Miss sex craved air head you are 40 lady set example for your kids you have two daughters and two sons. All u do I post on fb about u f***g ,sucking and smoking weed. Girl you’re beautiful but bwoy u head empty. Michelle I know u well a d I know your life ain’t perfect u mash up English and him wife and breed I remember when him lef u when u did a breed wid bella and u had to go sleep on you little sister floor a East Hartford . U no member how u used to sell f**k and f**k only dr*gs man. Michelle u ever hold a permanent job yet? I was close to you but from u ask mi fi f**k English mi cut u off as u a dog all deh pon u mind a f**k. All u have a man give u If English no sh*t u no niam. I rate u pon a level but put down the social media thing with u s*x life be a freak fi u man everybody no haffi know weh u and u man a do. All the one marvia weh did a f**k the man and him wife and dash weh the belly weh she ketch boy two f**y f**y sister. Earnie f**k she and har friend Natasha and lef dem. The only one weh independent is Nadette she have har career and di har thing. But big up same way Marvia u real to the bone u a do u schooling michelle a cookie washy f**y. A nuff time u bawl to me michelle English no ramp fi f**k off u friend them all the one from Jamaica lol u life sad!!


52 thoughts on “TOO MUCH FOR FACEBOOK

  1. This person was obviously ur friend…she loose yes, but u wicked bad. Michelle please come tell wi a which friend dis so we can stay far and while u at it clean up ur dutty ways so nobody can embarrass u again.

  2. Never know she had 2 sons too. Where are they? It’s just sad how she involves her girls in the slackness and dem already act like dem grown. But she said it on a video that she was sidechick turned wifey but I didn’t know she mash up English marriage. I thought he just a had a main chick and Michelle was on the side. No wonder she gotta be a freak for him . WHAT YUH TEK TO GET HIM IS WHAT YUH HAVE TO USE TO KEEP HIM. And she know she have mate out a road that’s why she dash up her sex life on FB like she trying to banton someone . Woiiieee it is here. She said she had a 5sum. Dwl. Dear Jesus look down. Michelle why yuh always high? Is it to numb the pain?

  3. Wow. Former friend come dash out! For most people, it would be easy to narrow down who send this is in. But because Michelle is so fake and befriend everybody, who to tell. She begs every girl to sleep with she and her husband so it could be anyone.

  4. Morning met,nuh respect mi love u n the wall. Met u ever wonder bout these so call friends? Love come Tell it as soon the friendship tek a turn no loyalty shit House them.that’s y my kid’s a my friend

  5. she is a vulgar to hav big kids and their friend see this, but… senda its 2016 people hav open lives fb isn’t private, and she looks good anything can happen. associates like you is a no – no your not a modern quote an quote girl backa time house enemy. see #4 WANT HER FB INFO

  6. My phone giving problem… But well said anony..about house enemy. Jealous n Michelle tomorrow is not promised do u thing

  7. No the sender correct I’m a associate too I met her in dance hall and talk here and there and yes she love have har friend them f**k har man. She has no limits none whatsoever. She’s has a nice personality but bwoy no class. The friend a Jamaica and she f**k English fi bout 6 months straight when she was here on vacation Michelle you’re bi too Lloyd u a talk bout 3 sum and more u suck pussy too.

  8. Michelle only a pretend like shi happy fi please facebook.look how long shi dey wid english and him still ni have a greencard yet.!a dats why most a har friend dem drop har because shi want dem du 3some wid har.shi cook and sell food most a di time but nuff ppl stop nyam from har because of di nastiness wey she keep up ova har yard. Every day bout shi have cleaning company and all now shi cyah never post a broom or a map. Shi lie as f**k. When di last flop party wey shi keep only have 25 ppl in dey, mi hear sey shi go home gu bawl like baby. And mek video next day bout har daughter did sick. Michelle a old table cloth from long time. A now shi a act like Smaddy. Gal live bad wid har family dem like dog.she only brag bout one pickney because shi have likkle bit a color. Di next daughter black su she barely show her off. Shi all a expose dem to har slackness inna di house because di likkle one always a come pon facebook wid some tings wey mi sure a di mumma a tell har. Michelle love talk bout people black and ugly like she born brown. Finger fava wen corn nu roast good.dis girl du everything fi likes pon facebook. Shi love brag and boast bout are fake happy life. Since as ya goodas why yu nu help English get him papers dem? Mayb yu don’t even have papers yu damn self.

