Met post this fi mi, so the guy in the blue shirt name KID, him a one a philly dog/clean up, him keep him birthday bash may 01 and mi go, smh, mi seh met the amount a gal him did have deh it too much and the gal weh a kiss him pon him cheek a she name rere weh f**k everybody and a try dash harself pon kid, the coolie one a soujie side gal weh a give him everything and him carry home to him good good wife weh have a newborn or the baby soon born, the one inna the black and white strip dress a she kid come dance wid and left har wid the woman them and go stand up wid him friend them cause him nuh want him other rest a gal them run in, the gal weh him inna har ears name tyesh a she a 3 some star them seh, kid is a dutty boy and mi can tell cause mi inna party and she him, the poor lil gal inna the strip(black & white) a get bun north, south, east and west, a bare laugh them laugh after her even at pat and voodoo mothers day party, smh when mi see kid and
har walk in mi couldn’t do nothing but smh cause the gal just inna di dark so,OH HELL HOW MI FI GET FI TELL UNUH BOUT HIM AND SHAUNA A ROUND ROBIN WEDNESDAY NIGHT GONE.LMAO THE DUTTY BOY AGO HARDDD






  1. Dem need a free Charity bus weh do anonymous Std testing in a Philly. Every last one a dem fraid fi go doctor but no fraid fi change sex partners weekly. Every body a sleep wid every body and swear dem a hide. Di man dem chat like gal so there will neva bee no secret . All undercover whores unuh might as well be more bold. If unuh no tell no body seh unuh sleep wid di man dem how it come out a road ? It sad fi see grown ppl wid children living like they have nothing to live for. What Kind a example unuh a set fi dem. Nutten no turn me off more than when dem same mumma ya carry dem klickel girl children to the kids party and think it cute when dem a skin out and brukk out. AS dem seh children live weh dem learn. If mumma a skin out di pickni a go try out do mumma legacy.
    Mi no see none a di man dem ina Philly worth 2 nickels. Di only thing dem have is the tiefing clothes poan dem back. not even a steady roof dem have cause all a dem a kotch wid gal

    1. Donna benz a mad CHina. dwl. Donna ole enough fi be har granny but look better and meck Skilli no stop stray.

  2. Bubbles, me and all ah di Philly people dem still curious ah wah you do Dinky? From you and har stop chat you juss loose all ah you fren dem.
    It get soo bad that you all ah stay in more and party less, Which is a good look but it look real bad. When 2 fren stop chat it fi done deh so. He say and me say no produce nothing good. Only a weak individual stoop to that level. Mi notice Dinky and everybody a bestie, even di ppl dem weh use to say Dinky a di biggest mixup.
    In my opinion Dinky been a live ina Bubbles shadow and there was always some jealousy.

    Pat Classic please no hate no baddie ova Vodoo/DoDoo ookk. Him look everybody all when you ina di party. If me neva know no betta mi woulda think you have him pon permanent pumpum punishment. Mi neva see a man thirsty soo yet. All dem pics weh you see him a hitch up ina wid woman is not appealing for a married man. Curb u dog and stop hate ppl because him wah shit pon dem lawn and dem a charge ur household pissing fee.

    1. Ppl a Philly nuh live good at all, but mi confuse cause yuh seh Bubbles loose har fren dem afta Dinky. Suh how is that? Yuh know how long mi nuh hear Dinky name call fi a minute mi think she move, did she move though? Lmfao @ dodoo ….you a true sample city of haters yuh mek mi laugh.

    2. Pat stop talk to har fren cherry Davis cause she was f**king voodoo cause if mi nah talk to yuh yuh besta believe mi man not talking to yuh too pat can control him and a who want him with him ugly ass . Now the one ugly whoring gal dinky she need fi go hole a sit with har nuff self she too nuff mi know nuh how a nice girl like bubbles get mix up with that bad mind bitch bubbles hole up head up Hun cause the bitch dem mad dem can’t walk inna u shoe boo !!!!

  3. Sharicka whoring fray why you mad? Just because the people dem call out your nastiness you kicking up dust like that .. But the whole a philly want to know who is the mystery man and why hide his face if it’s your man?

  4. This story have too much mix up from kid to bubbles to pat to skilli oh and sharika fray and the whoring dinky too much mix up in one lol

  5. Kid walk and look every and anybody,any party I go and see him, he’s always asking me for my number, kid f**k my friend then have the nerves fi a try look mi and tell mi seh him nuh have no woman, so mi wah know the tail back a him Sunday night was what to him cause him claim him nuh have nuh woman.

  6. wata mout danna septa
    u a look hype? nobody knew skilli f**ked ur old ass but u n who was cool wid him so how china a mad, go sit ur old ass down stop worry bout china an go fix u breast. a more dan 15yrs since u do dem an all now u cant even get dem redo u no see one longer don the other. u mout stink like u mad cause no man never own u up yet not even u kids daddy dem. look how long u no do road n as so as skilli put on dance u fly go pitch like den u name a call up pan pink wall!!! gyal go flush u mout

    1. one whore weh live pan u brains don’t it? try some ah har secret and maybe you will have a happier life. unuh fi loew har and meck she prosper. Unun no like har but she deh pon unuh brain 24/7. go look a life and find a man weh want you fi more than di free rides u giving out.

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