8 thoughts on “ROBBAS AND GQ HOLD DIS

  1. Nothing crazy decent car but it’s like a BMW and Audi prices on them is nothing crazy. Robbas dem jus frightened Friday as long has it got a name them hype. GQ go look yuh own hype u sponge to much sponge bob. U cock up pon Daffy car like yuh a screw him too kmt unnu a sample

  2. Oh noooooooooo Robbie why are they doing that….. :nerd Yow Dem dancehall ppl here a di boasyest bruk dem mi eva come cross :rolleyes: no man! dem tek tings pan Oda levels. Sir/mam yuh look Trang doe tanupping beside dat cheap car mi naaaaaa lie…. Robbie yuh cuming like di person wey we cyaaah figure out him genda….mi nuh wey fi place yuh @ times.

  3. Robbas u look wash up.
    That big office bag u brought to jaydon party like a you ago count off the bar and you got your stock books inside that bag.

    Robbas that dressing nuh meck it.
    The coloured shoes didn’t do anything for your dress you just look tired and boring.

    Robbas so much birkin bag and no house??
    Who unno really think unno a fool with unno fake stuff.??

    Robbas you just credit a used Benz ,not a brand new Benz, a used Benz, and you a hype and call yourself hot gal.

    You should be ashamed to post up used Benz and you a celebrity.
    Sorry i forget thieves don’t have any shame they are parasites

  4. Dwight because you are a confused freak mi ago low yuh .
    But Dwight a full time now you step out inna yuh maxi dress and a long blonde wig and one of robbas ,pumps and one of robbas made in China birkin bag or step out inna yuh batty rider and yuh belly skin blouse and yuh high boots and show us what a real bitch look likes.

    Dwight when u going to buy a house and let we the people see that you know real money ?? And real brand

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