  9. Good as fi dem to rass a true u a talk or lie? As dem never post bout going to Jamaica yet lol mi pussyclaat. Bwoy what a rass life dem why him marry har if she can’t sort him out? In a dem yah time yah no green card? No sah The gyal a behave like 15 years old at 40 pure f**y dem gwan wid mi hear seh a pure sell dem use to sell pussy a the store a East Hartford . She and the one Nicky a f**k fi true pure rubbing up a pussy after dance and go home go f**k english

  10. Mumma yu eva si dis gal a post a picture outta di country yet?di farest shi eva gu a Florida wen di fren did dey ya last year, yes di same fren wey live wid har fi 6 months and di 2 a dem did a f**k di husband. Dat bitch only put on soap opera fi facebook but behind cloths door shi have a crawny tatoo hand dem pon har draw. 2 how dat dey gal show off if shi did have papers di amount a trip shi tek outta di country it woulda sickening.mi have dat dey gal dey file if unno wa more. Memba wen English did fuk pon har early last year and shi did run gu put it pon facebook bout it over bout him cheat pon har.shi tek it dung quicker than di cum wey shi a swallow. Michelle since yu love post pon facebook y yu know mek wi si di American passport? Why wi cyah si dis cleaning business wey yu eva a talk bout and everybody sey dem a google and it still sey searching. Better yet, mek wi si di paternity test fi first daughter, lol woieeeeee! Let me go. Goodnight pink wall.

  11. Mi hear say she ask 7s fi paternity test fi the first daughter fi real. Always an open secret that it might be 7s daughter and I always wonder if English knows she was messing with 7s

  12. Well I know for a fact that the first daughter ain’t English child lol lol gal u cousin spot out u secret lol woi pon Michele f**k,suck and cookie but goodas fi dem if dem no straight a rent dem rent den? How dem would a buy house? Hmmmm….. more to the story I will ask the cousin under style lol Hartford Mattress dem to pussyclaat. Stress a kill the gal that’s why she a smoke suh all shattered mice better mind she set him up and cause problem with him wife. Never see a woman love chat bout f**k so and put personal business online no sah a mus mate she a try bun

  13. Well she ago bloodclaat drop dead cause mi and har f**k English twice yes twice him no stop beg mi fi f**k him lol bwoy u life sad u mad is a sex addict and your pussy can’t tame him. I thought is was cool but no sah Michele all inna u batty? And it still ah hold him. U haffi ask u friends to f**k him poor u. Try figure out a who this and bitch u don’t got shit! Gwan sell food lol I know u well u secrets stop pretend on fb u life sad as f**k I was your friend real but from mi find u out mi take time tek weh miself. I could reveal more here but lol wooi

  14. Mumma lol mi affi laugh afta di bitch wen mi hear shi a brag bout di house a windsor.Bitch live a di front part a windsor which is di ghetto part if u ask me. Bitch memba sey a section 8 a pay fi di house wey yu rent. Please show a check fi di mortgage wey yu a pay…..i’m waiting…..unno eva look how Michelle teeth dem yellow like Chiffon Butter? Lick out to much batty. Michelle stop sey people badmind yu because yu don’t have dry shit inna yu batty. A always people wey nu have nuttin a gu su hard. Michelle yu talk to yu father yet? Memba yu did vex wid him because yu beg him tek out phone fi yu and him sey no. What kinda mother dance half naked inna di living room wid har pickney dem a follow har and put it pon Facebook??? How comes ya good gal and have 4 pickney fi 4 different man.cause we all know that 3rd child ain’t for your precious

