fi find meeee :nohope

          1. chuet if she lie pan mi i will stand up and hold up mi hand n seh I R HERE..kaws dat lie willlllllllll must find mi it woa fail oo

  16. @chanel the picture you send in claim thats you is dainty sister in Jamaica sean took that picture with dainty sister when he visit jamaica so why u making a fool of yourself booboo, look on dainty instagram u see her sister picture people will try anything to break up people big up mr/ms pelpa

    1. good day dainty how yuh does mumz,jus continue tuh encourage pelpa tuh brush nd floss b4 de sucks dem dont want no kind a pussivities safe suck wi a promote round ere not jus phuck

    2. @fake move yuh dutty bbcl bout the pics is of dainty sister.. Met that is not dainty see go on dainty IG page and see her sister the one a Jamaica is the oldest one and that pics that the girl send it the girl in the pic looks younger stop try justify pepla cheating.. MET ME AGO SEND U THE PICS OF DANITY SISTER OLE WICKED DAINTY U AND YOUR FREN DEM GWEY

  17. @fake you sound real stupid bitch you must be one of daintys friend me and met know is not my pic and why would my pic you crazy and I already explained myself and I’m done with his situation enjoy talking about it for the next 2 days have a good day met

    1. den how me and u know is not your pic? nuh duh mi dat kaw me and u neva plan HENNYTHIN :nerd
      we will have a good day mi love so when did u beat dainty two years ago or tomorrow? ansa before u lef oo

    2. weh yuh sey met knoze wats gwaan’n wid de suck dung age pic…….shame shame shame keep’n secrets met :nerd

      1. how chanel doe know what 21 look like? dat person in di pic look like dem go choo a wholeeeeeeeeeeee heep a stress long time and a head fi some u did us raily bad

  18. chanel cum finish blog wid wi cuz yah luuu…doah add on ntn more wi b-lev yuh get sum hood head but yah tretch out mumz yuh even state sey yes yuh bitter but where is de sweet?!?!?!?!

      1. dis pass bittas…………..fus she se a fi har pic two years ago den she se me and she know is not her pic..OHHHHHHHHHH gawd and she know pelpa pan mi page a have she waa di man have mi up fi what i doe know about :mewek

    1. next time leggo a bruise because it look like u dus dust off dainty she rise up wid a quickness she and har man and dem a gi u a www beating yah it doe raily noice :nerd

        1. No kaw she all put se she swallow what she neva get di 3rd stroke from..Chanel u bad roun yere :nerd
          like u did want a drink chanel..Y OOOOOOOOOOOOOO????????????

    2. no a smooches chanel :cool

      fe a namebrand yah behave like a real brand new second hand knock awf nuh wash nuh face mumz,a suh e’ guh wen yuh buck up pon a gud phuck it confuse de mind nd leff a wounded soul

  19. Met don’t say I did you guys bad everything I said was the truth except for the pic I didn’t have no pic of me and him so I put up that one just in case u never believed me and I agree I am bitter and upset but he only put those pic of her as a front . . .and I wasn’t f**ked and ducked I found out the truth and left thank you very much no regrets just lessened learned

    1. haltttttttttttttttttttttt *wid every stop sign ina di world* you just halt right dere…all when di people dem seh a dainty sister pic u still run come claim it…if u neva send in no pic as u no one would question anything because a so jmg run..NUHBADDIEEEEEEE DOE SUBMIT DEM PIC SO BOLD………u get an incomplete F so we would never expect for there to be a picture…how u find out di truth..tell wi??? u do wi bad because u link mi couple times so mi tink u wudda be honest but dat a my downfall I like to give people di benefit a di doubt………but it never fail doe di truth always shake up itself and run out …usain nuh have nuttin pan it

    1. I believe something took place between the two…pelpa a lie and she a lie..dainty is also involved there too because she very angry wid she…………

  20. but at the end of the day seany lie to bout 7 years dainty together and him never cheat pon dainty who him really want believe that and him always inna people facebook a look them at the end of the day so I believe that he message her and them f**k and she upset cause she find out bout dainty and she put up the story and fake pic for vengenace

  21. Met I just get the info I have chanel real pictures she and apple use to f**k yes the same apple that always on your site stay tune waiting on all the info I don’t buy it one bit she too lie pelpa go school here bwoy intelligent anybody who know him know that channel sound dumb like she cyan read and write chanel bitch u about to be expose mi hope apple nuh have ntn fi do with this

    1. u halt tuh……………..from day one pelpa knew who di person was so with this pic u a go send will it be his confession?

