One video ago round with some youth n dem a seh the youth them a fish… yesterday big mix up start one youth inah one group name Ben add a batty boy…. name ackeem n ackeem n Ben inah the batty boy video weh ago round . Anyways ackeem add a next batty man inah the group n.the boy a gwan like gal him send one p*** n seh him horny but the p**y weh him send the gal inah the group n a fi r p***y him send . So them a war ova p***y till batty come In play. . But anyways Ben royal know seh ackeem a batty man n ago send hood inah group n ackeem respond n seh ben how u full a hood suh tell me know how this look to u ackeem bus n seh ben a fish n ben respond was being a fish ain’t no crime …. why ben send him hood knowing fish inah the group ben.royal a batty boy fi tru.. i have part 2,3,4.coming cause couple more ppl a get bus


  1. Don’t under this message, I need a irrelevant clarification admin.

    Met from the day when foxy cuss off the people dem, saying them illiterate, I don’t see any post from her. Have you ?

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