YG tief ex YG member car and sell it and a bring badness to it…

Bryan gi Versii_donDadda car fi keep fi him inna him backyard till him ready fi it and Versii_donDadda tief him car n sell it just like how him rob up him money from the back ice dance and come a bring badness to him. Cause YG bruk n hungry. All a dem did in on it. Junior Johnson, rasta_bristish and versii_donDadda sell the man car and share up the money and malice Bryan ova him own car cause him a talk. The two breda dem Deh pon fb a throw word bout fren n loyalty. Nd a the two a dem versii_donDadda n rasta_british sell the boy car cause dem hungry! Rasta_british him love bad up him self n cuss like a big p**y gal n delete Bryan baby mada n him woman afta him page.
So Philly ppl come speak justice!




  1. Very different you should see how them act in dance None of them like each other dem talk about each other sneak around with the da same men can’t trust them

    1. I partied with them years back and no man, they really are different. I’ll stay in the concrete jungle. :nerd

  2. Philly ppl dem really different. my goodas! I don’t know how dem dweet at all. and most a di man dem behave like woman so u don’t know who is who. smh

  3. Bryan need fi f**k up dem. Dem wasn’t him real friends. Real friends don’t do shit like that. Bryan I hope you learn your lesson.

  4. That’s not true I saw Bryan this weekend @ mgee party he was in his white Bmw so wen did they sell it Sunday?

  5. That’s not true I saw Bryan this weekend @ mgee party he was in his white Bmw so wen did they sell it Sunday?

  6. Rasta_british nuh stop walk and tlk shit about bryan nd luckie Cause luckie did a try fi f*k,f**kyf**ky tyesh him bex wid luckie and nuh chat to him, but Bryan a fool him fi war dem dem ,

  7. But wait…rasta British nuh deh with rich girl munchy showtime? And junior nuh deh with cheeta….weh mire favor hyena. How unu fi deal with unu friend suh? And then turn round a try bad up di yute? Di way how unu woman dem can gwaan like dem rich unu nuh supposed to short a nuttin. My yute since dem waa chuck badness,let the law handle them. First of all who signed your name to have the car signed over to the new owner? That fraud!!

  8. Bryan real big man ting. Yuh need fi dun dem little boy dem. Dem wasn’t your friend from the jump. YG boys dem nuh touch road like that no more. Dem boys a very shady when it comes to friend. That is why dem nuh really have none. But question sender ” how dem sell Bryan car with out Bryan? Any way Dem wasn’t Bryan real friend. Dem a Facebook bad man.

  9. That bmw that Bryan drive belongs to him babymada Teresa but cause him redeye the yg yute dem cause dem drive bmw. Him park him Maxima a some garage till dem end up selling it.mi nuh sorry fi him.him love the hype and look what it got him.

  10. Unnuh really idle bad why Unnuh keep putting up these waste man tiesh stop put the people them on pink wall bout man vex wid man over you,u look like Chucky no rass

  11. Bryan yankee baby mada haffi sen dis ah Sherine di one nuhbody nuh like. she nuh like nuh of dem and she wan find one way fi sweet up to him. the duppy bat nuh even kno seh ah Theresa car him drive. she so nuff and alwayz inna people dem business. Bryan is no saint either so if unno ago point finga mek sure unno chat di tings dem him always a beg pussy inna Stewdio pon sundayz. Bryan lukie Rasta Jr Verssi Shawn Kc and di rest of di yg clown crew ah fake ana fraud dem broke pockets cyaan heven manage dem own lifestyle better yet di idiot ooman dem a f**k and hide. Jr don allow di bwoy kc fi lose everyting wid di gun case dem haf togetha Informant dem sey him stay a court fi di yout from Delaware cause di mon f**k him baby mada. Granny a breed fi KC but his oman her cous Savan both a breed fi KC or is di pitni for Veachy young bwoy Rob who ah live LA ana Granny is for JR mattress spring she ah tun. DAT IS WHY JR Don bex wid Kc an Granny cus she did ah go look fi him wen dem ago sit ah prison last yr. Unno nuh see Verssi a breed up one of di gyal from Stewdio and Delaware. Dem bwoy yah lose an is ah joke. Di big mon dem par wid ah worst most of dem A Spain mon who tun pussy mon BURGER KERON FADA GREG SHORTMON Five ALL DEM MEN yah a chat bare shit wen dem a play ball bout who dem a f**k an a style di young bwoy neatly…