      1. People, People! HISTORY PON JMG!!!!!!! :hn

        De Wall, De Furnicha and de Entire ROOM a PELPA YAAD AGO EMAIL MET!

        Cause I want fi know how “The real story” know DE REAL STORY. Only PELPA and CHANEL KNOW DE REAL STORY!

  22. @Carmeia learn fi read and understand the bwoy never sey himnuh cheat him sey him woman never see him with no woman since the 7years they been together two different thing dumb bitch

  23. @philly girl another one of daintys pussy backactive please dont write my name bitch and move me nuh see you a you see me how does my pussy taste are you mad because dainty is a old fool fool bitch or that harr man love message people fi f**k and suck them pussy bitch breeze off tell me why you so mad ??????

  24. Bitch I don’t back pussy betta yuh sey mi a back Pelpa cocky how u hot fi mi so don’t put mi engine in gear plz mi a beg u don’t start mi

  25. bitch start up then nuh you know me no so anything you say is irelevant dumb bitch . . .u been dismissed so why you still talking

  26. Pelpa yuh have yuh money if u want f**k a different gyal from yuh woman spend your dutty money !nd use two condom

      1. Met, me like whey you do earlier ova so…look like you have fi go deprive we sometimes and do it pon certain things more time cause when de ting dem a run good and get cluttered wid emotion it ruin de day. Although me guilty of some “atrocities” as well…but me nu mind tek me punishment *wink*

  27. this a real history chanel and pelpa luu bad the two a dem a tell lie and they both the now the truth and then this sender come in bout chanel and apple a f**k wtf is really going on I cant wait to hear this other peace a lie

  28. Chanel u are sick trust me text u self use dainty sister picture in jamaica say u and dainty fight sean f**k u in dainty house, something people do to come between people SMH,

  29. Chanel yuh a one wikkid raasclawt gyal membah mi tel yuh mi did seh it doah enuh bt a suh sumtime mi cum off too blunt caw if unnuh chek mi comment dem from weh dauu mi seh dis gyal a one bittah ex yuh bad ooooooooo but a chue yuh tink wi gullible fi story roun ere smh

  30. Mi mek a little run and come, this how the saga unfolds, is this we should As The World Turns, no sah Met, Channel young, lie, and restless bad, 1st is fi her picture, then it’s not, young mek up yuh mind, yuh story full up of too much pot hole and cracks if you was in a court of law the jugde wudda dash out yuh case. Miss Dainty yuh need to put a reign check on yuh boy toy, yuh broke out from him young, and now bust weh like down Helshire.

  31. Chanel dainty sey she never see Pelpa with no woman since they been together so how u beat her explain fi wi plzzz met if u gonna expose a person why not just do that and be real Chanu are a fake get a life met I respect Pelpa for one he’s a wonderful father him get him ratings from me there don’t know him personally but Nuff a dem dead beat need to take notes

  32. Dat mi sey too Sameting mi sey too much pot hole in her story even if some a true met that just discredit everything wah she sey I see that this girl indeed trying to start problem met her picand file be should be in your email shortly with her file and rundown f**k box Chanel met yes a apple freak true its a long night tonite

  33. Yes u right met but how much man u know inna dance everynight Naw play no father roll just saying give the Yute credit where its due met that all I’m saying

    1. give him credit for what? what is his business or your business what others are not doing HE IS DOING WHAT HE IS SUPPOSED TO DO how u fi a do whey u SUPPOSED to do and a look credit for it?

  34. Met mi say puss broke coconut ina Channel yeye, one gal eye nuffi dry suh, a must ten. Dem yah lie yah suppose to heavy yuh dung, and yuh look like The Hunch Back Of Notre Dame, your lie pass 12 midnight the way how it black. :berduka :berduka :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak your like have color.

  35. Fake aka Dainty give it a rest mum.
    No matter what the girl add onto the story , bottom line your baby father is a dirty dog.
    There is no respect for you if he is putting his d”’k and tongue in another woman.
    Read the passage below and believe it.