  15. see the link deh who wanted it lol mi mumma den she no put up for sale sign weh day? Mi ratid ah bwoy. She nuh no better than Amari? oh Bwoy. Michelle u stay bad all u a talk bout pretty kids and pretty face that’s it? Lol mi think a fi har house boy oh boy Real house wife of Hartford everything she try it fails she rent store and post it all now nuh store no open, radio show.. it flop, gal go turn CNA it will pay u better. Any gal weh part wid dat a sadamite. Order the dna before it too late lol please do as it gonna be nasty when him find out a nuh fi him child.

  16. Wata Wata pussy MichelleSecret.BRISSETT LOL The man seh u fi ask u if u learn how fi wash u pussy good yet? English a country boy uno ever hear how him talk yet? Lol that’s why Michelle can gwan so bout cook wash clean and f**k all the f**k u a f**k him mi know a gal weh f**k him last year more than once can’t stop him no matter weh u do! U a the worst out a all a dem. U sister dem a do fi dem a u alone a cruff bitch .

  17. first of all anying cm around Michelle get f**k! even the male friend demmm from jeff to shatta mice wey just move cm a CT lol jeff f**k it then she start call him her son mice f**k and suck her now him a bro dwrl lol for me I will never eat from dat becuz most of her video she feel up her bleaching stinking black and brown pucci she nasty plus tax Michelle pucci a tour pucci she fuk dwn Worcester,Hartford,ct,Springfield.Boston,neywork,come pan fb like she is the shit lol I was one of her friends back then but me stop par with the bitch because she nasty alwys a feel up her pucci and dig out her batty then go in a kitchen go cook give peo me see with my own EYE !

  18. last time Michelle fling the marriage certificate pan fb cause peo did a say she never married now dash you status up show you status no child lol live in a America and su HYPE now show you greencard r citizenship make we see if you bad dwrl I will wait patiently to see it lmao next ting y you don’t like when you male frns look you female frins?a you alone want suck and f**k dem you too greedy.

  19. Kitty dwl oh bwoy dat gyal no easy a so the women in har family stay she have a cousin name Tanesha Davis gal f**k like duck now she get her Masters she a gwan like she saint. She did married to Chunky (young star ) and then go breed fi another man from NY and give him papers lol dem life sad . If mi should a list the man dem weh dem gyal the tek it no pretty. Marvia use to f**k Gee weh dead ina bout 06 sad peice a whoring family.

  20. Lol Kitty a how yu know su? Bitch woulda dash up papers long time pon FB. Yu si how shi run gu put up har 2 daughter dem lastnight jus because mi sey shi only love show 1 a dem.y shi neva dash up di 2 son dem 2? Chiffon butter teeth Michelle wi still a wait fi si di Amercan passport and di other stuff dem wey yu love brag bout.Michelle a shame yu shame because most ppl find out yu Dutty life style ya now.always a brag pon nothing. bitch dey pon FB act like tings na badda yu but deep down bitch ya dead.!!!!bitch a talk bout nice clean and pretty! Bitch where??? Stop Bleach fi a while an mek wi si how yu really fi look.Michelle di whola hartford ppl dem a laugh afta yu stupid ass. Everbody sey a good fi yu ass. Di same one dem wey a hype yu up pon facebook.dem same one a call each other and a laugh. Attention yu want a attention ya dumb bitch!!

  21. Hartford bad gal lol bitch quiet from morning like she not on fassbook dog shit we know you on fb me a wait fi you show you status in America dwrl nasty michelle bleach out like Michael Jackson oh another ting English mouth stink and Michelle do not know how to suck dick and puccy good lol next

  22. Goodas dwrl mi not even a laugh mi serious as a judge Michelle cm here why would you disown ur child you carry for 9months like why like those same sons could be the one by your side when your sick never ever turn your back on any of your kids NEVER lost of words.

