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    1. WELL!!! mek me set mi argument straight fi unnu hoes out deh an wen mi sah hoes me mean bout di MAN and di OOMAN dem ur all tha same to me.

      THE MAN dem a try f**k off every OOMAN inna dance an de OOMAN dem a try F**K every man an sum a de OOMAN dem TOO,, jus like DONNA GUCCI an her crew, SEXY SHANNA AN di MAFIA LADIES ur all lesbian.

      TYESH F**K an suck every MAN inna dancehall so now she tun to di OOMAN dem u nasty gal, but mek me tell yu someting DUTTY GAL di next time me see u beg me man fi buy yu FOOD or DRINKS again ME ago F**KUP YU BLOODCLATE.

      N DI same-ting goes fi yu SHANNA AND TAK DAT RAG OFF U HEAD yu look like sum sneaky RAT to me yu too RASSCLATE FACETY fi mi.

      NOW im not ONE who go round lookin choble but as fi yu MOMMA yu wah smadi koof yu bc mi nuh kno why yu ah fe galang so inna dance yu galang like yu
      a no big OLD OOMAN with pickey.
      Yu need fi go sitdown an stop jump up in ever pix with peoples MAN u look SLABBA-SLABBA inna dance mi lose alll respest fi yu MOMMA.

      AS fi di one FRENCHIE I’ve been seein yu for sumtime now i wonda if FABIAN stop cheat pon yu yet

      SKILLI as for yu me keep on tellin mi no want u CHINA is one BIG FOOL to still be with YU.

      1. Senda u sound mad and hurt. If d gal dem ask yuh man fi buy drinks yuh shoulda defend it right then and there cause ah bitch ask my man in front of me best believe me will say something or at least give her a look so she can know seh.. Another ting if ah gal feel comfortable to ask him something like that either he makes them feel comfortable enough to ask him that or it’s not the first time dem ask him that, dem get it d first time. So check you man.. Now wit frenchie u put her on pink wall cause u whaan know if fab still ah cheat pon her, how does it concern u my dear. U have too much time on Ur hands.. U whaan beat mama cause she’s a promoter networking taking pics whether the ppl are single are smh u sad.. U judging her cause wen she deh ah party she ah wine up enjoy herself kmt guh suck yuh mudda

        1. Dem gal wen come a dance and a wait pon man fi buy dem liqure a waste gal dem u c some a dem never have a drink inna dem hand because dah man dem women come out wit dem so no free liqure fi dem so dem affi stand back mi a gal alway have my money inna mi pocket no boy cawh chat to me

          1. mi a gal weh guh a dand with mi money tu, but if mi can get a drink off yuh man i will take it and keep my money in my pocket.

      2. Ok if ur man buy drinks for whoever it’s up to him so what’s the real beef ? With the people in the Picts ? You really sound mad and jealous . Sorry I don’t go out often but when I do it’s always fun everyone is always nice from shana, kelly, vechy, momma, dem all nice but u sound like a str888 hater that have nothing to do I’m just telling the truth

      3. China don’t work so she no have no choice but to sit there and watch what a gwan at the end of the day har bills dem paid she good with it all

  1. O gosh man mi tired ah them waste yah.donna gucci and mamma please me a beg unuh go find unuh age paper.whoring tia and dun out tyesh stop hide and f**k the people them man and gyal. Smh dymeon or should i say gaymeon u coming just like one of the gyal them.mind tired fi see unuh face unuh unuh make it seem. Like nobody else nuh live a philly please understand unuh need fi take a break give the people them some time fi miss unuh rass face cho.

  2. Some people are so needy. Yes mama is in everyone face and very touchy too. Shhh, both of mama’s parents are Reverends of the Haitian church.

  3. What is the senda trying yo say. Did they just wanna put Philly up here cause title make no sense..

    Kaka yuh Eva look good.. TT love the way Ur just calm pon d partying and spotlight.. Daymeon mi can stand u and ur crew (barbie, fallen star) but mi have to seh yuh party yuh shell it dung from d clothes, shoes to d liquor.. Tia and tyesh uno crawny bad but nice personality, all Wen uno ah try be hot gal it nuh work, uno just don’t have the image sweety.. Dex mi lubb u Lol.. Who is that in the yellow dress she forgot to bleach her foot dem.. Mama and her crew uno alright, uno don’t bother ..

      1. Yes, it looks like a butt pad in that black dress, the bottom is not sitting the way its supposed to if thats supposed to be her ass…

    1. TT no have choice but fi sidung and quat. From curly leff har she get a reality check. har pumpum extra busy yah now cause she affi pay all dem bills by herself now. She only cool off from the party cause she couldn’t teef nutten. She doing a good job chilling in the house while waiting for di paperworks. INS. not gwine play wid no shoplifting case. otayyyyy

      1. Bitch I wasn’t saying TT calm dung inna bad way. Yuh too badmind, everything haffi be negative wit uno.. From TT and d boy lef dem seh a TT lef him..

        1. TT cah leff no baddie he glad when smaddy pic har up so how she fi leff har last hope. No baddie nah wsife no gal wid mileage and buddy count more than dem age. Curly was warned u no see him learned the hard way and cut leff har teck way pickni too so she nah get no maitenance. She was born to sleep walk she cah help it.
          Kaka you look like you no out fi change ur path either. Not one of unuh can skip di family sickness. Daymeon dem seh a nyaam dem a nyaam out you money cause you love hot gal so u affi pay fi play wid Kaka.

  4. wha do di one inna di black dress battiiiiiiiiiiiie. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo SAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it tan bad.

