1. Blessed morning jmg…… Dis look like a OJ style murder……him look like a fairly big dude suh I wud expect him to put up a serious fight……wen 1 attacker kill 2 ppl wid a knife it’s always a likkle puzzling not impossible but still…….R.I.P

    1. The news did not say they were attacked by one person, furthermore, their 2 vehicles were stolen, so its not possible for one person to steal both vehicles at the same time.

  2. tHe said that she went downstair and was pounced upon by three men and was ordered back upstairs to where Splicer was sleeping.
    This is what I want to know its an apartment that they live in yea!!!!!! gated community at that Lea’s flat so yuh a tell mi nuhbaddie nuh see har hear come on man. Yes the man nuh innocent and all that but the kids, will need some serious counselling and trauma therapy cah dem scar fi life enuh. This is just sad.
    Most time these ppl in mix up wrong doings and don’t even think about they kids, all dem wanna do is go show off in dancehall. I really hope her sister takes dem and be a tower of strength for these boys and guide dem down the right path.

  3. I’m wondering if it was a deal gone bad. That area is very quiet and its a residential area therefore shooting them would have caused alarm. I believe they knew the killers and I think there must have been more than one people who were involved in the killing. God bless and guide those poor kids cover them under you blood. The heart of men as gone very cold

  4. the newspaper said it was reprisal for the shooting of 2 kids on heroes’ day in fletcher’s land. It seems he was a part of the presidential Click and was good friends with Dudus. what is sad is that the perpetrators let victim kids watched as they killed their parents.

    1. Oh my goodness!!! I hope that didn’t happen because there are no words to describe a person like that..I will say a prayer for those children right now because that is beyond traumatic…

    2. The Newspaper said no such thing! The 15 & 7 year old was apparent shot my the lover (another Teenager) of the 15-year old, who wanted to end the relationship. The killing of these two adults had nothing to do with that incident. BTW, the now have a “warrant” out for the person who did the shooting of the two children.

      1. Exactly!. One 15 yr old girl, 15 year old boy and 7 year old girl, sister of the 15 yr female. Love triangle.

  5. You know a lot of these killing always a gwan with couple being killed captain Barkley is a prime example….they looking cut together I think some send people find kill these to out of jealous and had the cars be stolen to make it seems as if it’s a robbery only a dummy would look at this and say it’s a robbery whoever did this knew exactly what they were doing. So sorry they both gone too soon they are and still had a whole lot to live for. Damn shame on the people dem who did this…don’t know these people but I hate hate these killings

  6. Well assuming the filthy pigs did it in front of the kids I wonder how old the kids are because they could help in the investigation.

  7. Even though he was a member of the presidential click he waß a bsweet and gentle soul with a very very good heart I cried my heart out but karma is a bitch fi dem day soon xome.

  8. That’s why i willl always be a paranoid chick..nu care what nobody want say..these ppl weren’t killed by strangers. Trust no one!

  9. Yeah right Nicole..badman battyman was a sweet and gentle soul..Karma reach is ass.you must be a man why you are crying out your heart..these people used to act like they were the shit when they use to go to Quad…humblest calf sucks the most milk..not the most dick

  10. Well, dis killing goes to show dat living in a gated community is no protection, just an illusion of safety. Must be someone who knew they did not have an alarm system in place, or the code to it. Feel it for the children.

  11. I know him… Use to be so afraid of him back in the days…I swear he lost his sister in the renato Adams lock down in tivoli…plus him name get call on a female murder already…

  12. wicked boy dat in him days god dont even want see him rip tanya may u soul rest in peace ur a nice and beautiful girl just mix with the wrong people tru vanity and hype

  13. I feel very sorry for the young Lady (RIP) and the kids mercy dear Lord keep the kids safe.. But with all this money they say he have he did not help his mom and sisters. The only person I see him helped was his is little BROTHER. A lot of people in west Kingston know I am not ling HE has taken a lot of lives… Why these people on this page ling about he was good person like MAD HEAD said “WICKED BOY” she is not LING.. I don’t wish death no one but I cant say I feel sad for HIM but i do feel sad for his family because he was someones child… I feel sad for the young LADY her family AND THE KIDS I will keep their family in my prayer ..

  14. Well well well this is no deal gone wrong this is a kill fi kill… Splicer is from garden and him kill one of his garden members name oniel few yrs bAck according to tivoli ppl dem so dis a kill fi kill story argument done!

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