  23. Kitty and Goods fi dem if she quiet lol. Me a wait to har sex life is on fb so why not put up u passport or Green Card and dun wi? Why not? No ignore the truth u hold convo bout everything so why not this?

  24. she will forever ignore the truth becus she canot prove nothing dwrl gal quiet like a lamp dwrl finally you cool down f**a yu

  25. Michelle mi a u a bench and batty we close like pinky n brain but dem fi dun u lol mi tell u nuffi watch no face but hey lol wooi lo e u doa

  26. Lol no to bloodcloth! Dis prove to show sey di bitch life nu right. She put everything else pon FB a try prove to di world.Bitch wi still a wait fi yu flop wi show by showing that mortgage check book, and di American passport.o mi still a wait fi si a broom and a mop fi di so-called business wey yu always a talk bout.gwan pretend fi facebook cause wi know yu dey home a

  27. Michelle ur a smart lady lol I don’t blame you my dearchild I wud keep quiet too dwrl I will be watching ur every move and if u ever make a mistake and post anything I don’t like me ago dun yu like a gun over ya nasty sperms bleachout skin gal.

  28. next ting member we used to chat Hartford peo together lol I have a list of peo u talk up with and chat di peo demm if you make di devil fool you say something see if I don’t call every single body name you nasty up all malo Chung r whatever she name she top me list lol Michelle hate di gal like poison if you bad jus say something plz I dear you.

  29. Dat bitch chat everybody and smile wid dem. Mi prove dat nuff time. Mi hear shi chat stargirl paris,Marsha upsetta ,And di one wey have di 9 pickney dem… shi drag dem name thru di f**g mud and mi dey a dance more while and si har a tek pic and an a talk up talk up to dem like a nu nuttin.shi sey paris f**y f**y Marsha upsetta and har sista dem a dog, and how dem wutliss, di one wid di 9 pickney dem shi sey neva stay good yet , di amount a dog shi dog dem people ya + more if mi eva fi talk some tings wey shi talk bout dem hartford ppl ya! Dem wuda gang har n buss har ass!all har family dem shi chat, even though shi live bad wid dem still. Yu nu si di poor husband nyam har stinking pucci until di 2 a fi him front teeth dem drop out. Unno memba wen him did a talk inna one har video how shi a try fi hide inna him mouth su wi couldn’t si sey him 2 front teeth dem missing lol.Bitch been so quiet on her page. She’s home crying like the bitch she is.

  30. goodas you tooo bad mi bumbo dwrl LMFAO teeth gone lol she chat everybody even tania the gal say how her son should a never win the case and how butta go obeah wuka fi win case Paris now she say how a batty man a newyork a f**k Paris and how him a make Paris clothes and how the gal have dieses dats y she never pose with a man she chat how Marsha upsetta make one bag a ugly cheap clothes and how the gal a lesbian I have so much to dash out I dear her to say something over fassbook

  31. lol bitch better stay quiet me have her on record one day she a chat the peo dem me just click record pan me phone su Michelle talk truth wey god love you never say those tings about Hartford peo?waiting.

  32. A long time she gwaan like she better than ppl, she the fakest bitch I know. At least Paris know who breed har. Btw a what happened between her and Coffean/michell cause they use to be tight.

  33. Michelle why you never work why cm and tell we dwrl all those peo she chat a live better life than she Michelle need to go on maury.

  34. Yes a shua the one wid the 9 pickney name. Michelle fake no rass she likes no one she just friend who she can get fi f**k her husband. Marsha upsetter a do har thing That least she have skill.

  35. She did a try friend the one with the 9 pickney two a dem worthless no rass . A Scotts dat deh gyal deh work part-time fi years all she do a f**k no ambition she neva travel yet can’t even file fi har kids dem a Jamaica. Marsha she f**k the people dem man fi years,a seh a the man woman Mek she loose har belly dem.