  12. So what if him wah drive him babamother car. Dem nah f**k? Cus o sure know they are. The fact still remain is so what if Bryan put down him max and wah drive BMW a fi him business. They don’t have the right to sell is cAr. And the only 1 out of the YG crew weh have BMW is Vesi Don. Dem f**g wicked if dem sell him Max. Dem to f**g bright.

  13. Brian too f***ng worthless him park up the old car inna the ute back yaad fi bout 2year the ute park in it pan d road n the countyy towit

  14. But really though how much could they sell a 97 maxima for plus how could that money be split when they wearing all those expensive clothes shoes belt car etc it don’t add up I thought they work??

  15. Here’s the real story…Versi was driving a BmW and the engine give out pon him. Bryan have a maxima, but he mostly drives his baby mother bMw. Anyways, versi don’t have a car to go back & fourth to work so Bryan told him that he can use the car. Versi needed to switch over registration and other things, so Bryan signed the car over to versi( not thinking the bruk pocket bwoy was gonna do some snake shit). Versi needed some money for some child support thing and his only option was to sell the car. Ciroc (rasta British) and junior was all on board fi Versi sell the car. All of a sudden every body start malice Bryan because him go ball field and tell the man dem seh Versi sell him car. In regards to Luckie, when YG kept black ice back in December all of them put money towards the dance (Versi, ciroc, Luckie, junior and Bryan) all now Luckie nuh see a dollar. Luckie & Bryan stop flex wid the rest of them and because them a behave like some big pussy gal, dem stop chat to Luckie and Bryan.
    Ciroc claim seh him neva f**k munchy and don’t want munchy, because her mouth have a Likkle stench. He also claims that Tyesh a him fren and them Neva f**k yet. Don’t believe shit weh him seh.

    The hype a get to them head now and a the eediat gyal dem a Philly a mek dem “famous”. Ciroc is a little boy, barely outta high school and he lives with his mother. Don’t let the BMW weh them a drive fool unnu. Because I know each of them personally and they are broke. They might have a few change in their pockets, but that’s it. Them bank account empty!!! They are handsome men(except junior and Luckie) but they can’t do shit for ya’ll…trust me!!!

    1. JrDon and Zulieka were happily in like di whole of last summer where did that go? Zulika please go find a ole man and stop be a mattress fi all di man dem when dem a come home drunk from Party late at night them stop ah you yawd. Start collect Zulikea cause 3 pickni and no daddy doh look good.. It seems like you and Veachie dem be loving the crew unuh affie sleep wid a fren of ur fren man. Yuck. Here goes some a di crew unuh done so far Chad Pearl Eric, Donte+Jigga, Burgs+Fatman, Skilly+ Max, Dadda Carlos Keino, Now Jr don, Ciroc, Versii ,Bryan. Every man veachy and Munchie sleep wid ina a crew and Zulika just jump pon di fren. Unuh fi do betta.

  16. Mi rass that bitch wey just give that long ass statment don’t know one rass ….it seem like Bryan a pay u fi talk … Tell Bryan to cum clean and talk sey a cheap him cheap y versi get reed of the old car him a talk like the car. worth 350 !!! Mi past the piece of junk over versi yard !!with Grass all over it … And please tell mi y granny a breed fi kc don’t a Jr. Don she a f**k now for while .please kmt Jr. Don f**k like dog and still him dum bitch a pose like she cute …an now sey the buoy just a play har …granny u nasty no bloodclath…but the man wey breed u worst

    1. Is which Granny unuha talk? Carol Daughta/Kiddie Container sis in law?Di one weh use to teck all a di brukk boy ina party? No wah day she did a dead ova Conn? Connn breed Kaydian Burgs stop chat to Conn cause him did a wife up Kaydian and now Conn start stay home. Lmao Granny Please to stop dressing naked as if youre selling ChickenBack cause you body crawny bad wid all them Tatoo plus you look malnourished.

