Shabba and all his ladies was out for Jigga party. Shabba wife nikki (with Afro) and baby ma Alisa (red hair) both come out in nekkid cheap cloths they sellin and stand in front of each otha all nite like ediot. Both sell clothes but nikki leadin her and shabba have new club in north Philly but she cant stop none of mate from come in there. It’s the party venue now a Philly since nifigi close. And Marlo in leather dress a the sweetheart that funded all these new biz but he drop her now her money dun she dont have nothing to show for money. She did do surgery so she say but u can’t see it and buy old truck. Marlo and her daughta the reason shabba get a gun kunk weh day and she still carry news to all shabba friends true he leff he

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  1. Alli tek de one yah,, she a lead. dats y she could put up flip gram a sah she look good in r selfie ” click click click” u look betta dan u matie dwl Mi like it

  2. uno boring bad lol.who the f**k would really waste them time on stinking mouth shabba. Yall should be ashamed of yall self. And nasty alli yuh look stink wit ur nasty shakey body ewwwwwww yuck

  3. Meah would like fi know if a breed blackie a breed again, and who’s man breed har.. First and second is people man she breed rah.. I would like to know the fadda for the unborn ..! Smh.

    1. Where is Blackie in these pics? Is she relevant for this post? What you wanna know os if ur mon breed har? Ask him if he breed Blackie or ask Blackie yourself since you want to know so damn bad. This post is about Shabba and him one bag ah gyal dem. Stick to the topic. Crosses

  4. Dem both plan fi wear no panty? Ewww! Who club is it shabba or Nikki? Dem get all di dance tho dem a mad the mawga dread. Marlo jus give up di money n get leff smh Gwan Shabba if dem waan Mek u nam food n dem waan look like ediot over you take it. Although dem have u kids still juss glad dem all can get along. N nikki look betta she slim dung nice. Alisa look sloppy n Marlo no Mek it to race

    1. Oh please Marlo the cutest out if all a dem dem two other bitches can’t walk in Marlo shoe y’all bitches so f**king mad y’all talking shit bout a old truck and I bet y’all can’t even buy a 2008 x6 go sit you ugly ass somewhere this story is so senseless unno boring like get a life gosh

      1. Marlo only have one bag a weave but her face ugly and old like. But she is still prettier than these too but her body frig up! All surgery weh she do never do nothing fi her. And pretty no help the fact that she whore out in dancehall every man breed her, use her and dump that. She buy ole car yes, she shoulda buy house n her own biz instead of fund dem and she and he kids still broke. She still drive bus? Marlo you ole and dumm.

    2. Ole nastiness top chat cause the gal buy har house so get you facts in order bitch and a bet you can’t even afford the car she have go Sidung with you pop down body bout you talking bout somebody body it sound like you mad cause you can’t afford surgery fi you lumpy lumpy body bye bitch

      1. Marlo boo we born pretty we no need surgery but once i get to dem big ooman age like you and carry 5 pickney fi 5 different man all in same dance I will run get surgery. All with surgery your body lumpy n lopsided…dont look good go to proper shop stop be cheap! Girl me have house and new car long time fom working, my biz and my good up longtime man, not a lawsuit boo. No need to cuss me cuz mi nah tek your men dem! DWL! Dem crosses couldnt touch dis body please go war with your mate dem. You could never look like me,

  5. I thought they say dem man a Philiy is not many out there and thus the reason for all these women sharing one man. It’s sad that he used the one girl to open up his clubs and now that the money run out her wants to be a good man to him women until the next chick come around! Sad

  6. Mi notice seh big body veacy nasty big black rough looking ugly munchy and tuff zully stop go a dance lol. Dem need fi stay home cause wen Dem go a di ppl Dem dance, dem alone tek up di whole dance floor cah dem huge nuh rassclaat ctfu.

    1. Dem big dusty goons! Nifigi lock so dem dunnn like Nifigi! Dem can get in Nifigi free cuz di owna a crosses and true dem kiss his ass and fake praise him he will let dem cum salt up his place. nobody else waan dem big crusty bear in they place. Years of partying and dem still dont have shit. Not even a propa man. Big promota like dem caan support no party. Show dutty time! Show ova!

  7. Alissa sad to come run in the rat race with Marlo and Nikki cause she have baby same time as the wife and Shabba don’t see her. She ever a force herself up in man way. Nikki he diss you up all the while by running around with Marlo but at least you get club out your mate money and you sell cloths. Alissa sad to even get back involve. And Marlo well you got what everybody told you was coming.

  8. Stay bad Nikki obeah gal nikki y is u showing ass like u got it it full Ah injection yuh life sad n stop look attention u don’t look good

  9. nasty sloppy body alli man dun pon yuh; Yuh ugly big bitch. U a come a dance half naked and yuh nuh have the body for it. Leave that to clean smooth skin ppl stay bad gyal. Yuh need FI stop f**k FI free and get a car u nuh tired FI catch septa bitch.

  10. Marlo fava some marbles and hard dough bread stuffed in a garbage bag. Your body doont ready please stop tell people bout they lumps. From your shoulders down to the drop batty you buy full of rolls. Nikki and Alisa body beat you bad thats why shabba run back there.
    And the dress look better last year when you wear it so weh di surgery deh? Shabba ina new clothes and you gon back to last year before di money. Sadd. Even your friends say you spend off money on di moggela n have nothing to show for it.

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