  36. bitch quiet over fb bout tarnish name lol you tarnish you own name with you hypocrite sperms and pussy mouth go look a job go work.

  37. Michelle mi neva see u a promote education yet always a chat bout f**k ,sucking cook n clean. What’s your highest level of education? No decent respectable man no wah u u yard no clean a English along as him a pimp. Why not marry a hoe that he can’t get a 6 or more pussy fi f**k while his wife approves lol that’s no life.

  38. Liviolia a true ting she never yet promote nothing with education I feel sorry for those girls around her watch and see them ago spit rite Into her face and breed before time very sorry but the rate a how she acting in front those kids you ago hear bout it.

  39. Pan top a dat she ago chat bout peo nuffi talk bout r pickney like bitch bitch bitch a you put you pickney pan internet a twerk while you a whine up you self in a video half naked Michelle u is a nasty no ambition mada me never see you post nothing about the big woman bella school work and how good she doing into school nothing like that not even church those kids know about but yet still you on fb a hype bitch I leave you to bella she ago fix you buznizz di last person let dem child chat to dem like dem a big woman endup breed at age 15 I pray dat dont reach those kids but the rate a how you acting it will.

  40. me over the bitch House and you want hear bella a argue like big woman I was so shock and shame at the same time Michelle I feel sorry for you and a next ting bitch you shape like Z so stop show up you bleach out shape bad self every minute you put up pic wit u chicken foot fingers a feel and touch up you stinking pussy but yet still you cooking for peo bitch bye.

  41. Wat a rasscloth! mi tink a did me alone sey di bitch nu shape proppa at all. U sey shi shape like Z i say shi shape like di letter T.,har hand dem crawny like wa, mi try har food one time, but from mi si how har hand dem look mi stop. + di food neva taste good and mi hear nuff ppl sey di only ting wey taste good a di jerk lobster.ppl stop buy food from har long time, but yet still shi always a talk bout food a sell off every day and shit. This girl need fi gu pon DR Phil because shi seriously need some 1&1 therapy because shi start believe her own lies.Michelle where is yu big son??? Tell di ppl dem why English nu want him around? (Cough cough fish) shi still a put up status bout ppl a tarnish reputation, bitch wat kinda tarnish yu a chat bout??kmt cho. Mi know yu well curious fi find out a who ova pinkwall a buss yu secret dem, tell yu what. When yu release di American passport,show wi di prove fi di business wey yu av cause mi still a google and cyah find nuttin. Also show wi di prove sey yu buy house and is not section 8 a pay fi it, forget di paternity test because wi already know that story. Reveal these demands and I will reveal my self.cause mi cyah understand how yu willing fi prove everything else pon FB and yu cyah release dat.another thing, please stay outta di ppl dem inbox and stop force dem fi buy yu diabetic food. Bitch mi still have nuff more fi chat but mi a wait fi yu start pon yu high horse again.

  42. Woi Kitty she run go put up new business card what a way she ready fi promote har successful business now? If it was booming she would a promote it every day and pay fi it that it all over the place n pan google lol u see seh she a watch weh we are talking doa? Michelle bad blessing should tek u the same way how u mash up English life a the same way u ago loose him.Had to cut u nasty rass off bout mi fi give English a f**k lol

  43. Good as fi Dem lmbo u no easy. Baci de jar son gay? Well it runs in the family as she and marvia bisexual.So what does English do for work? She really never pose up har son dem only the two daughters. Michelle Secret you have alot of secret lol. All the the one a Jamaica wid the bar hear seh a pure pussy she sell when she travel

  44. me a dwrl lol if unu bad one more time LMAO yes her son gay datz y she hide him up but she a wicked becus she suck pussy and lick out batty itz only fear Michelle don’t disown you fish son kmrt.

  45. michelle you stop f**k pan no teeth English?michelle chicken finger cm here a second business woman oh did you go and Vote?

  46. Yes she did lol and show details too to prove she’s a Citizen but where is the mortgage check? What does English do for work?

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