Dear Peta,
Your rep has exited the building and is now wearing all the animals you had in your safe, including my pet winter deer. Kindly ask him to return the items asap before people start realizing that you are not that serious

0 thoughts on “PETA EX- REP

  1. Chuety…lol….don’t know y him Neva just get one a di bear rug wid di head n wear one piece instead a two pieces.wifey ave on one fowl…..rofl..I can’t with dese fashionistas.

  2. I’m looking at this picture and I want to know did he ned the animal throw rug over the arm, so he walked around the whole party like that or what.

  3. Is that a dead rat sling around his hand and somebody dead puss pon him neck? I see some people go to the Humane Society to look clothes.

  4. One a dem cyaa wake up and bite him inna him raas man? The squirrel dem mussi really inna deep hibernation mek dem no gang him raas….. :nosara

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