Please Donate your yah wear n lef cloths/shoes/underwear/purse/toddler boy 2t fi dis gyal KERRY HARRISON. If u ah wear ah next ooman owl broke n ah tek har mon pon dah side u just turn yr self inna har garbage can fi tek up har trash. Gyal like dem cyann chat up no time.

Dutty Nasty Low life careless 20 yr owl gyal Bleach out Kerry, Yah walk n say yah Christian wat kinda Christian ah u fi hind n f** n suck off dah married mon cockie fi likes n bleach cream fi try look brown like dah mon pretty n clean wife. Kerry wen dah mon wife com u run n hind like dah Dutty rats whey n dah Guly till dah mon wife gonn. Ah sah u wan live. Kerry u need fi go kill yah self fi teffn som of dah mon wife owl wear n lef cloths shoes n baggie Dutty ppl like u nah hv no shame all pon Facebook yah ah post picture wt dah ooman red brazier black dress old slippers bath suite n shorts. Look like yah happy fi dah owl tings dem yah ah wear. Tanya need fi kick yu inna yah Dutty p((y n put bleach inna yah mouth n hole. Mi knw shi didn’t raise u fi wear next ooman brazier n baggie dat dem wear. Mi wan knw how yu really feel fi wear dah ooman owl tings n nah think it nah com out. Yu hv no class My girl not every mon u suck dem cockie.

Vanity n likes turn yu inna idiot n model like ah shop u ah shop. 20 yr owl gyal like yu need fi stop walk round wt yur p(((y pon yur forehead stinkn up dah community. Go look ah job n help Yur family get a place so 6 of unno cyann cum otta dah nasty room wt 1 mattress n go live comfortable. Gyal go clean up ur likkle bradda n sista n help out while Tanya work. Go tek care yur boy pickney first b4 yu mek ah mon who hav him wife n kids mash u up ah road. Ramir need much care n love dah yute wan bath lotion powder up n smile sweet. Go look ah mon fi yur self n mek yur son proud of u. Yah vex cus u n yah baby fadda deh fi yrs n him nah marry u, n him nah wan u u so u wan mash up dah ppl dem relationship.


  1. Sender!!!!! Mi see that you are hell bent in defending this “Cockie” for the wife. Even though mi stop read when I came across Owl* and hind*. A hope a soh di wife go hard for your back to school supplies. :beer: :ultah

  2. Sender how classless of you bringing the lady son, brother,and sister in your community cocky feelings…You need a proper beating with a English dictionary…Sound as if you wanted some of the old clothes…please crawl back in the hole you crawled
    out of…Girl bye

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