Met this lady A—- dead last week from Aids and it wasn’t any big hush hush.In a surprise move it was her family who put it out there as much as ppl did already surmised it was the Big A.She had caught it from her man in the lane who died several years ago but her family says it was hell to get her to keep taking her medication.She said she was ashamed of ppl talking and watching her with the disease so she was constantly too depressed to take her meds.

Met please warn your readers afflicted with dreaded diseases please to take their medications and don’t worry about ppl chatting dem.Better they throw word at you when you alive than you mek dem can’t talk but you silenced forever.So sad R.I.p Miss A.


  1. Rip Love, I pray that you are in a better place. Big sigh, people can be so cruel, where is the empathy? Some Jamaicans have this insensitive/inhumane way about them and I often ? Where that comes from. Imagine someone is sick and you torment them, really sad. My people as the sender said continue to take your medication and pray. Aids don’t have NO race or no face Anyone can get it, we have to practice Safe Sex.

  2. There are many people who associate std’s with promiscuity and often times this is not the case. Because of the stigma attatched to these diseases ….it is oftentimes accompanied by shame. We need to educate our ppl more ….. especially our younger generation. Herpes is a very common std in Jamaica. It is also one of the most misunderstood …..because many people believe that you have to sleep around to get it. It is also not taken very seriously, because it is non-life threatening. Some don’t even understand that you can kiss someone and get herpes. You can get herpes from oral sex, even if the person doesn’t have an outbreak on their lips or vagina. Their mouths, vaginas and penises can look very clean and sore -free….and they still have the disease. Men especially, most times mistske a clean looking vagina, for a disease free-vagina. We have to educate ourselves more about these diseases. As for HIV, as the sender said, whoever is on medication for HIV….. needs to take it …..contrary to what others might say or how they might make them feel. I heard through the grapevine, that a famous selector died …..not from the actual disease, but from the complications that came with him not taking his medication. I heard he gave up, started drinking and neglected to take his medication. Ppl have to be more responsible. Uno dun have the disease already……now your only focus should be living the healthiest life you can live. Case in point…… Magic Johnson. Because now ….medication is accessible to everyone ….rich or poor. RIP Miss A. I hope many who are reading here….who are facing the same fate ….will use this as an example to do what’s right ….for yourself and your family. Blessed Wednesday all.

  3. This is something I will never understand. There are many illnesses and diseases in this world. However, when it comes to STD’s/STI’s, people become very critical, scornful, discriminatory etc. They use it as a way to shame people, make them feel isolated etc. WHY? In the case of this lady, she is so embarrassed and terrified because of what people will have to say, so much so, that she prefers to not take her medication which will help her to fight this disease and live a longer life.

    What is the difference between having any other disease that is transmittable and HIV/AIDS? The fact that HIV is transmitted through sex?
    I do not see people using cancer, lupus, flu or any other illness as a way to shame people but they are quick to talk about a person having an STD/STI. Yes, if it’s something that can be transmitted, you try to protect yourself from it, especially if it’s something that cannot be cured but why use an illness to shame a person or make them feel the way this woman feels? So what if she has HIV? It’s an illness like any other.
    It doesn’t matter what kind it is or where it came from. We shouldn’t feel the need to negatively talk about or shame another person because of any illness.

    I really hope people can come out of this type of mentality and lady or anyone else in a similar position who might be reading this, remind yourself that it is an illness like any other that unfortunately cannot be cured. It being an STD doesn’t make it worse than any other. Don’t allow people to shame you because of an illness that you didn’t ask for. Fortunately it can be treated, so take your medication and take care of yourself so you can continue to live and enjoy your life while you’re at it

    1. Well written.

      This is the first time that I’ve ever looked at HIV like this, i.e, it being a disease just like many others, such as cancer.

      Fair enough, unlike cancer, which is “developed”, HIV is contracted; but let’s remember that sometimes all is takes is someone sleeping with ONE wrong person unprotected- even once. Should they really be vilified for that to the point they are so disgusted in themselves that they do not want to take medication.

      I feel a lot of the stigma that is attached to HIV/aids stems from it being mostly affiliated with homosexual men people back in the 80’s. This ignorance needs to be eradicated otherwise there will be more pointless deaths.

      RIP Miss A and all others who have lost their lives in this unnecessary way.

  4. I just realized that the post says that the person died. RIP lady. My message still stands to others who are in a similar position.

  5. RIP to Miss A. I have worked with those who are HIV/AIDS positive for several years, eat with them, laugh with them, call them my friends. And I know one thing, majority of those who died has done so due to lack of taking dem meds due to stigma(and hating the side effects). I know people living with HIV 20+ years now and living well. Medication and healthy living is the key. I have heard several medical professions say dem would prefer to be HIV+ over having diabetes or certain forms of cancer because HIV/AIDS can be managed. We need to really educate ourselves. We keep a operate pon di tings we know from the early stages a di epidemic, many of which nuh longer valid or true. AIDS nah kill people again, unless left undiagnosed or untreated.

    & unu dutty people who love call down AIDS pon other people or scandal people, I hope unu get unu test regularly and usin condoms.

  6. I thought HIV and Aids had lost its stigma wid di likes of ppl like Magic Johnson. HIV is not the death sentence it once was, and many ppl living full lives decades after diagnosis. Folks please join support groups, or if you don’t want to go public, have someone you can talk to anonymously on the phone for support. Do not stop taking your medication, fill your prescriptions at a pharmacy further away from your home if that makes you feel better, but your life is valuable to someone and somebody loves you.

  7. I hope conry mus rich reading this and starts taking his medications. Him all di a class Patra weh live a Brooklyn seh him have AIDS an dem patra mek a fake HIV TEST an put it pan Facebook.

    But everyone already know patra old and dead long time an a act like him clean.

    Conry mus rich an patra a di 2 oldest sets a battyman from (kiddy Ralph & Rodcousin) days suh di 2 a dem a live wid AIDS from Miami days.

    RIP lady, an all who a live with AIDS remember its not a death sentence. At least it’s not cancer.

  8. Dougie platinum a 1 of the wickedest bwoy wid AIDS, a whole heep a young boys inna Jamaica im spread him AIDS to, all battyman patra, about 4 different boys inna Jamaica a f**k out him nasty ole and him a gi di whole a dem AIDS.

  9. Petal, what a way yuh mek Dave Lexus go yuh AIDS, yuh well an know she Dave a battyman an still yuh mek him f**k out yuh rotten pussy. Wooooie

    A patra did tell mi

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