    P.S ..For all the grammar experts and spell checkers , i did it all in caps purposefully.

    1. _|\______________________,
      ../ `–||||||||———]POOOOOOOW POOOOOW POOOOW
      _==o ______ _____________|
      …;),—.(_.(__) /
      ..// (\) ),——’

    2. _|\______________________,
      ../ `–||||||||———]POOOOOOOW POOOOOW POOOOW
      _==o ______ _____________|
      …;.),—.(_.(__) /
      ..// (\) ),——’

        1. DAMN!!!!!!! GUN SALUTE mi ratta tat…DEATH pon JMG and Dainty Sheet sets….lol

          ADDICTED THROW CORN AN KILL CHICKEN HEADS INNA DE DAY YAH! All a gwan me got Channel bak as just one a dem lying ass cousin we ALL have but ago defend har cause a no pure lie she a tell.

  36. Dry eye mi loose offa u after weh day we defend u fi di dutty boy only to find out dainty need fi be on a list fi tek boys weh just come off them mumma breast. Hear what. I believe fi two a dem fuxx and I believe some 3 some went wrong bc the two woman wouldn’t vex so if just an bun or fuxx and duxx situation. This worse than prinny and the wrapper

    1. Nu man she ongle ova elaborate pon de tory but she nu far off. De size a de hood, se sapup wid missa towel tongue.

      A de fight de man an him oman a cova up.

  37. @ the real truth please send in har file now mek me really see this yah story yah tonight because too much things a gwann wid this story yah mek we see

  38. Addicted this is not dainty not even dainty friend im just kool with pelpa, people do some stuff for attention chanel u play ur self hohohoho

  39. Mi caaaaaa badda enuh maiinnnnnneeeee :mewek2 :mewek2
    Unnu no hear say daint say pelpa n pelpa say dainty AND Nuff gal puxxy juice to him throat lmaooooooooooooooo

  40. met me just get some info is who send this in and me hear is the one and ony kim possible send in this dainty tell her about it and she go pon dainty instagram and screenshot dainty pics of she and seany at there daugther party and of seany facebook page plus me go pon dainty instagram just know and go through her pics and no see no pics of she and sean so it look like after the chanel girl put up the scandal dainty start put up happy wife happpy life pics of she and sean . . .but I don’t understand kim possible she always a big up dainty but she fail to mention she use to f**k seany

      1. Listen hear…onu need a rass JET PLANE fi mek onu escape inna some a dem situations yah! Meet de bike slow, Simplicity vehicle a sputta and cheut leg dem damn short!

        Carameia, yu tun CORRESPONDANT FI JMG :hn …lololollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

        Poor KP, You sure a nu thirsty Pelpa did thirsty and KP help him out since Dainty a age and de wata hole a dry up? Me nu think KP tarry wid dat youngsta Pelpa did thirsty and beg a drink.

  41. :hn :hn :hn :hn :hn :hn :hn big up jmg if mi nuh love jmg somthing wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bola

  42. Simply when yuh put back di glock ina order….pls buss a shot unda Addicted comment fi me. As fi Carmeia……I will be riding alongside Shani on dis one…..KP a bad unuu up fi har bestie…..But a wonda if KP get a taste off Dainty….

    1. _________________________________________________________________




    1. she neva rite as if she sey as FI dat mean de way yuh comment hot nd spicy she a ride awf wid met who is shani..yuh get e’ nung mumz?!?!?!!?

  44. lol but kim possible love big up dainty and talk bout a she sey pelpa and pelpa say she but she nah talk she and him use to f**k and dat a hypocrite and know she well come send this in to met fi big up dainty but the people them now the truth say is a fake family portrait dem a try paint

  45. but his sean tell people say him and did have relations this is when him use to party wid flippa mafia and a pop champagne isn’t just now long time ago

  46. The nasty boy a look a bus and him sure do get one , the bus wey chanel bus in a him mouth lmfao and him and the old foot one up here as FAKE , CUTIE , PHILLY GIRL a try take shame out a them eye , like i said before big puxxy boy the damage is already done and the whole world know now that you walk and clean up and swallow .

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