  17. Bryan and luckie sey the way rasta British beat Tyesh them cry fi har cause him nuh have no mercy when a beat har…..Bryan sey him watch him beat har in her kitchen with board because she dress naked go par

  18. But mi hear seh Bryan breed a next gyal in deh wid fi over two year now and even a drive up fi ar car a ball field

  19. Bryon have a woman name Lexi over 2 years now mi always a watch di gyal post mi see him a come out wid ar a bring ar a ball field and love talk bout ar

  20. Bryana breed a next gyal name kerryanne a two gyal again him breed this is a cycle mi here seh him him use out him baby madda fi at car and money she give him wah him want as long as him f**k ar ugly johncrow

  21. Whick J.r or Don ya chat about?? The one that just had a party not too long ago????If so, someone need to speak clearly so everyone can know how wicked this bwoy is!!

  22. I’m confused Bryan live off his babymothers it look like the name pussy Rasta bwoy just breed gyal Fi them tek care a him tru him have lil looks him f**k pay ugly gal and tek them money

  23. I know for a fact JR Don are whatever him name u never see him and the next two brother them a road look certain way long time me don’t see yg why them a run twin white and Bryan name the most pussy and then still in road

  24. NOBODY in Philly look good. They all look crawny as hell. None a dem carry themselves well, idk what they favor. none of them have ambition. All they do is party Sunday to Sunday. Philly is one place I can’t STAND.

  25. But how unno nah chat bout how Dhq Crystal a f**k Bryan,Zan Kartel, Bevon, and Outlaw pon the low.Plus she get money and a free car ride.The poor young youth she a tie from NYC a tek picture with the in dem web a f*** him so called everybody gal. Philly girls are different,same cocky sharing whores and niggas.

  26. Kc don’t have anything to do with what’s going on in yg kc bin on house arrest for almost one year now

  27. Why is cheetah in yall argument she don’t even live a Philly. Leave the girl alone all them bitch mad cause Jr don don’t claim none of them.. The girl have her shit together yall love mix up ppl name in bullshit.. Granny an who else is just a f**k them don’t get claim no ring him dont even post pictures of none of them bitches.. If you see his Facebook he post pictures of cheetah so thats the only person that matters an his kids.. Dancehall ppl mix up I don’t care if them bitches f**k him that’s all they is just a f**k.. Granny mad cause him nah left cheetah look from wen they been together.

  28. Every body know sey granny f**n ugly that bitch can’t dress to save Her life an she swear she can do hair her sister don’t know how to tell her the truth.. Every body know sey kiddie a give her bun kiddie suck my fren pussy

  29. Every body know sey granny f** ugly that bitch can’t dress to save Her life an she swear she can do hair her sister don’t know how to tell her the truth.. Every body know sey kiddie a give her bun kiddie suck my fren pussy

  30. Rasta_british love suck pussy fi a little boy him suh young and suck pussy suh ,rasta British love beat woma, verssi tall shit pon him fb

  31. Munchy buy rasta_british new car nd she drive wid fake insurance, munchy memba seh all now yu fake husband nuh give yu de GREENCARD yet suh yu betta gwan save yu dutty money cuz yu going to need it,all de sista a dem do his work voodoo pon ppl dem boy Pinckney fi stay wid dem munchy all mind yu mind rasta_british him still give yu bun Cuz every weekend him Inna Studio 7 Inna nxt gal face and him always go home wid one a dem philly gal dem dutty bad

  32. The way uno live Pon the boy them a hurt uno hurt them nuh f**k uno smh max talk it sey munchy a crosses and anything she do fi ppl she talkabout it so I dnt why rasta British mix him self and chat to she mi sit and hear munchy talk sey a she mind him and him cah leave har munchy walk around and show ppl his dick and him inna har bed poor soul rasta leave while can stick to you baby mother

  33. Rasta British sey munchy dutty and wah clean who inspire Tyesh to wear that color never look good Tyesh friendly stop wear those color lipstick it dnt fit you n you makeup dnt look good

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