A cease and desist has been started for Reggae artiste Chronixx following a statement he made via instagram calling out President Obama for not dismissing mail fraud charges against Marcus Garvey. The artiste posted a picture of Marcus Garvey and posted

”This man..Still have a criminal record in the United States and we glorifying some waste man! This man was hunted and imprisoned by our Jamaican government..who some years later paved a peaceful and safe path for the U.S President to address us as ” a race of good for nothings”!!! thats why black faces don’t mean anything to Rasta anymore”.

Since the posting, Chronixx has faced backlash from his fans , producer Russian and Minister of Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna tactfully warned him about putting more thought into his choice of words. The posting was later removed and replaced with milder words but accused the media of twisting his words.

”Evolution time now. After all the talk…judge and you shall be judged my elders say. I don’t mind the judgement of my Human family. I expect to be judged and told when I’m wrong…that’s actually a very healthy thing for me. Now for you….remember the words of the Likkle one from Spanish town said. The media will take it from here, twist it in the best interest of their “story”. And the struggle continues. Let jah be praised in all things. I read all the comments and now I see who is who! Love.
May the teachings of our beloved Marcus Garvey forever take root in our hearts. May the leaders of today take counsel in his divine teachings. May the leaders of tomorrow reap the fruits of his timeless works”.


  1. This damn petition makes no sense and the wordings seem to come from someone attempting something they are unfamiliar with.
    The man was not promoting anything mentioned above and Marcus Garvey was a revolutionary, so even if he was promoting anarchy and unrest, those are typical of Garvey’s teachings. Che Guevara is a national hero in Cuba and his homeland and his image isn’t not only the most reprinted image in the history of the world but is the quintessential depiction of anarchy and revolution.
    ….so I say all that to say, foolishness this and dem need fi cease and desist wid dem madness.


  3. Chronix dem nah stop now till u visa cancel. Yuh head too hot. U could have said what u said in a different way. Now deal with. The consequences

  4. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others ….

    He dat keepth his mouth keepth his visa..nuh suh Chronixx, who eva start dah petition yah doah nuh ez a baxide doah.

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  5. Lwad if I laugh one more time tidday u see, heh! Ease him up O , some time we just chat fart , not realizing that the tongue has life and death in it, and words weigh heavily and your own mouth can kill you. In Chronixx situation, his tongue became a sword against him.

  6. him just express himselfa little harsh seeing the cirumstances but a the same thing we did do to marcus garvey we all ready fi nyaam up chronixx we black people never learn

  7. If u play with fire then chronixx u must get burn…dawg look @sizzla now as perfect example…USA run the globe and u av to be careful of the things we said or promotes on society..chronixx u will be very blessed if ur visa don’t cancelled..I’m hoping not bcuz u r q great artist and role model of singing like the greatest BOB Marley..

  8. Unnuh move unnuh rass and lhow di yute all now I nuh see Obama name call and “Glorify waste man can be anybody” bout ten weh visa unnuh stink like ah unnuh ah waste wash unnuh lil Jamaica bredda food stop fi foolishness fyah pan unnuh an unnuh petition group ah hypocrites unnuh kmft

  9. I know exactly what is happening. It happened to me and so I can identify with this. Right now I charge those without sin to cast the first stone! I declare in the Almighty Name of Yeshuah Hamashiac the son of the Living God that no harm will come to Chronixx and that he will continue on his journey as God intended. If he has made a mistake I pray that God and man will forgive him. I also pray that the mouths of the ravenous lions who seek to eat him alive will be stopped. I declare that neither Jamar nor his offspring will sit on the sidewalk and beg bread. May he find peace now in Jesus name! Amen and Amen!

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