1. Chinitagoodas…pow, pow.

    Met, there should have been a picture of them stomping daffy tripe out a him…damn crook.

  2. Howdy Met, Metters & Peepers!! Can somebody identify de peeps dem inna de picho dem fimi. Please an tonx.

  3. Kunta, fi starters there’s Paul Campbell (Third World Cop) and Tessanne. Everybody else nu familair to me a tall (may have aged out of my minds eye).

    1. Tonx. Mi recognize Paul Campbell after yuh mention him name. Never realize seh a him at first. Him look a likkle different inna de pic. Tessanne, Sasco, konshens, ragga.

      Met get lazy pon wi. Mi memba when Met wudda ID de picho dem. All when yuh put curso ova picho yuh si name. A whaagwaan Met. 🙂

      Mi si some peeple mi recognize from events but mi nuh know dem name.

        1. Howdy mi wifey!!! Yuh know seh Met a fambily. Mi kno is bizzzy she bizzzy. Suh wifey name dem fimi nuh. Like pic 1, pic 2.
          Mi been off da scene fi a minit rerking fi put food pon de table suh wi can eat an mi cn buy yuh de pretty dan dan. :selamat

  4. Boy di sun did buck ova di park all now mi caaa recover yesterday mi sleep di whole day but it was nice tho except fi Tifa n that pink plastic hair whey she come out inna Tifa why u do that mainne ???????

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