0 thoughts on “PICK UP ON CORNER 4

  1. Mr u get fck a next snow storm on the way . To get put out this winter very bad hurry up & get shelter snow snow .

  2. Oh my my she too good oooo
    But baby girl if he’s been living there for over months getting mail n all dat shit ur ass can get locked up for illegal eviction b careful
    But unnu dutty man a so woman fi do some a unnu more time man!!! Lmaoooooo but come to think about it him in luck cause street cleaning has been suspended lolllllllll woooooooiiiiiieeeeeeeee

    1. Yu too good! lololllllllllllll————————-

      A NYC? Me tell Jamaicans don’t phuck wid who dem live wid a winter time cause we look fi evict when snow fall….lolollllllllllllll

  3. Deadddddddddddddddd. ….Di title a kill mi. Is like mi inna di supermarket and hear over the intercom. ..clean up on aisle 4.My youth u corna dark.

  4. dwrcl!!!

    dah one yah sweet mi to claat loool

    no sah, eye wata a run like riva dung mi face lool, diss funny bad

    good day met and metters

    1. Lundun hold on deh because it may be a promotion stunt u know mi go pan frassman instagram and neva see nothing a gwaann..dis pic did look suspect

  5. To how mi see d camouflage jacket inna d snow, him a mussi soldier. Well dem will give him shelter at d base. LOL. But what a winter him choose fi act up, when we have for snow storms back to back. WELL

  6. Fling out all cheaters whether winter summer autumn or spring..I also did the damn thing! wid no regrets bakka dat. You will find better

  7. have mercy lol him get put the f**k out……………………………………………….. why them love put out ppl in the snow thou that why it good to have a job

  8. This is too funny but men will be men he will find another woman’s house to cotch ..why some man can never have their owna tings always a live wit a woman

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