Good Morning Metty,

Don’t know how this yah sus nuh reach yuh yet…

2 Thursday nights ago big rahtid fight bruk out at Steve’s Lounge during freshcash round robin…Hear ya now..

Veachy is the banker fi di round robin and when it was time to pay the people dem (Monty & Deniesha) veachy decide to give di people dem $700 outta di $2800.00 weh dem fi get. Veachy tell di girl seh that Monty bredda don’t pay him pardna in 6 weeks so that’s why she short change Monty and deniesha. (Di bredda have a hand fi himself and so does Mont & Deniesha) Afta Monty and deniesha confront veachy, veachy sista munchy and bredda in law omar (Maine & Tia baby father) run to veachy defense and start throw lick. Monty did a beat ra*s sh*t outta omar, then quick quick quick mi see munchy and veachy jump inna di fight. Wukaman and him fren dem bruk up di war, but mi a hear seh it nuh done because allllll now di people dem nuh get the rest a dem money. Round robin keep last week and mi nuh see or hear bout no war but mi a wonder wah ago happen this week.

Veachy and har sista did come out last week with di moggela crew(mussi dem bodyguard). Yuh know dem mussi a walk round a think seh dem big bad and brave, but from what I hear and know, Monty a nuh somebody fi tek lightly or to f**k wid. Mi wah somebody f**k up veachy and har sista. Dem a gwaan too hype.

BTW di people dem inna the round robin stupid, because mi couldn’t trust veachy wid $5 much less $2800.00 Dem a must fool and duppy bat.


  1. So wait why she never use har big bitch friend zulleka as the body guard, from the other day i dont see them together wha dem a nuh friend again

    1. I wouldn’t doubt Zuly and Veachy vex cause Zully and Kay cool so Veachy ago really wah no if a ova windy meck Kay vex veachy. Are you. Dumb?? Di gal fi carry news to you pon ur family?? You did been. Know Windy buddy Neva loyal from Shanna, tassy and veachy was them fren too

      1. Kay fi a gal weh can Wine and love bare as you dare.. How come you always a Mate and a war ova Man?? Girl give it up and go find a old Man .. You a waste all dem winding skill dem pan brukk Man and a get bare disrespect.. Black Boy diss you and now you meck down sydrome looking Windy diss you too.. Girl get it together and stop waste you skills pon bruckkk f**k boys.

  2. Before we go any further——– me wah know if me eyes a deceive me is breed Munchie gone breed fi di lickel fake Rasta bwoy who married and live a yard wid him wife?? And also a sleep wild Tyesh?? Ambition really gone to the dogs.. Munch you you really gone back in a ur Madda house wid belly? done over crowded already wid coca and her baby now u and fi u own plus belly?? You remind me a Dolly from Ny, unuh cah leave the nest… Veachy spend up di ppl me moneybuy clothes and Dr Fisher pills.she wah hot like har fren Kelly to

  3. Wow this some wicked shit rite here ppl work so hard fi dem money this some f**kery but she have hers coming to har

  4. Smh this is why I save my money. If this is true, veachy you need to pay back the people dem. People work very hard to pay their bills and I know of people that work overtime and have 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet and pay their pardna. Every other week someone fighting them one another is this how unuh really plan fi go into unuh 40’s and 50’s? Same shit diffrent day.

  5. Omar and veachy split the money it was planned months ago. Omar share went to tia back rent.mi hear kay talk say tia went in omar phone and see tyesh sending him naked pics,tia and him fight and mash up the house landlord say tia have to fix the door

  6. Due to how essi windy n long mouth chantel,she a la this really crszy…then somebody cudda really a fight over windy according to me friend him buddy naa ‘ve no use n him cum Inna min..n omg him woman did stay real bad a d round robin ..c him a eyes fresh meat smh PHILLY gal them a real old house tpc..

  7. Senda send een di munchie wey a breed fi di ppl dem husband tory please an tonks cause mi cyaaah believe seh how much camera phone an not even one pic a di bangarangs wey gwan a dis pawty???

    1. Veachy big Sister Munchy weh love hide and teck di young boy dem and Gwan like she and all a dem a fren.. Ruffling a gwann Ina me best Beenie man voice You no see Max run left har so she a teck all a di young dancehall Boy dem No big Man nah look pan har cause dem. Done run up Ina har from Germantown High Days.. Min hey you wutliss bad

  8. Unu no see chanell a snap Wid veachy and windy all weekend in California. The people round Robin money and the borrow dance money them spending out in California. Pay back the people them hard work money and unu stop splurge with people money.

  9. Someone going to end up in the hospital and someone in jail unu too wicked but mi can’t believe anyone trust dem ugly sista with dem money dem look like thief

  10. Them have to thief cause them broke like dog ,channel have to be working doubles everyday to take care of windy. Channel you trying so hard to be apples but it naw work boo , naw work at all.veachy girl wear u size please and thonks

  11. All when you gal Veachy thief the ppl dem money you still naw look good ole wicked a say when unno day come all hell bruk lose

  12. Veachy is ugly and think she is cute,bitch bye bcs you is far from cute with your lumpy lumpy cornmeal porridge that been Sitting for Hours and Chanel u look like a perfect battyman Mrs Tranny u don’t look Good.U look like u a Struggle fi keep up with high end fashion that does not Suite You Tranny,Girl bye and take Several Seat backwards with your big black Ugly Crusty Man.U all need to Roll into a barrel!!!!!

  13. Veachy where the house money like u thief that too and still dont look good give the people them there money

  14. veachy gal philly that bad u start thief people money that nah look good my gal give them people them money gal i hear them people is not to f**k with

  15. Munchy u stay bad how u come out with Gucci and ur child look a mess see why u back in de full house give Gucci ur rent money

  16. Like mother like daughter Munchy mother Paulette a thief and that were her kids them get it from.when Munchy was in fight school she f**k the hole soccer team the hole a Philadelphia f**k all of them.

  17. Veachy and munchy ah long time thief dem since levels round robin nuttin new anytime dem Inna it f**kery ah gwaan

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