Investigators in Palm Beach County are looking for a woman who investigators believe used a stolen iPod to take photos of herself, which were then uploaded to the burglary victim’s computer.

The victim’s husband had his iPad and iPod touch stolen out of his car when he took his children to South County Regional Park in Boca Raton on August 29.

On Sept. 12, his wife found new photos on her photo stream.

“I saw all these uploaded pictures of the girl that’s using my son’s iTouch,” she said.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said the device was in the woman’s hand.

“I was shocked to see it and I couldn’t believe it. She’s on there posting, sticking her tongue out. It’s crazy,” she said.

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  1. Maybe she an “alleged” thief. Apparently ( learning thru someone who lives in Florida), the thing to do now is to buy the latest phones from pawn shops for less. Last month she brought a phone from the pawn shop and it worked for about 2wks, then it stopped working. She called the phone company about it and upon trying to figure out the problem, they told her the phone was a stolen phone. Not saying this is what happened here but it’s a possibility.

  2. Ah GUUUUUUUUUD……..If you can’t afford to buy a phone from a reputable dealer then USE WEH YUH HAVE, get what you can afford!!!!

    Lady pictured above……ha ha they coming for you so get your story ready!

  3. Puertoriquena what you said is very true…. but you know you have people out there who are steady trying to keep up with “The Jones” by any means necessary.

  4. i dont knw bout yall but me a laugh me ass off! cuh pon har face a long out tongue to nuh dwl woii ! damn fool a tief fone n doe knw d ins and out abt it! she shud have went into settings and remove d networks d fone was connected to!cuz everything she is doing going to the computer! damn ediat but its funny as hell tho!

  5. Guilty of what much disfortunate people are guilty of………Kind of like a person that buys a car or phone because it’s hot and never learns to operate the advanced features, just drive or use it to say they own one!!!

    They didn’t catch up wid her yet?????
    Sender update needed mas rapido por favor!

    1. lol she friggin lucky! not even reset to factory setting! at this time in age esp in america i think she was being careless and got a bit too excited to have it! she damn well knw hw fi operate it! if a even by the end of the nite! she fart if she put pumpum pic pon it dwl! idk y dis suh funny to me

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