  5. Whomever putting these people up there why is it so hard to tell them to their face the hate is so strong it’s so sad so be a realist and go to them face punk ass Bi#€~ so sad

  6. Be a realist and go to dem face instead of putting it on pink wall the hate in philly so strong but you so bad to blast people on here why not just say it in their face it’s obviously someone that laugh in their face pretend to be their friends so keep it real and say it to their face smh

    1. So I guess you never see no other cities dancehall ppl fighting against them one another.. It only happen in Philly huh.. Kmt

    2. So I guess you never see no other cities dancehall ppl fighting against them one another.. It only happen in Philly huh.. Kmt

  7. Uno say mama in everybody face she a promoter she suppose to be friendly and talk to people she a nice lady,mi see Kelly Shana showtime ladies etc.act the same way,it’s nothing wrong wit it..

  8. sender guh suck u mada n leave the philly ppl dem all unno duh a jus chat bear f**kery n when u see the ppl dem unno hide if u bad jus step to them

  9. What dem gonna do if we go say it to dem face nothing!!! dem look crawny and cheap waste gal stay home with unno kids stop chase down people man in a nifiji duty floor

  10. @Anonymous 2:42 how you know they not gonna say or do nothing you never give them a chance your ass hiding behind here put your name up matter affect go to them face and say it since you say they Not gonna do nothing go to them face I f**king dear you

  11. Mama you so much haters she not do nothing go and have fun she not bother no body now people hating on you for nothing but I bet they won’t say it to your face

  12. I swear to Bob say a ongle Philly topic full up a anonymous and the whole a dem come in like some rabid dogs. mama butt pad a mad smaddy woiee…tyesh yuh looking well my dear it look like the fish antibiotics a rerk fi yuh 🙂

  13. Waste gyal don’t bother argue bout what mi need to say too dem cah mi don’t even know or party with dem set of waste mi just see dem inna pic mon thru Sunday standup momma has big foot and a ugly man face .dem can’t miss 1 dance not even one day them take off so don’t argue with unno self . Class is over !

  14. You know they gonna so nothing lol matter affact you saying they not gonna do nothing I dear you go to them face you saying they not gonna do nothing if you know them so well you talking shit say who you are and go to them face that’s all

  15. Metoo and unno is not anynomous ? What is your real name ? And also Momma I know you Is here posting trying to defend unno self but the only thing people is saying is you out too much inna every man face What dance you promoting besides that heavy body and big ass feet?

  16. @Anonymous cah you know dem not gonna do nothing you sound like you mad and hating on dem to how bout you be the big ass bitch and step to dem face saying I’m the one saying you not gonna do nothing I bet you won’t smdh

  17. Unuh love chat f**kery bout TT left Curly please TT over deh a collect har money an suck fi pay har bills. she caah even chat to Curly when she see him a di worse mistake a man di man life dat

  18. Donna gucci (yellow dress)ask dressmaker fm yu money back.yu nu look good.and please start bleach the foot now.yu babyfada can’t tand yu party life f living

  19. Wait Wait Wait!!!!

  20. Wow! Dexta gay, kk bisexual, tt bisexual. I guess it runs inna the family. Got to stay away from y’all.

  21. its true dem fight!!!! which lie, Big fight bruck out ova di ppl dem rass man! gal flat out pon club dutty floor. which lie. Post it big and bold. is true. Mama a blood claut coward. Caw fight and gawn like shi bad.

  22. Talkup,a lie u tell,nuttin nah gwan so not like that mi don’t kno what mama do u cause u hate her badd. Seriously

  23. Fight did gwan wit mama inna the bathroom it start. Nuff ppl nuh kno bout it but mama got that fake ass pad whip

  24. Oh my gosh you people really wicked i was right there mamma was not even the one fighting it was the girl that always wit her and she done the girl so talk di things but say the truth

    1. True true fight did gwan with momma dem but it’s was her family fighting an yesss she did done the gal fi real BIG UP momma n har family dem bad fi true

  25. lawks dem rush di haitian mama no sah…one ting she big and trang so me no believe say dem put har pan the grung. no sah lol

  26. Ppl’s some a we nuh know these ppl by names… Suh plz use pic # and names.. Plz and tonks…. Anyways pic# 9 pleaseeeeee don’t wear shorts or anything short…. Maybe the gym is where u need to be instead of party (wondering if all that standing in a pawty causes those varicose veins) :cool

  27. Ppl’s some a we nuh know these ppl by names… Suh plz use pic # and names.. Plz and tonks…. Anyways pic# 9 pleaseeeeee don’t wear shorts or anything short…. Maybe the gym is where u need to be instead of party (wondering if all that standing in a pawty causes those varicose veins) :cool

  28. Stop chat bout they don’t bother no body dem hoes are jealous end of story and if mi did go to them face dem nah gonna go shit trust mi know this for true dem is big punks . Ny Nicky did make me a believer crawny and all

  29. Me was right there mama not fight the other girl did she mash up the Girl speak the truth I was right there mama family beat that girl

  30. Let’s not bring ny Nikki in this she went to ppl house to fight where ppl have their kids so disrespectful anyone that come to someone house to fight with their kids living there it’s ridiculous a real parent never allow drama around their children

  31. can’t say too much bad things about the pics….tyesh is actually a pretty girl, mam sandals in the black and red are hot, and tia quality actually looks good for a chance…

  32. U know I really want to see this everyone is saying dem nah do nothing but no one ever tried for real but personally I like momma n dem but Saturday yeah momma family give that gal the works mi nah lie di Haitian gal too pretty to fight like that she unleash pon har mi feel bad. Momma y’all nice n pretty no need to fight like this if real

    1. Yes same thing mi say dem too nice n pretty for that . Just leave it alone stay nice like y’all are don’t let no one draw u out

    1. so who dem fight cause all now we no know who dem fight.. it muss me a nobaddie cause if a bad gal dat war wouldn’t done yet..

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