Lawd god pinky how yuh look so wey yuh hair line deh? Mi nah lie when yuh deh a yuh yaad yuh stay bad nuh ras




****Sender fi me, she ina har yard so anything goes …people allowed fi be comfortable at home****

0 thoughts on “PINKY DI PERSON SEH ……….

  1. Don’t know this person, but if she is pushing a handcart, I don’t expect her to look she she is doing a shoot for Cosmo

  2. sender mek wi si how u look wen u deh a u yaad. dem wrong fi a post dat up pan internet but mi no seh u sender… u nuh look like u ready fi go out wen u a chill a u yaad so stop it . only thing crazy about this is her hair… soo wat.

  3. if you ever see how me pop down wen mi deh inna my yard, it make pinky favor tyra banks… sender u fi comfortable within yourself

    1. Dazed, y’all wouldn’t even recognize mi coo mi tan bad inna mi comfort zone roun mi family…sender,its okay baby..we all have those days…except you, of course :nerd

  4. Pinky must really look good when she goes out. Pinky a mad senda. She had to stalk di women fi find bad picha fi pinkwall. It reminds me of when Alecia keys first came out, I thought everything was perfect about her and then she started doing proactive commercial. I was like finally you are not perfect afterall. you have bad skin… lol

  5. ikr…a lastnight mi a tell somebody seh she always look goood …and is tru she dont look that bad..sender a wah u really a hate pon d girl…

  6. Pinky is not an ugly girl …and she lost some weight …..mi sure unu know seh a di dutty weave pick out ar head side as majority a suffer for the same ting …..a locks pinky fi go locks and eat fruits and vegetables and pinky woulda well propa

      1. Met, whatever happened to that pinky? One time when I was just 15 she did want tear mi up over one rich boy.

  7. what away pinky a mad unno no sah how people can mindful a people so, pinky gal yuh stay good all when yuh ina yard

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