Mi like peace and I cannot stand the argument but this morning mi decide mi a go mek it roll so after mi seh dis a hope none nuh come after it because Ive had it. I am the one getting the emails and haffi be constantly telling people fi ignore etc ..I didnt get any today but the time before this last argument Quena came back her greetings were good morning met , metters and di same cockroach for 4 days, no one responded because people who emailed me were told by me to ignore it.
Today was a different greeting and why? It was good morning met and roaches so this time there was no choice for others fi se well a nuh me she a talk because everybaddie else a roach. Who finds it funny in being called a roach nuh bang nuh ina being called roaches. If u Quena waa come back wid a bang as u seh u cudda se mi backkkkkkkkkkk and who dont like it too bad and even then it would be uncalled for because its a new day.
For one Quena surely knows that if she came and was polite and people attacked her I would have squashed it. But what leverage will I be able to give when there is an outright insult? Nuh dweet because when ure in the right I defend you and have your back. Mi really haffi sidung and fold mi hand this morning after mi read the comments because mi cudden believe it. So, you felt you had to come back with a bang after what happened the other day? What response did you expect? Roach and millionaire nuh mean di same ting I was very upset that you said that. I do not like the idea of you being uncomfortable here because this is where you choose to blog but please be just as thoughtful of the other bloggers who choose to blog here as well. You have also seen that many times when u and di bloggers ketch up a me always mek sure mi a talk wid u ina di post dem so y?? One more ting, nuh seh things and then downplay them because that makes matters worse. Respect your fellow bloggers, if any a dem try go outa line mi will deal wid it .
Lastly, to everyone please do not after today, run in pan Quena comments when she nah seh nothing out a di way because mi know how unno will get..all next week unno a go chump up a fresh set a tracing..


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