A Bulawayo man who was dragged to court by his estranged pregnant wife for the upkeep of his two-year-old child and their unborn baby, shocked the court when he revealed that he once caught his wife red-handed sleeping with his grandfather in their matrimonial home.

Sifelani Maseko told the court: “I caught this woman sleeping with my grandfather. It was the main reason she left the house and put up in her family’s house.”

“If only the child was staying with me, I could be providing but now that I am unemployed there is nothing I can do because someone is also taking care of me. I can only pay $10 monthly.”

In reply, the wife, Patience Sibanda said Maseko was “lying”. She never slept with his grandfather.

She said: “I have failed to live with this man as he was abusive and did not cater for our needs as his family.”

“I’ve since moved back with my parents and need him to pay $125 so that I also prepare for our second child who will be born soon.”

Magistrate Mutshina ordered Maseko to go and rethink about how much he would offer to cater for the welfare of the child.

Magistrate Mutshina said: “surely you cannot offer $10 for your child, rather go out and think about how much you will give your child.”

A few hours later, Maseko returned to the court on his own claiming that his pregnant wife had given up.

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