Pink Walls 001-Optimized
This is a story about a gal call gotmoney_shan,other wise call shaniece. From the Bronx New York. You need to stop call gal phone and cuss about a man weh don’t want you. The man tired a yu. Go back a England go look after yu son. And stop walk and watch the man weh nah look pan yu. If u was him real woman yu wouldn’t have to call no gal phone about him. The man tell yu say yu pu**y big,and class yu all the time, what more yu want hear,gal, yu say yu nice and look good and no man nah wife yu. Yu say you got money and yu walk everywhere in the Bronx a beg night sleep, the man not even would a put yu up. Go get a job waste gal. Your mom and dad money finish go get a life.

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  1. Why not go and tell her yourself? You is coward waiting for Met and her bloggers to do your dirty work! Approach her and speak your mind!

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