Brenton and Andre No sah UNNU gone clear. Brenton and Andre AH share clothes and sneakers. The sneakers TRICIA get yuh Pon HAR credit you AH wear. Brenton you stay bad. DYINg to be a JAMAICAN so bad. You’re a Trinidadian. From beige to neude. You look bad. The bleaching epidemic gone wrong. Brenton 2015 a come and you will never change. People don’t come to you anymore true say you use to take TRICIA orders and thief out har money and over charge customers. You thief her money and rob ppl and you call har your friend. Your life run around clothes and fashion overload. Them ago rob you bad FI the party watch. You stay SOOO bad. Over DEH pon the 90z. Bloomingdales AH watch yuh pu***yclot. The one dancehall mon yuh a mod over. Him Nuh even yuh mon. Dwrcl. Weh you know him from?? The mon have a son not a daughter. You fake Brenton. You a secretly shop and boost with Andre. Tell the ppl how SEH Yuh was INNA Chicago kotch up inna Corey house. Left brooklyn fi go Chicago to stalk ppl baby father and use friend. Tell TRICIA how every weekend Andre DEH AH yuh yard. Brenton you can lie bad.

0 thoughts on “BLEACH & CLOTHES PAWDY

  1. This sad bad if is a woman a cuss ah man suh! Has it ever occurred to you that maybe they made two pairs of that sneakers and many more pieces the the outfits? JS

  2. Den man deh barrow man clothes still? U right Met, dah gurl mussi stammah bad caz aftah di miggle mi stop read;it too is are too much fi di I. dwl

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